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,'. ~ ". ~", .J4 .. _ w # .•" ... ' - ••• , ., '.1 ~ # . ;'-J :'--J • CO) M c "o .'" C> e, l>. ;;: ~ Cl C> 0 CO) M ~ Z By By Ron Schneiders Photos by Ron & Ellen Schneiders photos "You better not write a b ad report "Y ou bad on the Zundapp or I'll write a nasty I'll letter a n d tell letter to Cycle News and t ell them j ust just what I think about your report!" Now ab o u t rep ort!" .'ow isn't that just the sort of remark that th at o f rem a rk any red-blooded journalist would take Well, usually as a personal challenge? Well, usually.. But when your wife says it. that's a it, d ifferent differen t story! Wh en r th e Z undapp , When f took delivery of the Zundapp, I w as expecting to have just another was ex pec ting t o ano ther mo torcycle aro und to tes t for tw o or motorcycle around to test two three weeks. Bu t my wife took one look But wi fe t o o k lo ok at that neat read and chrome p ain tjob at th at nea t an d pain t job and from then on not o nly did I have a an d th en only di d [ t ough time ge tting near it, bu t it began tough tim e getting it , but it t o look li ke E.C. Birt had lost a h ad lo st to lo o k like motorcycle. m o torcy cle. So, besides being the kind of th e kin d besides motorcycle your wife falls in love with, m oto rcy cle fa lls lov e what else is it ? In so me respects the it? some resp ect s Zundapp is a very serious enduro bike ISDT h eritage with an ISOT heritage of whi ch t o which to boast. It is potentially an extremely p otentiall y co mpetitive moto cro ss machine. An d competitive motocross machi ne . And las t but not least it's good pl a y bik e last n o t least play bike righ t o u t o f right out of the box. b ox. To get righ t t o t he heart of th e T o get right to the o f the ma il er. th e Zundapp engine is a malter, the e ng ine well-d esign ed 12 5 cc powe r plant well-designed 125cc power pl ant with an exactly an exactly square configuration: 54 b y configura tion: by 54. It 's th e sa me that Jeff Wright 54 . It's the same engine th a tJ effWright and several others have been usin g very o the rs using sucessfu lly sucessfully in the Rickman frame to th e Ric kman fr ame compete com pet e in th e 125 cla ss. The one the 125 class. on e d iff er e nce difference is thaC t hose engines h a ve th at" those e ngi nes have been ra ther heavily breathed upon b y been rather heavil y brea thed by E.C Birt an d h is c re w at Pre cision E.C.. Birr and his crew at Precision Cycle. Birt is a lso doing the R&D work also d oi n g w ork for th e distributors of the Zundapp for the th e motorcycles so some of wh a t h e's moto rc ycl es so me o f what he's learned on Jeff Wright's bi ke is in the learned bike new Zundapps and a nd more m ore will unaoubtedly undoubtedly be showing up in the next sh owin g u p th e nex t or so . year o r so.. Some changes that have appeared in tha t ap p ea red m odel a re h eavier c ra n k assembly, this model are a heavier crank assemb ly, a ..larger set or, gears, (b eefie r: that is; larg of.. \b~efier, is; previo us 'o nes b ro ke) d lJuBlc:..lip seals on pr:evious ones' broft.:e)..d.oulll liP sea ls b oeh sides of th-I cran kshaft, an . bcitlo. . . . 0('· ·th e cran\- (J U . easily and with great precision.. The easily prec ision T h e weight distribution is such that the weigh t dis tr ibution su ch front end com es up nicely when desired, fro nt e nd comes n icel y but not otherwise. It did seem to me n ot It see m th at the center of gravity could be an that th e ce n te r gra vity co uld b e a n in ch o r inch or two lower without hurtin g w ith out hurting anything. R ear shocks are Boge wh ich whicb an y thing. Rear sh oc ks ar e ver y good b ut unfortunately not are very but u n fort u na te ly n ot adjustable. Apparently th e Boge p eople ad justab le. A pparen tly the people haven't to the realiza tio n that haven 't come to th e realization tha t people come in Regular, Large and Regu lar , Lar ge a nd Economy sizes.. Afte r an in it ial period of sizes After initial p er iod o f stiffness . th e fro nt stiUness, the front forks b ega n working began w orkin g quite nicely,, bu t they never d id become nic ely but did b ecome really soft. reall y The re are only a few bikes that you There a re o nly t hat ca n th at for competition can buy that are ready fOT com petitio n righ t o ut right out of t he b ox and they a re very the box a nd are ex p ens ive. T h e th at m o st expensive. The best that most people ca n op e can h ope for is to buy a bike tha t has to bik e th at m o st most of the right p ieces and no fatal pieces fat al fla ws they're lu ck y flaws.. Then, if they 're very lucky,, the y'll find someone who will "shape" some one " sh ap e" they'll it for th em a t some sort of reas onabl e them at so rt o f reasonable price. Zundapp b uy ers are in lu ck. All p rice. buyers luck. the righ t pieces are there and Ole E.C. piece s an d sittin g d own th er e fn Lawndale Birt is sitting down there in Lawndale _ with a p ackage "shapin g" deal to tum" package "shaping" d eal tum· pretty the p retty little bike that your wife your loves in toJ.a fir e-breathin g dragon. ,He to a ~e·breathiug dr!'gon. l;Ie builds a pipe for it, ports it, reworks th e a' it , re wo r ks the the h ead a nd ca rb u re t o r and "the head and strips off carburetor alll the junk. What more could vou al th e m o re c o uld you . want? Is that okay, Dear? th at Dear ? The kickstarter is well tucked in. should b e designed right in the first sh ould be righ t pl ace. place. On the more pleasant side we find that the swing arm is boxed and looks to th at to be quite strong. The rear brake st ro ng. geometry is corr ect (the same pivot poin t geo m e try correct pain for both the swing arm and the brake fo r b oth rod ) but I'm sure some of t he motocross rod) the lads will want full floating brakes. There floati ng is a very nice. very ligh t ki ck stand nice, Iigh kic k which is appreciated. . wh ic h appreciated.. Perhaps the most m o st appealing Perh ap s engineering feature. at least for enduro fea ture. at least en d uro rid ers sh roud, riders will be the air cleaner, shroud, seat, toolbox com b ination. combination. A well-designed shroud encloses the entire shro ud th e triangle formed b y the b ottom edge of tri a n gle by th e bottom of the seat, the front of the fender, and a fro n t fe nder, th e sea t, through th e m o uth o f th e vertical ver tical line th rough the mouth of the carburetor. Underneath th e shroud is a ca rb u re to r. Un dernea th the shro ud d ead dead air box and verv neat air filter. The b ox an d very n eat filter. T he . air fil t er h as a paper element that might filter has ele me nt th at m ight well be replaced by a foam ty pe for use by type in the desert. The u nit looks to be unit lo o ks t o wa terproof com es. whic h waterproof just as it comes, ' which is always nice if y ou ride in wet country. n ice you rid e co u ntry. Behind the air cleaner is a tray which th e cle a ner wh ich holds the tool roU and inside the roll are t ool roll in sid e ro ll a reasonable assortment of tools and re asonable asso rt m e n t o f t o o ls a nd two unbelievable, h onest-t o-gosh honest-~o-gosh van adium steel beau tiful tire: irons. The vanadium s teel tire seat covers the air cleaner, shroud and se at c o vers cleaner. tool trav and can be removed in about tray a nd two seconds flat without tools. Touches sec o nd s with out like these make you believe they y ou actually intend for some of these bikes ac t ually so me to wind up in the Six-days.., Six-days. Here's a couple other nice touches : Here' s touches: The con trols arc all Magura which are as controls are a ll Magu ra whic h a re trouble-free ge t. tr o uble-free as you can get. The engine sh ould ad d is m ounted in rubber which should add mounted years to th e life of the motorcycle. The t o the th e m o torcy cle. bike comes street legal with all c om es necessary lights, e ven a horn and b attery ne cessar y even a nd battery b ut they're not designed for serious use: but th ey're it's enduro type lighting. The ignition is Bosch, aga in one of the best. again of Riding the bike produces mixed feelings. To start wit h, it's geared for feelings. with, gea red about 148 mph (an emotional estimate) ab out (a n estima te) wh ich is a bit too high for a 125 which t oo h igh designed to be used in the dirt. For to reference, normal dirt gearing on a DKW refe re nce. DKW 13 :54 ; is 13:54; the Zundapp was geared at 15 :4 6 ! 15:46! The result of this is that the bike res ult th is th e feels sluggish; there isn't the instant isn' t response that one normally expects. th at o ne norma lly ex pects. Handling, on the other hand,, leaves o ther ha nd little to b e desired.. The bike steers be d esir ed How's th is for an air cleaner? How's this The Zundapp has a fairly slender shape except Th e has exce p t for that pipe. fo r th at pip e.

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