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u .. o ~ w Z W ...J U > U ABC's WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS will be showing the ELSINORE GRAND PRIX this Saturday, December 4. At least we think it's kind of sounded like it might be the GP at Carlsbad, y'know. But we know it's not the Race of Champions...but then again...oh, well, just check your local listings, open a can of ale, and watch. It will be good, no matter. • • • SID CHAMBERS, major-domo of SOcc road racing in the United States, promises a 50cc Road Racing Championship at the end of next summer. Get out your old Vampires, Honda CR110s, 8-speed Suzukis, and othw teacup racers for a good time. Watch for futu re developments. • • • JoN. ROBERTS' wife DIANE left the Nevada.<;al state line right after gassing her hubby and kept the speedo at 80 until she hit the finish line. She beat her lover by a scant ten minutes. • • • MARK BLACKWELL may go to Europe to race all the GrUlds Prix for HU5qvarna. Plans are still in the works, but if he goes this will be the first time an American has done so. • • • THORLEIF HANSEN, currently second overall in the Trans-AMA standings, will go home with a broken wrist. He fractured it earlier in the season in Europe but it never reaUy let go until last week at Puyullup. • • • BILL and BOB GROSSI have done it again. Friday before the Carnegie Tran..AMA Bob was testing his Husky on Matt Falconer's private course when he pulled a gigantic endo and broke his wrist and possibly his shoulder. He should be out for a month. Saturday, brother Bill tangled with another rider and suffered a bad sprain on his foot. - Last week we raised a question regarding the exhaust port-intake manifold configuration on motorcycles. wondering why they aren't reversed. In order to allow exhaust pipes to be straight rather than curved. thereby allowing simpler exhaust system designs. All of a sudden. this photograph jumped out of the mail. As yOU can see the carburetor> are in the front and the exhaust pipes are quite straight. A bit dangerous lookIng t.oo. we might add. So much for the practice; next week we'll feature at least one elaborate explanation defending the current popular configuratIon. So regularly scheduled events there. (lncidentallv. this bike was photographed at the San Francisco show In 1970.) ATTENTION PROMOTERS: Interstate 15, the freeway that connects Barstow to Las V <:gas, has a posted speed limit of 70 mph on the Shades of Mammoth last June... • • • For l.isting in this coIurm call or write: CYCLE NEWS Box 498, Long Beach, Ca. 90801 12131427·7433 OST• •N'. Bike Park POMONA 1st SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH Deadman's Point, Apple Valley, Cal. 1st & 3rd Sunday - Motocross - all classes 8 a.m. practice - 10 a.m. start - $2.00 gate entry $2.00 race entry with membership. $2.50 without membership. Effective Nov. 1, silencers required at all events. Info (714) 247-7473 (eves.) For Info write: 610 Cherry St. Brea, Ca. 92621 0--------0 TT EVERY FRIDAY CMC NIGHT MOTOCROSS AT ASCOT PARK I I I I I RACING at Elsinore Race Track. Gates open at 3, races at 7:30. Silencers required. Off Hwy. 71 In Elsinore, Calf. RIDE I ~-----I I I '~~VENTS I In "Jl~C) TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 30 MINIS. SCMBA. Trojan SPdwy. South Gate. Ca.6 pm. 53 post, 51 gate. 213/862-0229. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 2 LAUGH-IN TRIALS. Saddleback Park. Col Insiders' Playtime. Win, booze laxatives. the works. 213/531-7139. TTfFT. Tro1"an Spdwy, South Gate Ca. 7:15 pm. 213/86 -0229. STITT SCRAMBLES. LubbOCk. Tex. 8 pm. ' Arena Park Rcwy, I I I I I I I U.S.R.C. Night Motoaoss. EI Toro Speedway. $5 Post entry, 3 number plates. U.S.R.C. membership, required. Gates open 4:30 pm. first race 7:30 pm. Cash for Experts, troph ies for Juniors and Intermediates. General admission, $2.50. Service men $1.00, Junior Admission $1.50. kids under 12 free. F or further information: (714) 557-7933. I I I I Dec: 3rd - Lions Grand Opening - Motocross 12th - Carlsbad 19th' - Saddleback I Watch for January. 1972 dateS - to be scheduled soon, I. S5 I I I mall entry - 510 post entry. Mail entry closes five days before event. C.M.C. license and 3 number plates required. Gates open 7:30 sIgn-up closes 9:00 AM - racing starts 10:00 AM. Mail entries to -------- I I I I I I 0 • C.M.C., P.O. Box '402. Costa Mesa. • CA92626. O EVERY SUNDAY AFTERNOON- ROUGH RIDER - --- Family fun & motocross practice 5131 TapoCanyon Rd. Simi Valley, Ca. 93063 ..,.,.~ --.- _ _----- PNTA TRIALS,1 Portland, Ore. Weston. OR 978a6. AMA NATIONAL Box 131, CHAMPIONSHIP ENDURO. Calif. Enduro A5Sn~ 100 miles. 5619 S. Norwalk Blvd •• Whittjer. CA 90601. ' . MX. Deadman's Point. Apple VoIlIey. Ca. 10 am. $2 post1. 52.50 non~members $2 gate. .. 714/247-747~ eves. Silencers. MX. USRC. EI Toro (Ca) SPdwy. 7,30 pm. $5 pOSt. Casn to Srs. Box 1027, Pomona CA 91769. 714{985.3149. ' HARE SCRAMBLES. EI Cajon. 12th Annual Coyote Chase. 0-38 pts. Plaster City area, limed from OCotillo & Hwy 8. Sign 7 am, race 707/644-0741. 9,·7969. ATTENTION CLUBS. PROMOTERS. AND RACE FANS IN GENERAL: All listings that appear on a REGULAR basis in the free Calendar column will be discontinued at the end of the year. Please renew these as soon as possible so the Calendar Editor can get his file together in time for the 1972 onslaught. Box 498. Long Beach. CA 90801. INDOOR SHORT TRACK. All American. 5an Jose (Ca) ExpOSition Bldg. Sign 4:3-6:30. 3 plates. Silencers. 415/322.1514. CMC MX. Lions Drag StriPL. Wilmington. Ca. At Alameda & San Diego t"wy. Night. New boffo track. SAT. & SUN., DEC.4 & 5 HARE SCRAMBLES. GreVhounds. Ponderosa. 15 mi E of Lancaster. Ca., on Ave. J. 10 am. 213/36702907. PARTS SWAP & NEW BIKE SHOW Cat • INDOOR SHORT TRACK Glen Co FrgnclS Or'and, Ca. Championstdp Silencers. 415/435-0371. series • 8 pm' • MX. Goose Hollow Unltd. 22 mi W of Salem on Hwy 22. Penton series. $5 post. CMC card . 10:30 am. Box 845. Salem, OR 97308. 5031364-0461. MX, Cloverfleld Race TraCk, FriendswoOd, Tex. $2 ride, $1.50 watch. Noon. 713/482·7551. MX. Feather River. Marysville, Ca., under E St. bridge. New track. Sign 6 :30-9 am. Race 9:45. Two motos. EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES, Pathfinders. Dunlap Cycle Park., 35 mi E of Fresno. Ca•• on Hwy 180. then right turn on Dunlap Rd.. ~/~5~!05r;::~ !:30 am, race 10. 55 entry. ..._---- ~i: Elsinore (Ca.) Rcwy. 7 :30 pm. Off Hwy ,~;,:.....-~ ROUGH WINTER SCRAMBLES. Hayward. Hayward (Col) SPdwy. Sign 9 am, race noon. $2 ride/Watch. Shine or rain. KnObbies swell. SCRAMBLES, Westside Eagles. La Grange Rodeo Grounds. Silencers. $2 rlde/Walch. Noon. 209/537-6206 eves. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 4 ... SUNDAY, DECEMBER 5 SPORT SCRAMBLES. American Cyn. Vallejo (Ca.) SPdwy. 8 pm. $2 ride/watch 'C' trac gate 12, Bld9 A. 916/446.5059,456-6402. Open Sat., Sun. & Holidays only from 8 am until sunset until further notice pm. 80S/259-8000. ExpO, Noon-tO pm. $1.50 advance, $2 'gate. Swapper's space available Sat~ & Sun. 8 am CYCLEPAR---' SHORT T RAe K. San Jose Frgnds. Exposition Bldg., San Jose, Ca. $600/40% purse. 8:30 MINIS. AMRA. Indian Dunes. Valencia, Ca. $2.50 post. 53 non.members. 10 am. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 3 AT EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT .. _ THE BEST motocrossI I $5 post entry - 3 number plates. CMC license required_ Pit gates 4:30 PM. First race - 7:30 PM. $400 purse, Experts - trophies, Juniors and Intermediates. General admission, $2.95. Junior admission $1.95. Kids admission $.50. Under 8 Free. _._ • • • Irrepressable MIKE JACKSON, the Norton-Villiers top stateside exec finished 15th overall in the Barstow-to·Vegas run. Not bad for his first desert ride. His first remark when he finished was "Well, I had to hurry. I've got a date." Then he recapitulated, "To be truthful, I nursed the machine all the way. I have to use it for the Matterhorn h illclimb tomorrow at Saddleback." He did, too. Directions: 2 min. off Pomona F:rwy at Dudley exit i RIDE WITH; .... increase. It was a pleasant feeling. Open Wee~days 8 to 5 Weekends & Holidays 9to 5 EVERY SATURDAY U.S.R.C. Short Track and TT, EI Toro Speedway. $5 Post entry, $2 additional entry. U.S.R.C. membership required. Pit Gates open 12 noon, first race 2:30 pm. Cash for Experts. trophies for •Juniors. General admission $2.50, Junior admission $1.50, kids under 12 free. For further information: (714) 557 '7933: California side. Nevada doesn't bother to mention such things. We kept our speedometer at a legal reading most of the time but on the final downhill straigDt before the border we let it go past 70. Safe sailing, but it was a bother to constantly stare at rear-view mirrors in search of suspicious-looking autos that would rain on this parade. We relaxed considerably once we crossed the state line, although our speed didn't ._---_.. _~".,--..,.;~. (Please turn to paget2)

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