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,.. '" .... ~ w Z W ...J o >o OK, fellas , y ou'd better sit d own o n so me th ing so lid for this o ne and b ra ce yours elf for the blow...RICK BAILEY pulled o u t all the stops in last week end's Barstow-t o-Vegas Hare & Hound an d won th e 25 0cc Novice class o n a Yamaha DT -l. That's n ot too surprisin g unti l you find out that t he Tuesd ay p rior to th e race h e ren ted the machin e fro m Clayton En te rp rises of No r th Ca lif. He told th e Holl ywood, p ro p rie tors of th e all-d irt bi ke rental shop h is inten ti ons an d th ey were, of co urse, a wee b it skeptical of th e endeav or. So, they ch arg ed him $ I 0 0 for the rental an d SIOO additio nal for damages th ey expected . Whe n h e re tu rned th e bike Sunday afternoon, it was cleane d up without an y scra tc h es or dents ; it ra n p erfectly . He h ad finis hed at 2 :10 p.m. an d he n ever went d own. " I did, I'll have to ad mi t, slide ou t while going through some de ep sand," h e told th e renters. The rent-racer had m ore th an 4 ,000 mile s o n it and wa sn 't se t up an y d iff'eren t1y than any of th e o th er models y ou ca n ren t a t the shop . Want to b en ch race this one? Drop by Clayton Enterprises , 121I 7 Burbank in N orth Hollywood o r give 'em a call a t 213/76 1-5131 and ask them if it 's true - and while you 'r e at it, ask th em if they returned that $ 10 0 damages fee... • • • Bonneville is where you have to go for high speed record runs, right? It seems so now, but American Honda has its eye on another area which might suit . their purposes ideally for the Honda Hawks' LSR attempt. Can't mention where on the planet it might be, but look for a breakthrough possibly in the very near future . Meanwhile, the Hawk itself is being modified extensively in Gardena, Calif., so that more visabil ity can be obtained from the cockpit. Further, the dings are being repaired and a new paint job is scheduled. If nothing comes through on tlTe other site, Honda hopes to return to Bonneville in January or February when , the records show, the area has it s least amount of rainfall of the entire year - but it's cold ... • • • Talked to DO N BR YME R, T rojan Enterprises and promoter of them great Yama ha Silver Cup Ind oor even ts across th e country and h e filled us in on the regularly scheduled events ATTENTION PROMOTERS : For Lis t ing in this column call or write: CYCLE NEWS Box 49B, Long Beach, Ca. 90801 1213) 427.-7433 current situation. T he Second An nual Mad ison Squar e Garden Indoo r will b e Monday nigh t. j an . 24, wi th all the same data as last year. That is the o nly co nfi rmed event in th e ser ies. It see ms th at jacksonville, Fla. : San Diego, Calif. ; an d Lon g Beach, Calif. , events have been ca ncelled due to c o n flic ti n g co n tract arra nge m ents. We 'll kee p you p ost ed o n o th er Indoor Championships by Brymer as th ey b ecome officialize d. • • • Champion M/C's in Costa Mesa has JAY lost its Service Manager, STANKEY to Orange Coast College campus. Mr. Stankey is scheduled to teach a new motorcycle repa ir course at the school. • • • BATES LEATHERS had a bi g y ear in co n tinge ncy in 1971 but th ey will p robabl y revamp th e program in some way fo r next y ear for two reasons (a t least). On e AMA star won a Nationa l this year and cla imed he was 'wearing Bates Le athers, but they w ere a few years old. Seems they sen t th e man th e check an d he turned around an d b ought a pair of n ew leath ers from , yup , ano ther co mpany. Then t here's the other rid er wh o starte d t he year on Bates , sent a p air over to England an d h ad th em d uplicated and still claims th ey are Ba tes ...awe, yes, co ntingency mo ney sp ea ks out... Deadman's Point, Apple Valley. •Cal. - Motocross - all classes 8 a.m. practice - 10 a.m. start $2.00 gate entry - $2.00 race entry w ith membership . $2.50 without membership . Effective Nov . 1 , silencers required at all events. Info - (714) 247 -7473 (eves .) EVERY SATURDAY TT RACING at Elsinore Race Track . Gates open at 3. races at 7 :30. Silencers required . Off Hwy. 71 in Elsinore, Calf. EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT U.S .R .C. Night Motocross, EI Taro Speedway. $5 Post entry, 3 number plates, U.S .R.C. membership required. Gates open 4 :30 pm, first race 7 :30 pm. Cash for Experts. troph ies for Juniors and Intermediates. General admission $2.50, Service men $1.00, Junia; Admission $1.50, kids under 12 free. For further information: (714) 557-7933. • • • • • • 0--------0 The sign o utsid e Filthy McNasty's night club on Sunset Stri p read NO W AP PEA RI NG , EVEL KN IE VEL JUMP ING 19 GIRLS . In side we found the great d ared evil h imsel f, tricked o ut in lace sh irt an d red tro user s surrounded by starle ts. Betw een bursts from a musical gro up cal led, I th ink, The Ex pansio n Ch ambers Bros., we learned th at Evel pl ans to "milk th e ca ny on jump for all it 's w orth ," m ean in g h e'll Northern Californ ia speedster JOHN GENNAI will ride a Yamaha twin for A & A Motors in the coming 1972 season says JOHN CLAUDINO, owner of A & A and the tuner that brought much fame to Novice SCOTT BRELSFORD. Brelsford has signed with brother Mark to ride for Harley-Davidson as a Junior. Gennai will go after the record set by Brelsford th is past year at Ascot, i RIDE WITH i THE BEST I RIDE/,A~ -~ '- (~~ ) I I I " ~VENTS I I I • SILENCERS MANDA TOR Y A S OF JA N. 1, 19 72 S5 ma il entry - S 10 post en t ry. I I I I I I I I I M a i l en try closes fi v e d ay s bef ore event. C.M .C . l ic en se a n d 3 n umb er p lat es req u ired. G at es open 7 :30 sigll'u p cl o ses 9 :00 A M - rac i n g sta r t s 10 :00 AM . M ail entr i es t o C .M .C .• P.O. Box 1402 . C o sta M es a . • I -------- CA 9 2626 . O I 0 (714) 639 ·5832 S.A Scra .. It ••• Dec. 19 20% Trophies plus Finisher Pins TT /F T . T r o ia n S pdw y. S ou th Ga t e, C a . u r n, 2 13 /8 62-0229 . STITT SCRAM BLES . LU bb OCk, T e x . 8 p m . Arena Pa rk 7 : 1~ "C YCLE ~ 1. • CANCELLED. Christmas C I RC U S", Cow Pa la ce San DANCE w ith and other u rucue f o rms of behavi o r . Tw o sh o ws , 2 and 8 p rn, $5.5 0 bo x sea ts, $ 4 .50 ~~~~:~2 ~~ sgh ~~~al ad m. K ids get i n ha lf e the Desert T u rt les. Pic k up tro p hies . am ong other t h ings. M ay f l o wer Ball room, 234 H lndry (at M anCh ester). I ngl ewood, Ca . Adm ission by 0·37 c ard . ATTENTION CLUBS. PROMOTERS, AND RACE FANS IN GENERAL : All listings that appear on a REGULAR basis in the free Calendar column will be discontinued at the end of the year. Please renew these as soon as possible so the Calendar Editor can get his file together in time for the 1972 onslaught. Box 498, Long Beach. CA 90801. MINIS, SCPAL. Santa C la ra M o tor Sports Center, Lafayette & Mt. v tew -Atv tso Rd . $2.50 class. MemberShip $10 year ; $15 non-residents. Paul Balfour, 873 Benton st., San ta Clara, CA 95050. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 10 SPORT SCRA MBLES, Am eri ca n cvn . Va t te jo (Ca .) Spdw y . 8 pm. $2 rtce/we tcn . 'C ' tree . 101 / 644·014 1. iUNDAY.DECEMBERI2 MX, Lompoc stc-eoees. Spillway Park, nr Santa Maria, ca., Jet. 166 at Broadway. 0·35 pts, 10 am. Camp ing. $3.50 p ost, $1.50 gate. 805/736-6362,735-1177 . MINIS SCMB&KA . Saddleback Park . Ca . $2 gate. S2.50/class, $4 non-members . Box 1455, Huntington aeaen, CA 92647 . 714/548.Q269. 646-6025 . IVI A , cso cse H oll o w U nltd. 2 2 mt W o f Satem on Hwy 22. Penton series . S5 post . CMC card . 10:30 am. B o x 845. Sal em. OR 97308. 503/364-046 1. CMC M X 1 CarlSbad (C a.) Raceway. $5 ma il (10/26) . ~10 p ost . 10 am. Bo x 1402. Costa Mesa, CA 92626 . MX . Arizona Desert Racewa ys . 10 am . $5 entry. $1 watch. Cash. 1408 E . Granada. Pnoen lx, Ar iz . 85006 .602/252-1900. $5 post. Cash to srs. Box 1027, Pomona, CA 91769.714/985-3149. INDOOR SHORT TRACK. All Amer ican. San Jose (Ca) E xposition Bldg. S ign 4 :30-6 :30. Silencers. 3 p lates. 415 /32 2~1514 . SATURDAY,DECEMBER 11 AUNT DINAH 'S QU ILTING PARTY a t S id ' S Blue Bee t , Newp ort aeacn .ca . C l OUd rei gn s. . b een Francisco. Ca . Stunts. jump s. da redevil ac ts Limed 7 miles North of Adelanto tRidfflilent . 19 has vacation. Rcw v , IN D O O R SHORT TRACK , Gl en Co F r9ndS Orland. Ca. Ch amp io nShip series . 8 pm: S leleers.415/4S3-o731. Info : (213) 370-8234 or /7141735-4641 . f -, MOTOC ROSS a t Dead Man' s Poin t December . $5 Entry First Race 8 am • • • BRAD LACKEY crash ed his van in Ari zon a after th e T ulsa Trans·A MA a few we eks b ack. After th e insurance settlem ent, Brad sold it to DAVE BICKE RS, wh o will happily ship it b ack ., En gland. The fine custom paint j ob o ugh t to cause so m e exci te men t there. Th e Ba k ers field Cyclle r s have b een f o rced to cancel t h ei r Decembe r 19 race because of lack of ground. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 9 MX, USRC . EI Taro (ca) Spdwy. 7 :30 pm. days B-5 • • • T h e April 29 sched uled Na tional fo r Ph o enix, Ar iz., will mo re than lik ely b e moved to ano ther site, either Miam i, Fla ., o r Atlanta, Ga. It may also be moved up one week to fall on April 23. The purse will rem ai n a t $12,0 00 ; o nly th e sit e wil l be changed. More com p lete d etails n ex t week o r when th ey b ecome avai lab le. All o ther Nati o nals appear to be firmed up . CHANGES/ADDENDUM M I N I S , SC MBA. Troja n Spd wy.1 S o u t h G at e, Ca .6 pm . $3 post, $I 9ale . 21 3/c6 2 -o2 2 9 . CMC MX , Lions Drag Strip, W ilmington, Ca. San D iego Fwy at Alameda . Sign by 6 :30 pm. start 7:30 start. $5 entry . Open 7 • • • Last week at Carnegie Cycle Park in Livermore, Calif., several riders complained that WERNER SCHUTZ should not be allowed to ride in the National Class of the Trans-AMA, mainly because he is still a European in their book, even though he 's listed as from Southern California . being Nobody protested. Sunday at Saddleback, the grumblings were again heard about the Maico rider but again nobody officially protested. We, too, wonder about the advisability of this occurring in the future . How 'bout it AMA, is it legal for a foreign rider to compete in the National class after just a brief residency in the U.s.? TUESDAY, DECEMBER 7 AT Dec.12th - Carlsbad 19th' - Saddleback Jan. 2nd - Saddleback 9th - Carlsbad (Anniversary Series) 16th - Saddleback • • • j.c, A GAjANIAN'S sh op in Garden a , Cali f. , is building a 250 Su zuki b y sleevin g d o wn a 4 00 . May be stro kers are coming back , after all. (We wonder h o w many 250 co mpetitors are go ing to bl ow ten d ollars in protest fees be fore th ey get h ep to it .] Sh ould be good for th e mud... I motocrossI I I I I I I I I I I • • • p ostpone it as lo ng as possibl e. He'll attem pt to ju mp ano ther n umber o f cars in San Die go Dec. 30, an d in Atlanta, Ga. o n june 4 ,197 2. I EVERY SUNDAY AFTERNOON U.S.R .C. Short Track and TT, EI Taro Speedway. $5 Post entry . $2 additional entry. U.S.R.C. membership required. Pit Gates open 12 noon, first race 2 :30 pm . Cash for Experts, t rophies for Juniors. General admission $2 .50. Junior admission $1 .50, kids under 12 free. For further information : (714) 557 - 7933. • • • S UP ER JOE EIN HO RN will d o his best at the Cycl e Cir cus at th e Cow Palace Dec. I I , to beat th e recen t in doo r re cord o f 14 cars set by EV EL KNI EV EL at th e Portland Coliseum. Ein horn spent much of h is last tri p t o the Cow Pal ace m easuring ju st wh at it would ta ke to make 14-ears successfully an d th en give a try at 15 for th e n igh t performance. Super j oe 's problem will b e in getting up enough speed from th e parking lot in front, through th e entrance doors , down th e ramp , up an d over and then stopping in a very short distan ce in the pits. Knievel m ade a very good jump in j an . '70 but missed the co ncrete wall by in ch es in st opping. "That's OK," said j oe, "1 ca n handle it: ' Lovable MIKE JACKSON and H. SPOONS played Rowan & Martin to the cast of characters assemb led for the Laugh·ln Trials at Saddleback, Thursday. Tongue firmly clenched in cheek, we struggled like Blue Maxted to break our handicap but wound up talking like thith. Seen laughing at various antics on the course were DICK MANN, Fed Head DOUG THOMS, perpetualflying fickle award winner TONY MURPHY, MIC prez E. W. (Wolfgang) COLMAN and the Fun Couple from Sunny Spain, JOE & POOKIE QUADE .•.veeery interesting. ; 1st SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH Corona (if its is running), and other tracks around California and the West. EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES Band of ·G YPSYs. L imed f ro m Betl Mt. turn o ff. Novs. & beg. 10 am. $3 cost, S HORT TRACK. San J ose F rgnds , E xp oSItion Bldg., San Jose. Ca . $600/40 % purse . 8 :30 p m. I , .1 .. :': I , .. , EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES , HDRA . 7 011 N of Adelan to. Ca. on Hwy 395. 9 am. $4. .. : 14 / 2 47-7,1 7 3 II I, .i'· ' • .11' ( II I 014 U)

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