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N f ... II o !G ~ z ~ o ~ WITH SEASONS GREETINGS, WE SEND THE FOLLOWING GIFTS: A cherry-picker to Frank Cooper; a bag of sand to Werner Schutz; a seeing·eye dog (not a German Shepherli) to the AMA. Schutz is no more an Americllll than Giacomo Agostini, yet the AMA allowed him to ride in the 250 National Class in the Trans-AMA motocross, thus robbing two deserving American riders, Jim Wicks and Doug Grant, of wins in the final two meetings. We don't know why Maico distributor Cooper would want him to enter the 250 class since his own Tim Hart has run away with the series and Chaplin was doing well in second overall. Adolf Wei! and Willi Bauer were having plenty of trouble in the International Class and could have used some help from Schutz, anyway. The AMA permitted Schutz to ride in the 250 class, violating both AMA and FIM rules. Schutz stands a good chance of having his International license pulled when he returns to Germany early next year. Bad taste, all of you. What gives? We will be happy to print any explanation you might have to offer. • • • JOHN COOPER has been named president of Ontario Motor ·Speedway. John Cooper?! Ves, but not the same one who sold his BSA at the Big O. • • • We received two letters recently: "My plan was to lead the 39th lap of each race at Ontario, the way it turned out I didn't make it, thanks for the lap money." (signed) GAR Y NIXON. "I would like to sincerely thank you for your support in furnishing lap money for the October 17 Ontario Road Race...As leader of the lap you sponsored, I want to thank you personally for your contribution." YVON DuHAMEL ° Yes, yes, Benevolent Motorcycle Industry, our racers do appreciate such things. Let's give them even more help next year. • • • KEL CARRUTHERS and DAVE EVANS, father of road racer PAT EVANS, are jointly building an apartment house in San Diego, Calif. • • • Among the spectators ogling all the snappy machinery in the Saddleback regularly scheduled events ATTENTION PROMOTERS: For Ulting in this column call or write: CYCLE NEWS Box 498, Long Beec:Il, Ca. 90801 12131 421-7433 1st SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH Deadman's Point, Apple Valley. Cal. - Motocross - all classes 8 a.m. practice - 10 a.m. start $2.00 gate entry - $2.00 race entry with membership. $2.S0 without membership. Effective Nov. 1. silencers required at all events. Info - (114) 241-1413 (eves.) EVERY SATURDAY TT RACING at Elsinore Race Track. Gates open at 3, races at 1:30. Silencers required. Off Hwy. 11 in Elsinore, Calf. EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT U.S.R.C. Night Motocross, EI Toro Speedway. $S Post Entry. 3 number plates, U.S.R.C. membership required. r'?l'\' open 4 :30 pm. entries ']..e. ~ ci :30 pm. first race 7 Q f!:.. pm. Cash for Expert· ~\'iP:-'lIes for Juniors and 1f1~~~lates. General admission. $2.... 0. Service men $1.00. Junior admission. $1.50, kids under 12 free. For further information: (114) SS1-1933. EVERY SUNDAY AFTERNOONU.S.R.C. Short Track and TT, EI T oro Speedway. $S Post entry, $2 additional entry. U.S.R.C. membership required. Pit Gates open 12 noon, first race 2:30 pm, Cash for Experts, trophies for Juniors. General admission $2.S0, Junior admission $1.50. kids under 12 free. For further information: (114) SS1 1933. Trans-AMA pits was at least one swine in humanoid form who stole RUSS DARNELL'S gas can. Hiss! Russ is writing a book about motocross which promises to tell what it is really like out there as well as how to do it. The license of his motorhome reads "MOTO XR". • • • Now that Suzuki and Yamaha and Kawasaki have sprung their new 750cc musclebikes on the American public, perhaps it is time for the motoreycle manufacturers of the world to consider if they aren't ma king a mistake. Sure, the musclebikes will sell, just like Detroit's overpowered superears sold. But the "little three" will be morally responsible for the death and disaster to which their cheap and oh-so-hairy products lure the unwary. Detroit stopped selling musclecars. It is not too late for Japan to reconsider. • • • TERRY DORSCH, like DAVE ALDANA and other BSA and Triumph riders, is left looking for a sponsor for the 1972 season. Says Terry, "AliI need is someone to help pay for spare parts, gas and hotel bills." What's left out?' Anyway, Terry says he'd like to remain riding Triumph and that he has his own tuner (RON BONNER). Sounds like a want ad to us, but we're passing it along. If you or your firm wishes to sponsor Terry, give the editorial department here at Cycle News a call and we'll get you in touch with Terry. • • • Ah, those rumors are flying. The most recent we've clicked in to _5 a report that GENE ROMERO was gonna ride Yamaha for '72. "No comment" says Gene when we first approached him with the tale. Then, after a brief pause, he back·tracks and says he signed with Triumph last Tuesday morning. • • • 0--------0 i RIDE WITH; In near classic Public Relations showing, SUPER JOE EINHORN and THE BEST I motocrossI I AT I I I I I I I I I I I • Dec. 19th - Saddleback I Jan. 2nd - Saddleback I 9th - Carlsbad I (Anniversary Series) 16th - Saddleback I 23rd - Rawhide Park I (Anniversary Series) I SILENCERS MANDATORY. $5 mail entry. $10 post entry for Juniors & Intermediates. $10 mail. $15 post. Expert. per class. Mail entry closes five days before event. C.M.C. license and 3 number plates required. Gates open 6 :30, practice 7 :30. sign-up closes 8:30 - racing I I I I I 0--------0 [J . . starts 9:00 am. Mail entries to C.M.C., P,O. Box 1402. Costa Mesa. • Ca. 92626. 1)OLE8-4C ~o pARk Open 7 days 8-5 (7141 639-5832 MUNTZ CYCLE PARK 't 7 days·a-bike Miles of trails-Silencers required Gen. Adm. S2 bike. West on Ventura Frwj to Thousand OakS, Right on Route 2 (No.) 5112· mi. to Tierra Rajada Rd, righ t. 50~ (805) 529-2371 or (213) 787-0380 Joe. • • • JOHN DesOTO was informed by STU PETERS of CMC fame that he stili had a contingency check' from the Ascot CMC series coming. Stu couldn't remember the exact amount, but felt that it was two or three hundred dollars for finishing 6th overall. As soon as John's pretty wife, Patty, heard this she was elated. Seems that they are goi"g back to Hawaii in a fortnight or so and can very well use it. • • • GAYIN TRIPPE, promoter for the Carlsbad G.P. in September relates a humorous antidote which contains the fact that during th e Carlsbad Trans-AMA he gave three young fence riders a roll of tickets apiece. The riders then wen t out to catch gate crashers and sell the ticketa. Well, between the three they sold $3,000 worth of tickets. Gavin was so elated with the results that he gave each boy $250 for his troubles. • • • BOBBV SAUNDERS, who bagged the No. I Ultra-Lightweight TT plate for District 37, collected a sizable $5000 bonus from Kawasaki. Good show! • • • Here's a hard one to top: JOHN RICE. with all the fame he received on ABC's Wide World's Elsinore coverage, went out recently to take his test for a street license to ride a motorcycle. Yep, he failed the test...he's not alone. • • • The 750 Yamaha twins are here and getting ready for Daytona. Dick Kaine Yamaha in Buena Park, Calif., has a few, we hear. Reports say they look like 650'5 - they even say 650 on the side but are actu ally 7505. • • • We get the word from the front offices here at Cycle News that our vacation time is nearing. The doors lock up for two weeks beginning Dec. 22 and re-open for the new year on Jan. 5. We're planning a few trips around the West so if you see us on that long-lonesome highway, flash the "V" and say HHi". Better still, if we're hitch-hiking, how 'bout a lift? • • • Got waylaid last week and weren't able to deliver as promised. Here are a few excerpts from letters received in response to our exhaust system proposal: , From JACK SIMONS of Oakland, Calif.: "It is reasonable to a'ssume that the exhaust port would reach lighter temperatures than the intake port. Having the exhaust port in the rear would cause the engine to run hotter than normal would be possible to have the exhaust ports in the rear and the carbs hanging in front If the engine was water-cooled. Thanks for reading this." ALAN SMITH and LARRY KLINGER, Manhattan Beach, Calif: "Precedence placed the carburetor behind the barrel, thus in the most desirable place, to give it the necessary heat to accomplisll proper vaporization." RUSTV SEWELL, Beaumont, Tex.: "Vou might get more horsepower from a straight pipe - but like 2·5%1 And you would get ram injection In the carb - rammed·in dirt, mud, and other garbage. And you wouldn't have nice, (Please tum to page 27) I I '~VENTS I RIDE~f!t I I managers held a press conference of note at the Sabella Restaurant on San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf. The reason for the meeting was two-fold. First, the EVEL KNIEVEL challenge had been accepted by Super Joe some weeks previously but no word had been heard from Knievel despite telephone calls and letters. So, in front of TV cameras and radio microphones, Super Joe unloaded the sum of $25,000 on the table and publicly challenged Knievel to a match jump, the idea being that once the news gets out, Knievel will have to accept as he made the offering. Now it looks like Knievel will have to hold a press conference to one up Super MONDAV, DECEMBER 13 DISTRICT 36 REFEREE MEETING, Richmond Ramblers Clubhouse 8 pm. Rain or shine. GOOD CHEER to Sandi. for on this day begins yet another year of her wondrous existence. CHANGES/ADDENDUM USRC motocross at EI Toro Dec. 24. CANCELLED because of birthday. What's more, the Dec:. 31 race Is moved to the 29th. ALL·JUNIOR TUESDAV, DECEMBER 14 MIN IS. SCMBA. Trojan Spdwy. South Gate. Ca. 6 pm. 53 post. 51 gate. 213/862-0229. CANCELLED. MX at Bay Mare Dec. 18, To dispel current lcky rumors. THERE WILL BE A DESERT POINT RUN Oec. 19. Check It out. to be sure. WEDNESDAV, DECEMBER IS DRAWING for starting positions for California 4001 1/29. Box 125. APple Valley. CA 92307.714/247·7473.247-2363. THURSDAV, DECEMBER 16 TT/FT '- Trojan Spdwy, South Gate, Ca. 7:15 pm. 21'/861-0229. STITT SCRAMBLES. Arena Park RCWl/, LUbbOCk, Tex. 8 pm. FRIDAV, DECEMBER 17 SPORT SCRAMBLES, American Cyn. Vallejo (Ca.) Spdwy. 8 pm. $2 ride/watch. 'C' trac. 707/644-0741. USRC MX, EI Toro (Ca.) SPdwy. Signup 1027. Pomona, CA 91769. 714/985-3149. closes 6 :30 pm. $5 post. Cash to Srs. Box CMC MX, Lions, Wilmington Ca. San Diego Fwy at Alameda. Sign Dy 6,30 pm, race 7 :30. S5 post. INDOOR SHORT TRACK, Cow Palace, San Francisco.... Ca. 8:15 pm. $1200 purse. 408/438-,210. SATURD~V,DECEMBERI8 ACE ALL JUNI0r"€.Q"X, Baymare Race Track, Moorp:..~c.€\...\:s. Beginners, et. .II. $5 post, $2 ga:Cp.,"~..I1259-8007. MINI, SCPAL. Santa Clara Motor Sports Center, Lafayette & Mt Vlew-Alvlsa Rd. $2.50 class. Membership $10 year; $15 non-residents. Paul Balfour, 873 Benton St., Santa Clara, CA 95050. MRA MX Laguna SKa CYCle Ranch, Monterey. Ca. Novices. $5 mall. 510 post. 9 am. Box 308. Mon1erey, CA 93940. SUNDAV, DECEMBER 19 MX. Cloverfield Motorcycle Race Track. Cloverfie'd Airport .. FriendswoOd, Tex. Noon. $2 ride. $1.50 watch. MINIS, AMRA. Indian Dunes, Valencia, Ca. $2.50 post, $3 non-members. 10 am. 1105/259-8000. EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES, VMSA. Limed from •.a, 1 ml E of Yuma, Ariz/Calif. inspection station. 10:30 am Mountain Time. $4.602/726-0532. SIERRA TRIALS, PITS. Dunlap Cycle Park. off Hwy 180 E 0 Fresno, Ca. Spark arrester & muffler req'd. Sign 8 am riders meeting 9:45. Final round of the Cal State Trials ChampionShip. 209/734-3340. ACE MX, Indian Dunes, Valencia, Ca. All 'cfasses, PP, Old Timers, $500 for Sr., Jrs $5; Srs. S10 post. No gate. 805/259-8007. MX, Deadman's Point, Af"€.O Valley, Ca. 10 am. S2 post, S2.S n c.E.I-I-..• mt>ers, S2 gate. 714/247-74 7 ~ elcp.t' .,o;:ncers. MX. Arizona Desert Raceway. 101m. $5 entry, $1 watch. Cash, Double Points. 1408 E. Granada. Phoenix, Ariz. 85006. 602/252·1900. ACA Ml<, Osteen Park, Pomona, Ca. $5 mall, 510 post. Cash. 9 am. 106 N. Claudina, Suite 312. Anaheim. CA. 714/774-3ACA. CMC MX, Saddleback Park, Ca. $5 mall (9/14). S10 post. 10 am. Box 1402. Costa Mesa. CA 92626. MX, Chappell Hill Int'l MX Park. On US-gO, 50 ml W of Houston, Tex., toward Austin on the Brazos River. 1 pm. $2 gate, $2 entry. SRA EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES limed 7 mi 408/375-5550. SAT. & SUN., DEC. 18 & 19 N of Adelanto, Ca. on Hwy 39~:' NOlIices & beginners only.! 8 am first race. 20% trophies, MINIS, Troian Spdwy South Gate, Ca. California Mini Grand Prix_ Qualifying Sat., 10:30-5:30. Racing Sun. 11 am. Up to 75cc, ages 5-17. $5 entry, $2.50 pitman. TTflh-MILE, 395 Cycle Park, Adelanto, Ca. 213/826-0229. pins. 213/370·~234. Sign 8 :30-10 am. No card req'd, minors need persmission. $2.25 ea. entry. 714/246-6109. (Please turn to page 26)

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