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M t ,.. AN '" l!l' > :; .., en w ;;: Z W ...J U >- U RIGHT!-, ... fifth, but broke shortly thereafter and was out. Bickers finished sixth, then Kring, Andersson the knife, Bob Grossi, Bob Thompson and Stuart Nunn. This year's event at Unadilla was the first of two preLiminary con tests required by the FJ.M. for sanctioning the prestigious trophees Des Nations. Next year, an F.I.M. representative will observe the event and decide upon the suitability of Unadilla for the Trophees Des' Nations. The AMA will then officially file application to hold the contest there in 1974. 250 INTERNATIONAL Arne Lindfors Yam Gary Jones Yam Torsten Hallman Yam Jim Weinert Yam Arne Kring Hus Dave Bickers CZ Bob Grossi Hus Bob Thompson Hus Doug Sanger Mal Gunnar Lindstrom Hus not a sheer runaway in any sense. Jones had to battle Dennis Law (Mal) and Gary Ingham (Mal) in the first moto for his win and heat winner Gary Chaplin (Mal) and Jim Shotton (CZ) in the final. 2-2 3-3 1-5 4-4 6-7 10-6 8-9 14-10 11·13 12·17 500 NATIONAL By Gary Van Voorhis Dewayne J ones made it a sweep for Factory Yamaha at Unadilla as he won a convincing overall with two firsts. John defeated Dennis Law (Mal) in the first moto and Gary Chaplin (Mal) in the fmal. ... The overall .( unofficial) list was varied, with SIX different brands showing in the top seven places; Gary Chaplin and Bob !smallof made Malco the only brand with two top placings. A field of over one hundred entries required heat races with the overall winner decided on the basis of his two moto placings. Yankee Motors surprised everyone by unveiling its new proto-type 455cc single way ahead of schedule. Barry Higgins of CZ-Yankee-CZ fame was hack with Yankee once again. The new bike shows a lot of promise as Higgins picked up a seventh overall with a fourth and nin th in the two motos. The Yankee appeared surprisingly troublefree. Minor adjustments in jetting appeared to be the only bo ther. Motor, handling and response (in the upper power band) seemed extremely good. Dewayne J ones credited his overall victory to the Goody£ar MX tires, ufanl.c:\Stic. in .. the. mud", and his pow,etjjll ~YaJI',I~a,. IT1}... .Qv(.raJlo ~jN"', ) j Torsterr Haltman won orte'rnOtMrt ttle-rait>: •••• - .. ...- , Jones put together two consistent rides while other riders were getting bogged down or stuck. "Now I feel like part of the team" was Jones' only comment. 500 SUPPORT CLASS Dewayne Jones Yam Gary cahplln James Shetton Bob Ismal/of Stuart Lawrence John Borg Barry Higgins Rod Copper Mal CZ Mal Suz SuI Yam Hus

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