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'". 8 .. l>. N .... '" g « ~ w Z W ..J () >() Eight different riders, eight different stYles in night smooth tracking at Adelanto. By Joe Lopez ADELANTO, CAL" July 22, 1972 An hour and a half from Los Angeles, sitting amongst the Joshua trees in the high desert is 395 Raceway. It is a well laid out combination Flat Track and TT track. The flat track is a half mile loop and the TT track is 7/8-mile. are fast and well maintained. Races are held on Saturday night, running both flat track andTT. . The real excitment came with the last two races: the 250 Expert and the Open Expert. The 250 Expert flat track was a real thriller with a three-way battle for the fust position, with Bob Sanders finally winning. The Open Expert flat track was a two-way duel all the way between Gran t Murray and Earl Roloff. It was a close win with Grant Murray pulling away in the final few feet before the finish. Track owner Don English revealed that he has an optimistic outlook for the future of this track and he'd like tQ see more city riders and spectators. USMRC Point StandingsThe latest official points released by USMRC (motocross) show Davey Carlson leading Bruce Baron by 180. Carlson has been dominati,ng the 100 class, Baron the 250 class and the 125 division has been equally divided by the top two riders. Brad Dutoit heads the Schoolboy class over Mark Shader and Jeff Wislon. Johanna Stenerson is the top girl (Powder Puff) rider. 1. Davey Carlson 2. Bruce Baron 3. Morris Malone 4. Gary Cochell 5. Mark Tyer 6. Dave Boydstun 7. Jack Hazard 8. Richard Duncan 9. Billy BobP 10. Ron Bandy 11. Bruce McDougal 12. Brad Dutolt 13. Mike Cram 14. John Volkman Stan Jacklin 16. Brad Salata 17. Rlchee Collins 18. Tim Cormack 19. Don smith 20. Clay southerland 21. Mike Causey 22. Rob Erwin 23. Scott Miller 24. Mark Rodman 25. Mike Paulsell H.RA. Adelanto Cal. July 22 i 972 By Joe Lopez 100 NOV TT Mark upton Don Tallman Keith Edwards OPEN/250 NOV Bruce Foley Walter DeBruyn Thomas Howe 125 NOV TT Gary Roderick Don Tallman Brian Coakley 125/250 TT Mike Laney Bob Sanders Rich L1zardo OPEN EX TT Earl Roloff Bob Sanders Gary Bevans 100 NOV H.M. Mark Upton Steve Sisco Kirk Doyle 125 NOV Steve Sisco Greg Thllburn Don Tallman 250/0PEN NOV H.M. Bruce Foley Jeff Clark Thomas Howe 125/250 EX H.M. Bob Sanders Rip Sweaney Earl Roloff OPEN EX H.M. Grant Murray Earl Roloff Barry Horst Kaw Kaw Kaw Sui Sui H-D Yam Kaw Yam Hod Kaw Sui Yam Kaw Yam Kaw Kaw Suz Kaw Kaw Kaw Sui H-D Kaw Kaw Yam Mal Yam Tri Gary Roderiek took the 125 Novice TT. This Hodaka pilot couldn't break into the top three in the 100 Nov-but he tried. 1400 1220 915 720 695 650 645 585 564 510 490 469 465 460 460 444 433 411 410 396 395 379 370 366 365

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