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ltl ltl i 0. ... '" .n N '70l/.. OSSA STILETTO - super clean - r,'lever raced. Extras. $550.00. (213) 869-6788 Big HONDA CB 160 Used by mlld-mannered college student (& ace wrench) for occasional weekend transportation around back roads near RiverSide, Willow Springs, Carlsbad. Orange County, Vacaville. and similar places in the east. Never lugged. Only 24,000 miles on new lower end. Save It from Laguna Seca. Will consider reliable Kawasaki H2-R in trade. Includes flat bars, number plates, and DunlOp road racing tires (only show cord on the sides). Needs air fflters if to be used in dirt. Many spares, only slightly used., Competition forces sale. Never been beaten by stower bike. Handles a'nd brakes well. Ideal gift for a friend who plans to race against you. Must see to believe. (213) 399-5775. '70 MONTESA 250cc. 5 speed Capra. Immaculate. Flberglas·s. Excellent. Must see, $575.00. (213) 347"-9334. Bored & ported, all the super Rat extras, fast & smooth, $300. (213) 377-3552. 360 YAMAHA RICKMAN METISSE Must sell. Race or play bike, RTI engine, Akronts, Glrllng shOCKS, close ratio gear box, new tires, 7" Betor forKs, sharp paint & seat, Cadmium plated frame,J& R pipe with silencer, everything new - best offer takes it! (213) 869-6808. (213) 766-4356. HONDA AND TRIUMPH MECHANICS We are now taking applications for experienced mechanics. This is a high volume sh 0 c with a large back log of jobS-. Profit sharing, uniforms. Contact Gene at Honda of North Hollywood (213) 766-4356. 10/71 OSSA STILETTO. Many extras, absolutely brand new. $695.00. (213) 9080 i . MOTORCYCLE RACING SUPERVISOR Work for major distributor of motorcycles in Southern California. Must be a Qualified mechanic, with 3 to 5 years experience. Must have administrative capabilities and experience. Must be free to travel. Send resume, photo and salary requirements to ~6~~1~ews, P.O. Box 49B-R, Long Beach, Ca. '71 KAWASAKI 500 MACH III 6s.000 mi., new condition, $700. (714) 4~4·0422. '70 OSSA STILETTO Filtrons, Akront, has not been ridden since a complete engine overhaul. Bike must be seen to appreciate, $450.00. (213) 324-7514. '70 OS.SA STILETTO. Flitron, Akronts. good cond., $500.00. (213) 355-9645. HONDA MECHANIC Must be experienced. Own tools, full time, company benefits, paid vacation. Contact Ron Jackson, Honda Santa Ana, 301 W. Warner, Santa Ana, Calif. Brand new dealership. All modelS, specializing in motocross models. Yamaha of Los Angeles, 2531 S. Main St., Los Angeles. (213) BOOKS & POSTERS MOTORCYCLING. Send ON FREE SAMPLE COPIES EAST & DIXIE 2 FREE SAMPLES FOR Barbara '71 BULTACO 250 PU RSANG, A,J. condition, fast, extras, $625.00. '72 125 Pursang, hardly ridden, never raced, many extras, $725.00. (213) 441-2540. 371·7533 or (213) 772-1823. . 1970400 MAICO $700 Good shape, Akront front 885·5106, evenings 825-4161. rim. (714) Build expansion chambers full or part time in your home or shop. All specialized· building jigs & equipment included. Price $1,500 plus stock. Movin.g forces sale. (213) 347-1241 '72 BULTACOS IN StOCK Astro's Pursang, 125s 250s 350s. Matador 5.D.'s, Sherpas, Montedaros, low prices.·E~Z financing. (707) 725-5157. 1971 GREEVES, Ceriani, 21" front Wheel, Flltrons., never raced. $625.00. (213)' 884-ll512 HELP 2 experienced Harley-Davidson mechanics wanted. Harley-DavIdson of Long Beach Inc., 3654 Long Beach Blvd., Long Beach, Calif., 90807. (213) 426-7101. HIGH COMMISSION paid to sales representatives calling on ,motorcycle dealers. Full line Racing Oils. Bob Bagwell (812) 275-3510 ilL, Bedford, Ind. 47421. Injunol. 29th & ATTN: VAN OWNERS Handling & inSUlation, ventsL speakers. Call. Remco Vans for estimate. (L13) 860-2613. Financing ava.llable. TRIUMPH METISSE Immaculate condition. CZ front wheel, Titanium bar. Must see to apprecIate. $1,700.00 or best offer. Call John DeSoto (714)' 530-6601. GUY LOUIS MOTORCYCLES 1.118 E. Wardlow, Long Beach. New Bultaco Pursang. E 250s & 350s In stock. Maico & Alpinas. (213) 426·1358. DON'T CUSS YOUR SACHS! those experienced with Honda ~~r~riX~I::k i;;r Bai~ltJ:. "need a.PPIY. (213) GET CYCLE NEWS TWICE A WEEK when You subscribe to all three editiOns. Special discount, only $18 gets yOu One year each of Cycle News West, Cycle News East and Cycle News DixIe editions. Read'about It all. Send cheCk or money Order to Cycle News, Inc. Long Beach, Calif. 90801. MOTO GUZZI Sales, Service, Parts - OrangerCounty Honda, 1630 W. Chapman, Orange, Ca. (714) 633·7344 (7 days). • Montebello, Calif. 90640 (213) 724-9474 • DYNO T.UNING Street or Race Anaheim Family Sportcycle 740 N. Anaheim BI. (714) 772-3080 alhambra CVamaha Complete Parts & Service must see to appreciate. $650.00. (213) 325·3 i 89. HODAKA 100. SUPER San.itary, more speed parts than I can afford to name.· MX or very fast trailing, $300. Also '65 SUZUKI 80 bored to 90, $1"00. Paying off my car! (213) O. 1850 W. Valley Blvd., Alhambra 91803 ~~:'.~~:~\~::rd (213) 289-5301 Financing Available 399-2464. 100 DKW GRAND PRIX engine, pipe shift kit by E.C. $375. (213) 792·0465. MECHANIC WANTED Get out of the smog. ToP pay for top man. Must be experienced In 2·stroke and 4~stroke. Prefer family man. Su'Zukl Santa Barbara, No. 1 Sou~h Milpas, Santa Barbara, Ca. 93103. (805) 966-0111. Ask for Pat. KAWASAKI ENGINE 27' HAND BUILT 85 H.P. Pvt. pty. (213) 465-2356. New F .a.L.Gs. boat. Rebuilt Diesel 6 cyl., FREE FREE FREE Cycle News stickie! Send self-addressed, stamped envelope to Cycle News West, P.O. Box 498, Long BeaA.~6~:.90801,Dept. CNS·, All new Cycle News Hot Hat -75t 1969 Mach. III complete -less carbs, $50.00. (213) 7J3-3698. '65 DODGE A-100 VAN. V-B, standard trans., runs good, no dents, new tires, lots of stlckies in wln.r;1Ows, $1100.00. (213) 522-5748. '72 YAMAHA DT~2 MX. Ported and polished, 36 Mikunl carb, Konl shocks, KN handlebars, must sell, $795. (213) 835,~907. 350 YAMAHA 1969 Tw.ln. 8000 mI.. $400 or offer. (213) 391·0879. 1972 SUZUKI TM 400 MX NEW One month old, 36 Mikuni, Fittron, e'xtra gearing-shocks, ,$750. (714) 540-1643. '70 YAMAHA dirt bike, $395.00. Street ace. 20Ga steel rolled and seam spotwelded ready to design your own chamber. 3 Pc. sets $10.00, 4 Pc. sets $12.50, s· Pc. sets $15.00 Postp~id. C'!lifornia residents add 5% Tax. Quantity discounts available. Send YOLlr ·dlmenslons to Airco Sheet Metal, 15209 Grevillea Ave., Lawndale, Calif. 90260 (213) 675-5290. . . Mission Hills Motorcycles, 8730' Sepulveda ~~"5':428~"pulveda, Calif. 91343. included. QuiCk call (714) 536-9542 or 337-2843. HOT AND NASTY 549-3612, _ '7}11: AJS 250 'mechanically perfect Curnutt shocks, front forks reworked, good levers & tires, prepared by B&V Hodaka, $700.00 private party. (714)826-4695. TWO "71''., MINI ENDUROS" all stOCk, little use. Better hurry, won't last. $250.00 each, or. $499.99 for both. (213) 522-5748. SUPER BEEFED HONDA 90 WHAT? (213) PART TIME BUSINESS OPPORTUNr'TY N~w. available: Cycle News FranChises. Dlstnbute the NO.1 Motorcycle newspaper in your locale. $5.0,0 deposit refundable after 1st year. Liberal profit for a few hours work. NO risk. Stable parties contact Circulation Dept., Cycle News. Top pay. top commissions. Brand new with the dealerShip. Contact Rick Talbot (213) Stroked, bored, cam, eXhaust, 26mm carb., street, dirt extras, $225. (213) 378-1809. MAICO '69 360 Completely rebuilt engine, trans., clutCh, forks. New chain, cables, rear wheel bearings, etc. Less than 10 hours since reb.uildlng it. Never raced and not absued, $600.00. Ask for MALCOLM SMITH'S K & N Yamaha, Husky, BSA, Penton,..Hodaka. Hard to get parts, fast mall order, catalogue coming out soon. Malcolm Smith's K & N Motorcycles, 1689 W. La Cadena. Riverside, Calif. (714) 686-8014. 20% COMMISSION PAID Sales representation wanted. Manufacturer'S factory direct warehouse backs you up with the most complete range of MIC bolts & nuts In U.S. This is a big extra profit opportunity for salesmen now calling on dealers. The Bolt ~JO~'6~0571/: San Vicente. Los Angeles, Ca. HODAKA 125. Webco kit. good condition, extras, $350/offer. (213) 324-4052. 1970 BULTACOS 125 - 250 Pursan,g "E" completely rebuilt top and bottom. Less than one hour running since overhaUl, $490.00. Sherpa sure fast, $ SUZUKI Quality Service..,Low Prices Town & Country Cycle 411 S. Brookhurst Fullerton, Cai. Now Open 9am ~ 9pm 81l·2460 NOW AVAILABLE 1972AMXT $320.00. (213) 993·9690. CALENDARS "Small enough to know. you· Large enough to serve you" Guy Louis MOTORCYCLES $3.95 Help support the American Motocross Team Bultaco, Maico, Hodaka & Cooper Send check or money or to: SpeCialist CYCLE NEWS Products Box 498 Long Beach, Ca. 90801 Dept. CNP SEE THE ALL NEW ,1f~ 1 r,~it GIANT POSTER 2 feet by 3 feet blow-up. Englarge your favorite photo. 3 week service, only $3.79 + 5% Calif. sales tax. Surf Photo - Box 393 CN, Ontario, Calif. 91764. ,,,(.\\ Charlie (213) 474·9006. 749-6235. HERE NOW PHONE: (213)426·1358 1·118 E. Warklow Rd. Long Beach, Calif. 90806 25% SAVINGS ON INSURANCE Dealer garage liability 15% savings on Dealer's bonds. JOHN W. MAYNARD INSURANCE, 3447 Motor Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. Phone: (213) 836-5211. 16" 5UPER-WIDE AKRONT RIM5 FOR HARLEY-DAVID50N DRAG BIKES AND CHOPPER5:CONTACT YOUR DEALER OR NORTH AMERICAN IMPORTS, P.O. BOX N, MOJAVE, CA. 93501. PHONE (805) 824-4541. BOOK: "Escape By Trail Bike" Words and diagrams worth their weight in gold. Bill Brokaw explains what you're doIng wrong. How not to wear one's self to a frazzle Install a Koba shift kit, for early & late model riding sidehills, rocks, ruts. sand, water, ISDT sachs DKW & Penton For more information stuff. Read it, think about it, practice it. write:' KOSA, 3301/2 Gardena, Gardena Money back guarantee. $3 per copy for Cal. 9024~. Or call (213) 327.()310. ' T R A I L BOOK, c/o Cycle News Products, Box _ _ _ _-'--'-_-'-" ! ~ "98, Long Beach, Calif. 90801. " , W. BMW Specialties 411 West Whittier Blvd. seil. $575.00 or offer. (714) 538-ll301. Super trick, super fast, super QUiCk PARTS MAN WANTED Only EXPERIENCED YAMAHA MECHANIC BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY, parts & accessories '56 FORD PICK UP. Sprint rims, Olds V8, 4 spd. hYdrO, pearl paint, buckets. $475.00, or trade. Ossa Stiletto, $550.00. (213) CUSTOM.360 YAMAHA MX HUSKY FORKS LEAKING?? All "e" engine modifications. Brand new engine, never run since rebuilt. Fast and very reliable. In perfect condition both mechanically and cosmeticallY. Meticulously maintained. Many useful spares plus full set of extra gearing and complete assortment of gearing. Must sell. (213) 399-5775. Husky - invested, Konis, 2 sets, desert bars. dOUble cab,les, skidplate, new bottom end, dOUble . Flltron, many e.xtras. (714) 753-9486. '71 400 SUZUKI, skid plate, K&N bars, extra chain, gearing, looks & runs like new, must • DKW (213) .874-8320, 784-1462. 1971 HUSKY 8·5PEED. Must ..e. $1400.00 HELP WA·NTED. We machine a'Gdu~~~~~OE&~OUblelip seals. YAMAHA TR-2 ROAD RACER We service what we sell (213) Experienced only. sales department, mechanics and parts. Honda Torrance. (213) EXPANSION CHAMBER CONE SETS Transfer forces sale of brand new TM250 only 5 weeks old - set up right. Konis, Filtron, silencer and unbreakable levers. $850.00. (214) 783-2822 ask for David. Texas. Star. 'THE (805) 1972 SUZUKI TM250 . Belt '. POSTAGE OF ONE! Read all about it back East and down South. S'end 25t in coin or stamps, with your address to Cycle News, Box 498, Long Beach, Ca. 90801. Get latest East &. Dixie editions by return mail. FAST '69 BULTACO METRELLA 250cc s.anta $25.00. for 25~ 8-24-71, $650.00. (805) 483·9404. $350. tank, brochure. Bagnall Publishing Co., Dept. A, ~~f-4~1.~'. Sierra Madre, Calif. 91024. (213) '71 OSSA TT STILETTO bike, Mikuni, 675-7330. YAMAHA'S 5 speed, factory DMR engine, Filtron, Akronts, super fast, super good shape, bought street flywheel, Wife says ok for '72 HUSk,Y. Please hurry and buy. $675.00. Petty frt. fender, Honda seals. runs great, new tires & chain. QuiCk throttle. (1971) PENTON 125cc.2 pipes, much more. $500 or best. Phone (213) 889-2909. 966-3366. plate.1 '70 250 HUSKY 644-9187. MOTORCYCLE Sales & Service facility in San Joaquin Valley. Most complete shop in area. several tines of cycles. Clean jnv~ntory of parts & accessories. Sell aU or part. Cycle News P.O. Box 498-U, Long Beach, Ca. skid 597-1897. NOW MOTORCYCLE SALESMAN Volume Honda & Triumph dealer n'eeds experienced salesman. Excellent pay plan. Contact Gene at Honda of North HOllywood tank,J Desert 749-6235. . HODAKA ACE 100 5-SPEED DESERT -- '72 125cc PURSANG Filtron, $(25.00. (805) '27-0346. '70 BULTACO 100 SHERPA, $350.00. Want.dl~ , ~M.mberl To represent in government Motorcycle Owners, Riders, and Enthusiasts PO Box 26062, Sacramento 95826 EAST LARGEST STOCK OF YAMAHA & HUSKY PARTS IN THE AREA YAMAHA HUSKY q~\(I' I 1211 So Main Santa Ana, Calif. . 714/54202.334 .. , t· '-.......,_"'..,."""'_"'_:""""_=_"",_",_,""_=,=_"",_""",_,""_=,=_..,_;_~_~_~_=_,;,_~_ • =_~_,...J N > "5 ..... en ;;: w Z W •...J U > U ....

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