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M ~, N .... '" ..... ri o 3: '" w z W ..J U > U OFFICIAL INTERNATIONAL RESULTS TRANS-AMA St. Peters. Mo. Ocl. 8,1972 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Ake Jonsson Mai HeikKi Mikkola Hans Maisch Arne Kring Hus Mal Hus Pierre Karsmaker Brad Lackey Hus Kaw Vam Suz CZ 7. Gary Jones 8. RiChard Thorwaldson 9. Dave Bickers Wyman Priddy Stuart Nunn Bryar Holcpmb Mark Blackwell 14. Jim Cooke 15. Bill Clements 16. Bob Thompson 17. James Weinert 18. Robert Brown 19. Doug Sanger 20. Jim Pomeroy 10. 11. 12. 13. CZ CZ Suz HuS' Kaw Hus Hus Yam CZ Mai Sui 250 SUPPORT OFFICIAL RESULTS 1. Bob Grossi 2. Jim West 3. Sonny DeFeo 4. DeWayne Jones 5. BIll Cook 6. Jack Penton 7. Robert Leach CZ Yam Mai Pen CZ 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. Hus Hus Suz Mai CZ Hus CZ CZ Pen Hus 8. James Wicks Buck Murphy Anthony Martin Jerry Johnson Gary Ingham Ron DeSoto Chuck McCall Richard Jordan Paul Tooley Mike Penland Gary Semics 19. Greg Johnson 20. Paul Hocklt'\ Hus Hus Hus Suz Sui Grossi led from the gate in moto one and continued 10 increase his lead with every lap. The real race was for second with West and DeFeo dueling it out the entire first moto. Gary Semics (Hus) was a steady fourth for the first six laps until mcchanicals put an end to his race, moving Gary Ingham (Mai) and Bill Cook up into the top five. Jack Penton (KTM) put in his best ride in the series winning the third qualifying heat and passing Ingham on lap ten to take f"tfth for good. DeWayne J ones erased a good start when his bike stalled in the first turn on lap two dropping him to nintennth. J ones rode hard for the remaining nine laps and finished eigh th. In moto two, DeWayne charged right on the wheel of Grossi and remained there until lap eight while a hard-charging Sonny DeFeo waited, in third, for any mistake. Jim West was also off the line and worked his way from eigh th, pulling in to fourth by lap four and passing DeFeo for third the nex t time around. Grossi, Jones and West made a three-way duel of it for the qext three laps before West sq ueezed by on lap nine to set up the one-two Husky sweep. The rest of the field was as varied as the first round with five new names showing up in the top ten. Top fmisher in the first two series rounds, Peler Lamppu (Kaw) experienced engine arid electrical problems in prdctice and qualifying. The crew accomplished an engine transplant bu t there was not enough time to cure all the problems and Lamppu was a spectator. 'jl~"'~" • • '1T.J f'r:. .... 1~..J .I-·n')

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