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~ Haney Gets a Second Chance THEALL BE LAST SH' :i GARDENA, CAL., Aug. 5,1972 - How :, often do you get a second chance? Not ::> very. But, tonight at Ascot Park, Mike « Haney gOt a second chance and he made '" the most of it in the 15-Lap Expert IT ~ Main. Z Haney overshot turn two of the ~ initial lap and wound up part-way ~ through the half-mile oval before he got U turned around and back on the track nearly half a lap down in last. When Paul Bostrom blew his engine coming onto the straight to finish lap two, John Hateley took over and seemed on his way. Then, quite suddenly, Ron Moore (Tri), who was steadily pulling up in the pack, lost it off the jump and went down hard injuring his shoulder. While the track was being cleared, the riders cut off their engines and waited. When it came time to restart in staggered form, Hatdey got his troubles. The bike wouldn't fire and he busily worked on the machine under the two-minute clock. Tiroe ran ou t, the flag went up and Hatdey missed the restart. Haney, who ate up all that lost ground by virtue of the restart, came off the line hard and charged into third behind Don Dudek and Tom Rockwood. Hatdy got running, joined the race a quarter of a lap down, but got black-flagged so he retired for the night. His initial problem? U[ ran out of gas," he smiled after the race. Here came Haney and, midway through the restart race, took over the lead and began stretching it to the wire. Rockwood sruck hinlSelf in second and held it after Dudek began to drop off the pace. Eddie Mulder was closing in the late stages of the all-Triumph Main but could only gamer fourth. After Gary Caldwel.I's "clutch went out while leading the Junior Mam event," hot Tom White took over and did it. Central Californian Rick Newby held off Larry Gino to take second. The all-Triumph Junior Main had Alex Armstrong in fourth and Tom Horton, fifth. The Novice Main !;lad Danny Hockie (ass) all the way. But th-:. race for second place was really excitIng. Rick Hocking (';'am) got a terrible start and was last gomg mto turn two of lap one. MethodicallY workmg through the pack he came, passm.!l Mike Myers (Yam) to take second ~Ith John GennaI (Bul) fourth.. GennaI kep~ hasslmg Myers for thrrd but ~oul~n t get under the Southern CalIfornian. Dick Hutchins leads John Gennai temporarilv. Photos by Dan Mahoney Good riding and luck gave Mike Haney a second chance. He didn't need three. Rumors (and newsprint) concerning th~ lefirement of Eddie Mulder (12) are greatly exaggera"'d. R fIRST H~ 11EIEY __ GARDENA, CAL., Aug. 5, 1972 Rookie Ron Moore had his first Expert Main event win in sigh t for the second time this season only to lose on the final lap. A few weeks ago it happened on the fmal turn of the last lap. Friday night it happened again, with less than a half a lap to go. Moore jumped in front at the stan and left the field to figh t it out for second. John Hateley f"mally got into position but errors kept him nearly a straightaway behind Moore the first half of the race. Then John started to put it all together and close a few feet at a time on every round. By the start of the last lap he was right on Moore's rear wheel bu1: Moore was still in command. Then Moore made the big mistake, he went into the first turn too slow, trying to keep Hatdey from sliding under. Hateley gunned his Triumph to the outside and pulled even going down the backstretch. At the far turn, Hateley had the lead and enough throttle to pull it off. For the second time this year, Ron Moore had to settle for second. For Hateley, it was his second straight Main event win since dropping off the national circuit. He also won the (Please turn to pg. 3) John Hateley fan out of gas on Saturday after winning on Friday.

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