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• N C1. N .... Cl c: .. '" ~ w Z W ..J U > U One of the most important new models from Kawasaki this year is the 250cc single cylinder F-l1 enduro. The big change from previous Kawasaki dirt bikes is the piston port induction instead of rotary valve intake. This means a slimmer engine and slightlv less weight. Other features include "Ouraluminum" wheels which are lightweight and don't collect mud the way t,he ones with the reinforcing ridges do. As is the case with the 900, the air cleaner may be changed without toals. 50me dealers will have them by the time you read this. The other new model in Kawasaki's line-up is another 250. This one is the three-cylinder 5-1 road machine and is the first mass1Jroduced multi of less than 350cc. It is basically the same as last year's 350cc 5-2 triple and employs th'e same drum brake. With any luck Kawasaki may take heart and re-enter the 250cc class in road racing. The 250 three cylinder design should provide more potential power than a twin of equal displacement. THE 1973 KAWASAKI LINE-UP. ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ One model that has seen a complete overhaul is the 500 H-l. (The name Mach III seems to have been dropped.) Virtually everything has been redesigned. The handling has been changed with a new frame, a longer wheelbase, modified weight distribution, and suspension changes. Ground clearance has been increased with new mufflers. The seat and tank has also been restyled and it has gotten the CD ignition system back. The 350cc 5-2 has received a disc brake up front for improved stopping. It has also gotten a face lifting in the form of a new seat and tank. The disc is what counts, however. The old brake was a little weak under certain circumstances. The 9Qcc ,G-3l1a picked.up t....n Thing. sigl'l3l~ r .. , · . and a-blltter Is alSo qaiem whlchGs. GbOd ' ... _,_,~_-,l.< . . . . . . Ir'" ... ., " "~.

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