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Cycle News is a weekly magazine that covers all aspects of motorcycling including Supercross, Motocross and MotoGP as well as new motorcycles

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IILL SUPPLY THE ART WORK AT NO COST. CALL (213) 427·7433 ANYTIME. ASK FOR CYCLE NEWS PRODUCTS, OR WRITE TO, CYCLE NEWS. P.O. BOX 498 CNP. LONG BEACH, CA 90.01. . en • s: w Z W ...J U >U TRIUMPH 750 TWIN Red Line frame. road race Cerianl, Girting shOCkS, A.R.D. mag, Barnes disc brake. ex. gearing, TT or 112 Mile, 6 months old, $1500 or best offer. (805) 526-6072 or 522-0164. HUSKY SPECIALIST Desert and motocross preparation. We have the parts. Phil Shipley's Mission Hills Motorcycles, 8730 Sepulveda Blvd., SepUlveda, Calif. (213) 785-4280 . OOPS!! SHOULD HAVE READ "ESCAPE BY TRAIL BIKE" BOOKS & POSTERS ON' MOTORCYCLING. Send 25t for brochure. Bagnall Publishing Co .• Dept. A, Box 638, Sierra Madre, Calif. 91024. (213) 681-4619. , P\~ FREE SAMPLE COPIES EAST & DIXIE RIDERS * Let your friends think you know everything about everything. Learn techniques to become an expert. For $3.00 we will send you the book, Escape By Trail Bike. We might· just slip a few free stickles Into this offer. Cycle News Proaucts. P.O. Box 498 CNP, Long Beach, Ca. 90801. Words, pictures and diagrams worth their weight in gold. Bill Brokaw and Wiltz Wagner combine their talents to provide' an introductory into the oft-road world. Sho·uld be mandatory reading for all beginner cyclists and recommend reading for even expert riders ..Limited edition $3.00. Cycle News PrOducts. P.O. Box 498 Dept. CNP. Long Beach. Ca. 90801. GET CYCLE NEWS TWICE A WEEK when YOU subscribe to all three editions. Special discount, only $18 gets you One year each of Cycle News West, Cycle News East and Cycle News Dixie editions. Read about it all. Send check or money order to Cycle News. Inc. Long Beach, Calif. 90801. '!:'" :', VESCO 3.5 GAL DESERT TANK Baja proven. Lightweight and unbreakable. Fits Yamaha Honda XL 250 and other dirt bikes. $49.95 postpaid. Write for info. Dealer Inquiries invi1ed. Don Vesco Products, 765 EI Cajon Blvd., EI Cajon, Calif. 92020. (714) 442-3338. ONLY 68 DAYS LEFT UNTIL CHRISTMAS TIME IS QUICKLY RUNNING OUT! THE SANTA CLAUS AT CYCLE NEWS PRODUCTS IS PATIENTLY AWAITING YOUR ORDERS. HE WOULD LIKE TO GET STARTED EARLY THIS YEAR BECAUSE THEELVES WERE SO TIRED AFTER CHRISTMAS LAST YEAR. SANTA CLAUS HAS GOT MANY THINGS FOR YOU THIS YEAR. HE'S GOT HOT HATS FOR 75t, COMPET'ITION GUIDEBOOKS FOR $1.00, TRAIL BOOKS FOR $3.00, BIKE BACK BAGS FOR $'2.50, AND WHILE THEY LAST, FREE AMERICAN MOTOCROSS TEAM CALENDARS AND STICKlES WITH ANY OF THE ABOVE PRESENTS. SO HURRY BOYS AND GIRLS, TELL YOUR MOMMY AND DADDY WHAT YOU'LL NEED FOR NEXT YEAR'S MOTORCYCLE SEASON SO THEY CAN WRITE SANTA CLAUS AND TELL HIM. GIVE THEM THIS ADDRESS. SANTA CLAUS c/o CYCLE NEWS PRODUCTS P.O. BOX 498 LONG BEACH, CA 90801. SEASONS GREETINGS PIPE BUILDERS NEEDED Call E.C. at Precis/on Cycles for interview. (213) 370~8822. 4573 Artesia Blvd., Lawndale, Ca. 90260. TOP NOTCH SALESMAN & PARTS MAN NEEDE.D In competition department of established MC dealer. Must know HusQvarna. Call (213) S42-1695. FOREIGN & SPORTS CAR MECHANIC Needed. South 542-1695. Bay Area. Call '70",. 380 CZ '70 400 HUSKY (213) Curnutt shocks, skrd plates, silencers, kick stands, many extras. CZ has new engine. Both bikes very clean. Make offer. (213) 935~1721. * DEAL'ERS SELL THROUGH YOUR NEWS BIKE BAGS, * SHOP CYCLE COMPETITION 2~l:?W~~-f~v~~A~~~?~~;- 26~tUp H WITH NEXT. CALL FOR PRICES (213) 427-7433 ANYTIME, OR WRITE TO CYCLE NEWS. P.O. BOX'4~8 CNP, LONG BEACH, CA. 90801. . AUCTION!!!! At the cycle S\v~Jf:(j'!'R1fl'ifif'~"Oct.20, Orange County Fairgrounds. '71 BULTACO PURSANG "A" 250cc. Fast. hasn·t been ridden for over a year $625. (213) 372·7474. ' 250 PURSANG, rebuilt motor, nickel frame. Ceriani, ported, $625.00. (714) 793~1955. BATES racing suit, $90.00. Bell Star helmet, $25.00. (714) 793955. YAMAHA MECHANIC HOllywood Yamaha needs an experienced Yamaha mechan.ic. 40 hours per week. Young shop has good reputation. we Intend to keep. Qualified mechanics call Mr. Peter Lombardi (213) 466-3404. I NEED AN OWNER My present owner thinks I'm too fast for him. l'm a 1972 410 AJS In super condition. He wants a 250 So help him out and buy me. (P.S. He's a real turkey and you can probably get a good deal.) (714) 630~5366. PARTS MANAGER Must have two to five years experience in parts dept. Suzuki-Bultaco helpful. Would like to train for store manager. Excellent opportunity. Call for appointment (213) 340~2191. Woodland Sport Cycle, 22726 Ventura BlVd., Woodland Hills. Ca. 91364. HUSQVARNA 400 No dents or dings, perfect many spares, $850. (213) 4'31-7.635. HUSQVARNA, 1970, 400 CROSS. Immaculate condition. new seat. fenders, bars, 36mm Bing, 71 gears & clutch Filtron, skid pla.te, and silencer, $800.0 6. (213) 545-8113. SUZUKI TM400. 4.50 YOkohama, Flander's bars, Petty fenders, compression release, lowered framel. Torque flywheel, plus extras. (714) 630-124~. ';YAMAHA 1971 MX.• Konl shocks, Flanders h a ndleb¥s, lowered frame, compression. release, Renolds chain and many extras. Only $735.00. (714) 630·1243_ ·70 SHERPA T (213) 344·2528. Dirt reg., lights, SIA, xlent. _. MECHANICAL STARTING GATE! Rent Jones starting gate - impress the riders and the A.M.A. Complete with electric release and clock. $400 per event or $650 and we will Install and run It. (702) 786-5803. ALL IT TAKES YAMAHA 'HUSKY PENTON MONARK to begin YOUR advertising campaign Hard to get Qarts,'ast mail service, send $1.00 for catalog gealer inquiries Invited. Where we care about'you. Malcolm smith's K&N, 1689 La Cadema, Riverside. Ca. (714) 686·8014. IS A PHONE CALL 1972 125cc 6·SPEED PENTON Porting by Mettco, Petty fender front and rear new back tire, super Quick and super clean. $650.00. (213) 371-9957. to the advertising department at cycle news - (213) 421-1433 and our courteous staff will help you put it together DEALERS! DO YOUR WANT TO SELL CYCLE NEWS HOT HATS? WE'VE GOT SUC.H 'A" DEAL FOR YOU. CALL ANYTIME (213) 427-7433 or WRITE TO CYCLE NEWS, P.O. BOX 498 CNP, LONG BEACH, ·CA. 90801. ASK YOUR FAVORITE COMPET·rf0R HOW FAST THEY SELL. . ~ /1 NOW 2 FREE SAMPLES FOR THE POSTAGE OF ONE! Read all about it back East and down South. Send 25t in coin or stamps. with your address to Cycle News, Box 498 t Long Beach, Ca. 90801. Get latest East & Dixie editions by return mail. * TRAIL SHIN GUARDS $102-5 pr Vinyl coated with elastic band. Warmers. Box 61CM, La Mirada, Ca. 90638. o TO CALL DIRECTLY ON MOTORCYCLE DEALERS SELLING MOTORCYCLE DYNAMOMETERS AND RELATED SERVICE EQUIPMENT. HARTZELL CORPORATION. 2516 WABASH AVENUE, ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA 55114. ATTN, RUSSELL WESTBERG. *FREE* You can now get an American Motocross Calendar, free With each Bike Bag you purchase. SimplY send $2.50 for the Bike Bag and you will receive both. - pronto. Cycle News Products, P.O. Box 498- CNP, Long Beach, Ca. 90801. ti SALES SERVICE, PARTS. COMPETITION SERVICES, INC., 1244 No. Gaffey St., San. Pedro. (213) 547·2203. . ; -CLASSIC COWTRAILER- PARTS MANAGER N MAICO ACE 100 HODAKA, B&N REED DO IT TODAVI! EXPANSION CHAMBER CONE SETS 20Ga steel rolled and seam spotwelded ready~ to design your own chamber. 3 Pc. se~ $10.00, 4 Pc. sets $12.50, 5 Pc. sets $15.00 Postpaid. California residents add 5% Tax. Quantity discounts available. Send your -dImensions to Airco Sheet Metal, 15209 ~7~~~I~~0~ve., Lawndale. Calif. 90260.• (213) MOVING? HUSKY FORKS LEAKING?? We machine a'2;du~~~~!;>~~goublelip seals. Mission Hills Motorcycles, 8730 Sepulveda ~~"s~28~"pulV'da, Calif. 91343. ·(213) PART TIME BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY N?w available: Cycre News FranChises. DIstribute the No.1 Motorcycle newspaper in your locale. $5.00 deposit refundable after 1st year. Liberal profit for a few hours work. NbO rl~k. Stable parties contact Circulation ept., Cycle News. * SOMETHING FOR NOTHING * Today - I make for you such a deal. For 100 pennies or $1.00 I will send you a motorcycle competition guidebook - PLUS an American Motocross calendar for FREE. Send buck to CYCle News Products, P.O. Box 498 CNP, Long Beach, Ca. 90801. GOT TOO MUCH TO SELL In 25 words? Bring it to Swap-O-Rama - October 20. the Cycle L ~~ lE 3 n c _. C "'.:c :_. 20% COMMISSION PAID Sales representation wanted. ManUfacturer's factory direct warehouse backs-y6-li up with the most complete range of MIC bOlts & -nuts in U.S. This is a big extra profit opportunity for salesmen now calling on dealers. The Bolt King, 6057 1/2 San Vicente, Los Angeles, Ca. 90036. ~ lE l> Co Co ~ ~ z l» lE 3 Q Q Q Co n ~ '< Itt ~"' 3 l» fD b":t'n ;) 1 -I "'.CD TTl ... 1_'r g CD :>o~ ~X2 .. "I ·n~:E 31 .. 0 ~~TT1 ~ ~ !. '" co o o lJl ::s c.1~._ =1 d"1 "1 I I) I, I a 1 ... .. ... .. 1 0: lJl 2S% SAVINGS ON fNSURANCE Dealer garage liability 15% savings on Dealer's bonds. JOHN W. MAYNARD INSURANCE, 3447 Motor Ave., J.:q,s Angeles, Calif. Phone: (213) 836-5211. . Words and diagrams worth their weight In gold. Bill Brokaw explains what you're doing wrong& How not to wear one's self to a frazzle r-idlng sldehllls, rocks, ruts, sand, water, ISOT stuff. Read It. think ab,out It, practice It. Money back guarantee. $3 per copy for TRAIL BOOK. c/o Cycle News ProdUCts, Box 498, Long B.ach, Calif. 90801. z Co Co "' e; Co l> VI Must have Honda experience, own tools, full time salary. company benfits. Contact Ron Jackson, Honda Santa Ana, 301 W. warner. Santa Ana, Ca. 92707. BOOK: "Escape By Trail Bikl!" . Co ; VI HONDA MECHANIC 16" SUPER-WIDE' 'AKRONT RIMS FOR HARLEY-DAVIDSON DRAG BIKES AND CHOPPERS. CONTACT Y-OUR DEALER OR NORTH AMERICAN 'IMPORTS, P.O. BOX N, MOJr VE, CA. 93501. PHONE J~05) 824-4S4~. • .. '. • Well, HOT DOG! That means you've got another coupon to fill out. After all, we have to send your Cycle News somewhere and what better place than your new address? So don't delay, do it today. By the way, it won't cost you a cent (except for the stamp but that's between you and the Post Office.) _ !. ...... z a f J 2L N N j

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