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:·Paqren Takes Y_ Gokllll Yamaha exi '" :0 Half-mile was nine minu tes of sheer excitemen t and probably the best dirt race of the season. Chuck Palmgren aboard his All American Racers Yamaha got the wreath, the champagne and the kiss ahead of Harley·Davidson riders Mert Lawwilland Mark Brelsford. Palmgren led lap one from the nag ahead of Don Castro (Yam) and Harley riders Larry Darr and Mert LawwiLI with the best of the field close behind. Don Castro, finding his bike not quite strong enough for the horsepower battle, began to fade letting DarT move into second followed by Lawwill and Mark Williams (Tri). National points leader Mark Brelsford, who was in the back of ·the Geld at the start, immediately began to pass everyone in sigh t, moving in to fifth place on lap five and knocking off Mark Williams for fourth on the next lap. Oarr was pressuring Palmgren, riding within two bike lengths on almost every lap waiting for an opening. On lap nine DarT found his opening in turn three and pulled ahead opening a sligh t lead over Palmgren.LawwiU.Brelsford who all appeared to be riding one long six wheeled bike. Up until lap sixteen it looked like Harley had found another winner. Dan rode wheel to wheel wi th Palmgren down the straights and thru the turns while being chased by Lawwill and Brelsford, who hung on like vultures waiting for someone's last breath. Everyone was screaming and cheering so loudlv that the rest of the field was almost forgotten. Castro, Kidd and Williams were having a duel of their own back in the pack to see who was fifth; Aldana lost it in turn two on lap fifteen sliding a long way before jumping back on to find himself in a one man race for last. Romero, Terry Dorsch, Larry Palmgren and Bill Eves just kept on cracked the throttle on the fran t straigh t to open one of the longest leads of the race: a ,short-lived thirty yards. Lawwill and Brelsford moved into the place and show positions on lap eigh teen wiIh Darr in fourth followed by Kidd and Castro to the checkered nag. Dust and traction were the main problems with the artificial track surface where each comer called for a differen t technique topower through with a very narrow margin of error for those slipping outside the groove. Gary Scott looked like a sure bet to score points in his fifteenth National after tying Chuck Palmgren for fast Expert qualifying time. Tum three put an end to that. Scott went down in a long slide on the first lap of the first Expert heat and was closely followed into the outside rail byTed Newton and Bill Eves. Eves pushed away for the restart while Newton, obviously in pain, was up walking and Scott was motionless while an ambulance crew decided how to move him. Scott ended up with a badly bruised shoulder but severely tweaked his bike. Newton suffered a dislocated thumb. Dick Mann ran away with the restart until a rear shock came. loose and knocked the chain of( three laps from the flag. Last year's Gold Cup winner Dave Sehl had a sure transfer spot in heat two behind Chuck Palmgren and Don Castro until Gene Romero went underneath him in between turns one and two pushing Sehl to the outside-. Larry Darr look a wire La wire win in the third heat but encountered some last lap pressure from LawwiJl who had charged from sixth to second. Breisford, Dorsch and Kidd transferred from the Semi. Bart Markel got back into action at Long Island. Bart says he feels pretty good and will be racing the rest of the season. One young Expert remarked, UHe rides like he hasn't missed a race." That's the way Bart is. motorio'. Ch ucle Palmgren gets a Yama~ A9ld C;'If' I

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