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• .... o " '" '" 1 0.. In e ••••• .... '" ~ z ~ w Z W w ...J .... (J o > >(J o If you want to go places, like First Places, pick Places, Roger DeCoster's and Joel Robert's choice... SUZUKI . go SUZUKI'' - yo u Suzu ki Yes, we could write copy that would tell you how great Suzuki is, and it would n't wouldn't be very difficult, but here's what Cycle News reporter Dave Swift said about the d ifficult, th e men of the Suzu ki team after watching their display of talent for a hJ,1I 90 Suzuki team d isplay ta lent ftl.1I 90 minutes. "TULSA, OKLA., Nov. 14, 1971 - Roger DeCoster was on form form and no one could touch him. Dust filled his lungs just lu ngs like it filled everyone else 's lungs but for a full 90 minutes he else's minut es just went faster and faste r and faster. It was the third faster It Trans-AMA motoc ross newly-crow ned T rans-AMA motocross for both DeCoster, the newly-erowned 500 world motocross champion,, and teammate Joel Robert, champion Jo el prevail ing prevailing 250 world champion, and they had yet to make the impressive showing one would expect of such a chap who holds such tit le. Pa rk, holds such a title. At Tulsa Motosport Park, they did,, and did then some. Like their riding styles, DeCoster's and Robert's DeCost er's were somewhat varied adventures on this Oklahoma plain were somewhat varied.. spo rting Roger destroyed his opponents ; Joel gave them a sporting opponents; Joel co axed chance and gently coaxed them into subm ission ." submission." These two World Champions have made the name of Suzu ki synonym ous wit h Champio ns name of Suzuki synonymous with th e theirs. Thus when you hear Roger DeCoster o r Joel Robert, the next wo rd in your or word mind is Suzuki. The results of the Tulsa Motocross speak for Suzuki. t he Tulsa Suz uki. T he resu lts Motocross 1971 500 Trans-AMA Motocross,, Tulsa, Oklahoma, November 14, 1971,, 500 International Class: DeCoster· Suzuki; 1st - Roger DeCoster - Suzuki; 2nd - Joel Robert - Suzuki; 4th - Sylvain Geboers - Suzuki suzurl: BUILT TO TArE ON THE WORLD... SUZUKI: TAKE WORLD•.. IN INTERNATIONAL MOTOCROSS COMPETITION ~ It I I II j lll J J ~II I' " l 1.111. 11)

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