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.,. " '" '" 0. ... m en r0- g ~ z ~ w Z W ..J ...J U >> U aY111 I ••• aifC " America 's No.. 1 weekly motorcycle "America's No newspaper. Yo u' ll always see it FI RST You'll in Cycle News!" Publisher Publish er Charles Clayton Ch a rles Cla yto n Business Manager Sharon Clayton Bus iness Mana ger Sha ro n Cla yto n Generall Manager Tom Culp Cu lp Genera Ed ito r John Bethea John Managing Editor Assistant Editor Ed it o r David Swift Sw ift Circu lat ion Circulation Manager Rheba Smith Sm ith Circulation Ass't Circu lat io n : ! Mar la Tarbet Marla Ta rbet Production ManCl9er Ma nager Ed Drechsler Assist ant Ph il Stranske Phil St ran ske Production Assistant Advertisi ng Ass istant .. Barbara Richard Advertising Assistant Bookkeeper Bo o k keep er Do rothea lang Dorothea Lang Bookkeeper Ass't, . Bookkeeper Ass't. Eleanor Duke lab Technic ian larry Groves Larry Lab Technician Circulation Promotion Mgr .. Jim Broo ks Circulat io n Pro mo t io n J im Brooks Cycle News East, Dix ie Cycle News, and News East , Dixie a nd National Advertising information:: Tom National Ad vertising info rmation T o m Culp, National Advertising Director. Ad vert ising Direc t o r. Cu lp , Cycle News (West), P.O . Bo x 498, long (West ). P.O. Box Long Cyc le Beach, California 90801. (213) Be ach , C a l ifor n ia 9 080 1. (21 3 ) 42 7-7433 L.A . 636-8844. 427·7433 - l.A. 636-8844 . TELEX NO. 673-474 Subscription:: Subscr iptio n One year 2nd class mai l 2 nd mail 2 yea rs 2nd class ma il years c lass mail 3 y ears 2nd class mail years 2 nd class mail Single copy price . . . S ingle ~ .~ · · · · .$9.00 $15.00 $ 15.0 0 $18.00 $18 .0 0 . $.30 $ .30 Publish ed weekly except the first and Published weekl y t he fi rst an d last week of the calendar year by Cycle th e ca lendar News, lnc., Post Office Box 498, long Inc., Off ice Bo x Lo ng Beach, California, also p ublish ers of Ca lifo rn ia , a lso publishers Di xie Cycle News East, and Dixie Cycle News . News. p aid Long Second Class Postage paid at long Beach, Calif. Editorial stories, cartoons, Beach , Ca lif. Ed itorial st o ries, ca rt o o ns, photos, etc. are welcome . Addressed et c . welcome. Ad d ressed, envelo pe of stamped envelope assures return of ed itorial ma tter. Reprinting in whole or editorial matter. Rep rinting whol e in part only by permission of the o n ly per m ission th e publishers. Advertisirig p ub l is h er s . Ad vertising rates and circulation in forma ti on will b e sent circula tion information will be upon request. See S.R.D.S.. S .R.D.S =============:::::========== ~~===========::::::::::======== SOME AFTERTHOUGHTS in Cycle News!" (Mr"C:A:1 If the settlement accepted by Bob fr om Bailey from BSA is the intent of the AMA claimi ng rule, th en th e AMA must AMA claiming ru le, then the be condo ning extortion. condoning extortion . I find it very difficult to believe that d ifficult th at fi nd wo uld rem oving this rule would end forever removing th e the hopes of the privateer, but I can see ca n where th e threat wher e the th reat it p oses to factory poses sponsored machinery might very well spo nso red ma chinery we ll induce . manufacturers to withdraw induce. to whatever support th ey are giving to su pp ort they racing in th e United States. Many a the St ates. privateer must now b e wondering what be wo ndering wh at risk he takes v entering a bi ke in an h e ta kes in bike AMA sponsored event. Mr. Bailey may sp onsored eve nt. well h ave on t o $2500 we ll have put us on the road to S2500 mediocrity in motorcycling racing in the mediocri ty motorcyclin g th e U.S. BSA might even claim back their th eir mi ght even loot the first time it appears at a track. t im e loo t After all, it is according to the rules. acco rding to JEFF SHIPLEY Cucam o nga, Cali f. Cucamo Calif. WEDO Lately I have heard a lot about the Lat ely h eard lo t group of p eo p le called "Rescue 3". people " Rescue Everyone seems to k now about the to know abou t th e good that they do at our desert races, do o ur but no one seems to know where I can o ne seems k now write to them. to Do you? MICHAEL RO Y MICHAE L ROY Rosemead,, Calif. R osem ead Yes. Write Rescue 3, Box 1136, Bu,tow, CA Barstow, their size would b e sutficlent time to th eir be su tficrent to lar ge d en t ma ke make at least a large dent in their course clean-up. clean-up , Also, ap prox imately to Also, approximately five to six weeks ago, a substantial amount of survey sub stan tial amo un t stakes for a new power p ol e line were fo r n ew p ow er pole lin e removed wh ere they crossed the D.esert where th e Desert Turtles course just w est of the freeway . T ur tles just west th e freeway. T h ese sta kes were placed b y m y These stakes placed by my employer, the So. Calif. Edison Co. at a So. Ed iso n Co . em p loyer, more inexpen sive sligh tly m ore than inexpensive cost. I'm th ey not p oi n tin g my fingers but they did pointing have red and wh ite ribbon on th em . an d white ribb on o n them. The Edison Co. is no piddling outfit piddlin g o u tfi t T he Edi so n and I do not think that we need to add th ink t o ad d an d d o them to the list of the desert riders th e d esert th em enemy. ene my . . re mem ber tha t q uite We must remember that quite a few races are h eld th a t run on or across held that Edison owned and maintain ed service o wne d maintained to me n ti o n ' th ose o wned roads. Not to mention'those owned by others. o th ers. The poin t that I am trying to make is to ma ke that regardless of who removed them, in re moved the eyes of those who discovered their th ose removal, it was done b y bike riders. So was d o ne by if you're laying out a race in the futu re, lay ing future, be careful of the things you do in the t hings do p ro cess. process. MICHAEL A. VAN ZANDT ZANDT 352cx Apple Valley, Calif. Ap ple actually enjoyed watching the races. It's wa tch ing a spectators' paradise as well as easy on sp ec ta tors ' p ar adise on the bike expenses. ex penses. th e Please , pl ease , Please, please, I wis h to thank wish wh oever is responsible for this great new t h is n ew whoever resp o n sibl e . coune. co urse. MARY EVANS MA R Y E VA NS Granada Hills,, Calif. Granad a Hills Cali f. ABOUT 4000 YEARS OLD I have n ever b een much of a bike fan,, never been of fan but your ad in Cycle News,, Nov. 16, '71 y our Ne ws really turned me on. However, it is t o o reall y m e o n . H owever, it too bad th at w on't b e ab le to the b ad that I won't be able t o see th e Dirt Diggen Classic on Sunday, Nov. 14th. I Diggers o n Su nday, 14th . di r ty would have like to see your 70 dirty,, old m en with th eir comb ined years of their combined o ld men motorcyclin g experience. Accordi ng to motorcycling ex perience. According your ad, each of th ose guys must be at o f those be least 4000 years old.. What do they look ol d Wha t th ey leas t like? W. PAUL LENZ, S.F.C. PA UL Burbank, Calif. Cali f. Wrinkled prunes... Ed. prune•... SORRY ABOUT THAT ABO UT On th e frrst lap (3 p.m. start) at th e p .m. start) a t the the firs t S.R.A. Grand Prix ·we ran into a ri der's S.R.A . ·w e ra n rider's bike who had fallen at the top of the to p b ike wh o h ad fa llen jump precedinl{ the straight away. jum p prec ed in g 92 3 11 ... Ed. 92311...Ed. A LOT AT STAKE Last weekend my 'wi fe and I di d a Las t m y 'wife an d did little riding in the vicinity of the recent ridi ng th e vicini ty o f Desert Turtles race. I was pl eased to see T urtles ra c e. pleased t o that they left a minimal amount of trash th ey camp -p it in the camp-pit area. was I was displeased to see that their very wh ite nbbons visib le visible red and white ribbons and markers stil l marken were still quite abundant among the rocks and b ushes. It would bushes. seem daat tour r w eeken(bifor a dUb of that four ~ 'for club CHECK THE NAME This is a note to let your know that to y o ur k now the rider who finished sixth overall, first fini sh ed o vera ll, Amateur, in the Check Chase of th is Amateu r, th e Ch eck Ch ase o f this year spells his name J im Sovie - not J. sp ells Jim Sovie Fo r rid ing hard Sanie. For riding so hard,, it was a bi g let big down th e wrong d own to see the wro ng name. MRS. JIM SOVIE SOVI E MRS . Canoga Park, Calif. Cano ga GUYS & GALS GUYS& The members of the End Does M.C. T he m embers th e w ou ld would like to take this opportunity to to op p o rtu nity th ank su p er d esert clu bs th at thank all the super desert clubs that award the gals "First Girl Novice" trophies. These awards have b een like a tr ophies. been shot in the arm for a few of our fo r sh ot members. It really makes you get out It ma kes ou t there and try! There are so many Th ere Novices! We'd also like to.. th an k th e to thank the various wri ters for giving us a menti on writers mention now and then in their articles. Keep it a nd th en th eir up guys.. .we love it! guys...we T HE EN D DO ES M.C. THE END DOES M.C. District 37 Dis trict 3 7 Many cards and letters have arrived expressing SOITOW for the death of expressing so rrow d eath Ji mm y Brockman and sympathy fo r his jimmy for family.. The fo llowing is typical of the family Th e following sentiments expressed: expressed : MEDI CAL .MEDICAL NOTE .- REVISITED In resp onse to Tom A llread's letter in response t o Allread's th e the Nov. 2 issue concerning the issue co ncerning t he problems encountered by his son's problem s encou n te re d b y so n's friend, Don Peterson: fr ie nd, Don Pet er son : We are happy that everything worked h app y th at out so well for this youn g man,, which w ell t h is young m an can be attributed t o th e fine organintion ca n b e a t trib ut ed to the fme o rga n izatio n of Saddleback Park and its alert and Saddleb ack alert conscientious rescue units. This incident co nsci en tio us inci dent only stresses the need for p ar en ts and o nly th e need fo r parents minors to have available at all times a availab le Consent to to T rea tment of Minor Treatment Mino r Consen t properly filled o ut. p roper ly fill ed out. A couple of months ago, I was m o n th s fortunate enough to b e available when a be fo rtunate yo ungis h feller named Tony Patino was Pat ino was youngish learning to ride his new Husky 400 at Indian Dunes and came off rather pain full y . Thanks to teacher J.N. painfully. T hanks J .N. Roberts and some of the .o th er Stunts an d so me other Unlimited members, we were able to Unlimited we to splint the rider's double lower leg fra ctures and arrange fractures a nd arra nge for an ambulance an to get him to the hospital. As Tony had to no Consent form with him, it involved much telephoning and running around ru nning before everything was squared away; was also, being the middle of the week, being th e midd le there was no rescue unit standing by no just 0 1' Pa tr o l o ut jus t 01' Patrol out for a buzz with his friends. Sure glad I carry all that First gla d Aid stuff! st uff! Parents, take these words to h ear t, tak e to heart, and make sure your young men or or women are properly protected at all w omen ar e p ro t ected o f accid ental inj ury. t im es times in case of accidental injury. A broken b o ne isn't too serious, b u t if it's bone isn't to o serio us, but it 's h ead in ternal an d head or internal injury and time is tr ying so me ad ult 's wasted trying to get some adult's permissi on fo r permission for treatment, it mi ght b e might be too late - so pl ease get that Consent please t oo signed and in the young rider's p ossession. The motorcycle parks will possession. mo torcycle thank yo u, too! th ank you, t o o ! P.S.. Than x, Gus - youse is a fme janitor fine P.S Thanx, Gu s youse - maybe someday they'll make you so m eday ma ke yo u editor! edi to r! SHAY RO MP ELL SH A Y ROMPELL Sun Valley , Calif. Valley, lo o k at these look at th ese poor guys at the end of en d th e day? T hey are m ud dier th an the day ? They muddier than anybody.. God bless them.. The rest of an ybody God bl ess th em T he rest o f the club does an excellent j ob , too.. The excellen t job, t o o Th e th e cl ub d oes rac e was great , th e course good, crowd race great, the cro wd control was good. Dirt Diggers, you did co n trol Dir t Digger s, it again. it agai n. BOB SHAW Van Nuys, Calif. V an TO THE BROCKMAN FAMILY All of the riders in District 38 wish to th e rid ers Dis tric t extend to the parents and family of Jim ex tend t o th e fa m ily o f Brockman , wh o was tragically kill ed in Brockman, who killed an accident while racing his m o t o rcycl e acciden t motorcycle at Dehesa Sp ee dway on Sunday, Deh esa Speedway o n November 197 I, th eir d eep est regre ts N ovember 7, 1971, their deepest regrets We hope you and the bike are A-O K. h ope th e A.QK. and sympathy. He was admired and sy m pathy . He was ad mired an d That fo r T hat jump was a bummer for us also, beloved by Admired because b elo ved b y all of us. Admire d b ecause as that Triumph hack, No.5 7, h ad more Triu mp h h ack , had m ore h e gave all of his soul to racing, and of so ul he speed th an my m on key, and while than m y beloved because he gave it with honest b ec ause h e going up for the jump he missed th e mis sed the goi ng up fo r th e effort. Ther e' s a b ig difference between There's big diffe rence hack h ac k and hit the ground with one leg th e person the perso n who competes with others to co mp et es with an d couldn' t and couldn't stand on it for the rest of on win, and the p er son who competes with win , an d person wh o with the race, so we didn't finish. finis h. o thers others to challenge their abilites.. Jim ab ilites Was still a good run, S.R.A. advanced to poin t leader in both ACA point ad vanced CALDWELL-FERREL CALDWELL·FERREL and A~IA 250 Expert class on IT and AMA on TT No. 57 Side Hack No.57 h e Liked flat track because he liked to do his best Lancaster, Calif. - and that meant trying to come in m ean t first. But winning wasn't as important to Jim , as knowing he was good enoug h was enough to Jim, RON SUPPORTER to accomplish this . this. Schneiders , Poor Ron Schneiders, everybody is Your son , and b ro th er , didn't have to son, brother, d idn't h ave p ickin g on him, bu t I still love h im . picking hi m, but love him. be a winner, though to earn the respect to b e win ne r, Naturally, Ron must be getting $1000 R o n m ust 10 0 0 and friendship of all of us wh o who per week for his reporting in Cycle we e k Cycl e competed with him on the track, and on tra ck, more $10 News, m o re like S ID a week. "talke d shop" with him off of it. Jim "talked J im I also attend the District meetings at tend th e Dist rict could te ach lo t so mething co uld teach a lot of us something about and most desert events and I think Ron an d deser t th ink R o n racing, and most of us something abou t so methi ng rep orting. is doing a h elluva good job reporting. d o in g helluva o nly bein g " Ma n ." being a "Man." The only life h e risked he Ron Schneiders rides a race, t hen then R on sho rt b ut h is o wn. It was his own. I t was a short life, but a while the rest of u s are laying on our us o n o ur worthwhile one. He did what he lik ed to d id h e liked t o w orthw hil e o ne. b ut ts , h e butts, he goes thro ugh t he hassle o f through the of accom p lished a ll d o most,, and accomplished all that was <1.0 most get ti ng resul ts. getting results. , mo st importan t to himself. You made most imp ortant to It sure is a p leasure to read about the pleasure t o abou t th e It that p ossibl e b y resp ectin g his abi lity th a t possible by respecting h is ability abou t wr iter's o ther rid ers and other riders an d not about the writer's and amb itions, and no o ne ca n ask for ambitions, no one can fo r relations whether th ey fi nis h or not. As rela tio ns wheth er they finish greater happiness than that. Many th an th at. Man y for Ron's criticism of the Sports R on's cri ticism th e ~:>r people live much longer,, but with much longer mu ch Committee, it keeps th em on their toes. them o n th eir t o es. less to live for. to d o n't with Although I don't agree w ith all of We know how p roud yo u are of your h ow proud you of your views, p lease keep up the good please th e son, and h ow mu ch reaso n you have to so n, how much reason w ork Ron, as you con trib ute more to work contribute to b e so. You made Jim the fme pers o n be so . th e fine person our sport th en m ost of us do. o ur then most that he was, by being a fine exam p le fo r being fi ne example for th at h e w as, WES ANDERSON SR. AN DERSO N him to follow.. In tum, Jim has been a h im t o fo llo w turn , J im Trailbike No. 68 T rail bike Distric t fin e examp le to fme example to us in District 38. He Los A ngeles , Calif. Angeles, h ad that had th at special quality of "good ness " "goodness" that will be carried in our memories, o ur long b ey ond his p assing. beyond h is passing. DID IT AGAIN If there was a way for his friends to was fo r h is to I would like to thank the HEROES of th an k 1 lift the burden of grief from the hearts the mud hole at Hopetown. These ar e H op etown . are of his family,, we'd gladly do so. But family do Bu t the guys that stay down in the mud hole gu ys in m ud that's impossible. We can only say with im possible. say for only two reasons ; one, to let on reasons; to le t on all sincerity, that we sympathize with th at we coming riders know if it's clear and two, comi n g clea r a nd your sorrow, that we understand y our we your if there is a rider down or stuck. they stuck sorro w and all .miss him,. HELP"that'rider ge t 'o u t, y ou ever HELP' that rider get ·out. Did you 'ever" , " sorrow,, and that.we all~ him. too. . . f~( '!1t fbrDIS.IUC1'JI&-~ j I... I l It".I l " DIST RI CT J3 ~ RACERS VOICES OF THE WEST FR IENDS 200 FRIENDS On Sunday, October 28 th four of us Su nday, Oct ob er 28th fo ur guys from Woodland Hills Sportcycle Woo dl and Hills decided to relax by riding a lit tle trail in to little and around the Frazier Park area. Par k Unknown to us,, that nigh t we were to us to be trapped in a little canyon with no to w ith food, no shelter, snow and temperatures temp~ratures dipping towards zero, and no way out. Luckily we were found the next afternoon by an alert and efficient effi cient Sheriff's rescue helicopter. rescu e But, if we hadn't been found, they hadn' t were going to start a ground search the to next morning using our motorcycle friends, and that's why this le ller . th at ' s w hy this letter. To all of you who volunteered, and it it was estimated to be about 200 riders, to abo ut say we say thanks and if it h ad n ' t been so hadn't damn cold we would have waited for co ld wo uld fo r you,, it probably wo uld have been a gas. gas . yo u p robab ly would But jus t the same we appreciate the just th e sa me thoughts, it makes a guy awfu lly proud th ou gh ts, awfully to be a dirt rider. t o b e d irt "JIM" COLLETT "J IM" CO LL ETT GEORGE CLARK G EORG E JOHN MOON J OHN BILL WAGNER WAG NER Woodland Hills Soortcvcle Snortcvcle DUNES DONE DID IT DUN ES I am the sponsor of two motocross sp on sor m otocross th at the fur cQat husband riders, that is, th e fu r coat my husb and promised me a year ago is paying for my year p ay in g my husband and sons racin g. Almost every so ns racing. h usb and weekend, weekend, (as all lo yal sponsors must loyal do), I accompany my riders to the races, accom pany m y th e race s, this m inimi zes th e racin g d rama ti cs I'm th is minimizes the racing dramatics exposed to for the following week. ex posed to th e fo llowing m y team Last weekend I gathered up my team,, ~ast w ee kend ga there d loaded o ld races loaded the old van and went to the races at th e new Shadow Glen race course. the Sh adow co urs e. Would you believe my team finished all you my fi nish ed three motos for the Ill'St time. No super fo r first ti me. horsepower required, n o seized engines, required, no no broken pistons or wheels , and my p ist o ns or wheels, an d m y riders had a b all. Who knows, maybe I'll ball. I'U get y et. Cd that coat yet. ,] _SIi:adlriot Glen :is course have H ~ Sliadow Gkb lis the first coune jI .brave

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