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N jg, Q. ~ ... :;; Cl g ?f . i:i ~ Z ~ w Z W ..J ...J o tJ >o tJ At the riders' meeting before the Cal State Championships at Ascot Sunday ROXY ROCKWOOD reminded the riders that during the next season they th at will have to fill out a "fall down card", " fall expla ining explaining where and why fallee fell . fell. "That's for DAVE ALDANA", chided fo r ch ided the other half of team Mexican, GENE Mex ican , ROMERO. Then someone else in the piped , " A lda na ?! corwd piped, "Aldana?! He'll need a rubber stamp!" stamp! " TWO FO R • T WO FOR TIM: 1) TIM HART was T L I HA RT \ listed in third place in the re su lts from results fro m th ird Tulsa Trans-AMA las t week, behind JIM T ra ns-A MA last week . WICKS. Transpose the two for correct co rrect WICKS . T ranspose th e reading. 2) Tim Hart is getting mamed.. T im H art ge t ti ng married read in g. By Papa Wealey • • • • • LATEST FROM EVEL: As can be expected, EVEL KNIEVEL is expected , concerned about the new jumpers and abo ut their successes but in typical Knievel style he is stay ing on top of th ings . He he staying things. says he wAI answer all challenges in an he w ill an upcoming ad. ad . The SkyCycle is alive and well in a live a nd we ll Sc ientists Ora nge Orange County. Scientists recently tested the rocket engine in Sacramento and everything is hunky-TERS: For Usting in th is column calt or write:: U sting th'is call write . , CYCLE -NEwS '. " CYCLE NEWS Box 498, Long BeaCh, Ca. 90801 Beach, Box 1213142 7 .7433 1213) 427·7433 ."" EVERY SATURDAY TT RACING at Elsinore Race Trac k . Gates open at 3, races at Track. 3, 7:30. Silencers required.. Off Hwy. 7 :30. req uir ed 7 I in Elsinore, Cal f. 71 Calf. ~ C-,cle ~lC 'ycle ..... .". • • • SOME POlNTS TO PONDER:: If the POI NTS PO ND ER th e unemployment situation was ever cut in cu t u nemplo ym ent sit uat io n wa s half, what would happen with the wo uld wi t h th e add itio nal additional two or three percent of or p erce nt people (and cars) on the road?...Where p eop le (a nd ca rs) o n th e road? ...Where do th e high school students who ride st uden ts wh o ride d o the h igh machines to sch oo th eir mach ines to schooll put their helmets du rin g the day? - lockers aren't wid e during th e day ? lock er s wide aro und sto mp ing eno ugh, enough, at least around our stomping grounds... grounds ... • • • Actor BRIAN KELL Y is suing BR IA N KELLY su ing American Honda for a tidy $25-million Ho nda t id y $ 2 5-mi llio n (that's $25,000,000.00; no typo here) $25 ,000 ,000 .00; t ypo for injuries sustained on a 750 la st on last Thanksgiving Day. He claimed the Day . He accident cost him the lead in the movie acc ident h im mov ie Ma ch ine." "The Love Machine." He is also also reportedly suing the dealer who sold su ing him for see h im the bike for a smaller sum. We see h is point. Motorcycles are dangerous, his for sure, buf actually getting hurt on but on one is an entirely different matter... an d ifferent matter.•. To be frank , after sitting through part be frank, " Th e Mach ine," we of "The Love Machine," w e feel Kelley ought to thank Honda for sam saving fo r sav ing h im the embarrassment. him * * * BSA lost three mi llio n l'ounds (or million pounds about $8-million) last year because of be cau se abou t 58-millio n) the inability of the factory to produce th e inab ilit y o f th e facto ry p roduc e enough mo to rc ycles for the peak season ' p ea k seaso n eno ugh motorcycles th e sp ringt ime . . in the springtime. , , : THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 25 THURSDAY , 25 T T Tr o jan SJ?eedway. South Col'te . Ca . TT,, Trojan Speedway , Souto Gale. Ca. 250 50-la p championshiP,. 7:30 pm. $ 1 0 post. 50-lap c namotonstuo 7 : 3 0 e m . $10 p o st. $200 p urse . Regular pr o gr a m . 213/923-9132. $2 0 0 purse. R eg ula r program. 2 13/923 -9 132 . TT/FT. "r r o ia n SPdwy. South Gate, Ca. 7:15 TT /FT. Trojcln S p dwy , S outh Gat e. Ca . 7 :15 p rn . 2 13 / 862·02 29. pm. 213/862-0229. ST ITT SCRA MBL E S . SC RAMBLES. LUbbOCk, T e x . Lu bD OCk . Tex. 8 pm. p m. ~ Dec . 12 - Saddleback Motocross Dec. Sadd lebac k Mo t ocross Arena Ar e n a Park Par k Rcwy. R cwy . ***BARSTOW TO VEGA'i *** BA RSTOW VEGA~ It's that t ime of year again-time It 's th at time ye a r again--time for th e world's bi gges t race, the biggest the for the ann ua l Barstow to Vegas Hare & annual Har e Hound staged by the San Gabriel sta ged Ga briel Valley M.C. Va lle y :' I.C. ***CARNEGIE TRANS-AMA * ** CA RN EG IE A nd motocross buffs will b e And bu ffs be anxious to see how the A mericans a nxio us how Americans fare against the Europeans as the th e Eu ro peans th e Trans -AMA circuit swings South to Trans-Al\lA So uth t o Liverm o re, Carnegie Cycle Park in Livermore, Calif. ***ONTARIO MOTOCROSS * **ONT A RIO * ** NORMA L GOODIES ~ NEW R loERSA T HE FIRST TIME OUT ~ RIDERSATHE ~ O UT ~ RGED ENTRY RGEo POST E N T R Y " For further info. see calendar or ~ )0 phone ACA office 1-5 M-F ACA M·F ~ )0 (714) 774·3ACA n4-3ACA ~ American Cycle Association, 106)0 Association 106 No . 312 , Ana'he im ~ No. Claudina, Suite 312, Anaheim, ) Cillifomia ' ) c.lifomia 92805 ~ * * .ENEFITMX BENEFIT MX S HO R T TRACK , San Jose Frgnds, Exposition SHORT TRACK, J os e Frgn ds, E xp os iti on Bldg., San Jose, Ca. $600/40% purse. 8 : 3 0 Bld g., J o se , Ca . $600 /~O % p u rse . 8:30 pm. SPO R T SM AN MX. C a r n eg ie Cycle Park, SPORTSMAN M X. Carn~ie Par k, Livermore! Ca. $5 rid e. $3 watch . S ign 6 am, L ive r m o re Ca . ride. watcn. Sign 'ace 10.4 i 5/846-3510.581-1256. race 10 .4 5 /8 46·3 51 0 , 58 1-125 6. SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 28 SUN DAY, NOVEMB E R TRANS -A MA MX, Carnegie Cycle Park. TRANS-AMA MX. Car negie C y c le Par k . purse.. pu rse L i v erm or e J CA _ S 10 .0 0 0 Livermore,J. CA. $10.000 415/581-12'6,846-3510. 4 15 / 5 81 -12, 6, 846 -3 5 10. ~ ~ I r r' Saddleback Motocross NOT C H ~ ARE NOT CH Next. IIj Week In ~6 ~6 Nov. 28 I/Z mile ~ Nov . 28 - Southbay 1/2 m ile & TT ~ ~ Dec. ) Dec. 5 ~ ~ la • • • While on the subject of NorVil, it s NorV il, its While on other side (AJS) is staging a freebie-type side fr eebi e-ty p e motocross school the day prior to the ed iti on Carnegie Cycle Park edition of the Trans-AMA with VIC EASTWOOD and EAS TWOOD DOUG GRANT at the head of the DOUG class..,better get on the stick and class ... better on st ic k contact Carnegie for more details. Ca rnegie All right , t ech fr eak s, get out your rig1lt, tech freaks, yo ur pads and pencils and give us the answer a nd a nd answe r to this one: A ny bend in an exhaust th is one : Any p ipe causes a loss, however negligible, in lo ss, neg ligib le, pipe rre nt power, right? The cu rrent method of designing motorcycles, w ith the exhaust des ign ing mo to rcycles, with th e port at the front on the cylinder, f ro nt on cy linder , immediately me ans at least one im med iat ely means 180-degree change of direction for the ch ang e d irection for exhaust exha ust gases. gases . Suppose someone designed mach ine des igned a machine that had the exhaust e xhaust port in the rear of the cylinder? Just t he think,, exhaust th ink systems could be syst ems be compa red . practica lly straight, at least compared practically st ra igh t , with what we have now. Further, the carbureto rs would have to be in front,, f ro nt carburetors be therefore inc reasing the ram-induction increasing effect as speed is gained. Of course, the delicate carbies are in a more vulnerable vulnerab le position and that would be a minor problem. Sound good? Of course not; there no t : must be good reason for the popularity of the present- - t roph ies, purse, Exp erts trophies, Juniors and Intermed iates . Generall Jun iors a nd Intermediates. Genera ad missio n , $2.95, Junior admission J un ior ad missio n admission, $ 1.95. $1.95. Kids ad mission $.50. Und er admission $ .50. Under 8 Free . Free. . ' ' ~I.. 1II SSOCilltioR .-: ssociation ) Deadman's Po int, App le Valley,, Deadman 's Point, Apple Valley Cal. 1st & 3rd Sunday - Motocross & Moto cross - -all classes 8 a .m. practice - 10 all 10 a .m . start - $2.00 gate entry a.m. $2 .00 gale $2.00 race entry with membership,, race w ith me mbershi p 52 .50 w ithout membersh ip . $2.50 without membership. Effect ive 1 req uired Effective Nov. I,, silencers required at all events. Info In fo (714) (71 4 ) 247 ·7 473 (eves .) 247-7473 (eves.) ,- - .-: 1II meriCIIR me rican ) 1st & 3rd SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH * * Through the grapvine" we hear that T hrough th e gra pv ine .. tha t Kawasaki has been n ego t ia t ing Kawas a ki h as b een negotiating with DON VESCO but no no contract con tract VE SCO arrange m ents could be made due to arrangements ma d e Vesco's present involvement with Vesco 's presen t involvem ent wi th Yama ha . Yamaha. Also, ou t A lso , out of that convention, a c o nven tio n , noteworthy notew orth y item ite m came: ELMA EL MA ROCHELEAU of Royal Oak, Mich., won ROCH ELEA U Ro yal Oak, w on the award as the top side car p assen ger th e aw ard t he t op passenger o f the of the year, vo te d on by m embers of the voted o n b y members th e Canadian Side Car Racers Assn. It's a It 's Can adi an Sid e o nc e-in-a -lifetime award and it is once·in-a-Iifetime a wa rd a nd apparently the firs t time a woman h as apparen tly nrst woman has go tten th e award ... gotten the award... regularly scheduled events ... * BOB HANSEN will resign from Kawasaki Kawasak i Motors effective Dec. 1 so Dec. that he can head up his now-forming he up now-form ing enterprise entitled "Team Hansen." The " T eam Hansen ." Kawasaki Road Racing mentor will be Rac ing be open for business to build road racin g fo r business bu ild racing machines for any company who wishes mach ines his services. Kawasaki, we understa nd , understand, h is serv ices . Kawasak i, w ill will be his first client. aboard h is No r ton ...t h e check came his Norton... the cam e from NorVil. MIKE JACKSON, head of fro m No rVil. MIK E JACKSON. h ead the firm, was a little disgruntled because because he had to send the check through the he had ch eck mail ma il - seems as though the A FM failed see ms the F:'I faile d notify most people th at we re to no tify most p eo ple that they were having a race the weekend last . th e wee kend last. MX, Ontario Motor Sc owv. Ontario, Ca. MX . Moto r Spdwy. O n ta rio , C a . $ 3000 1t'i7:83~l8 a m . 2505 & 500s. Brian 250s & 5005. B r ia n ~~~c~ p u rse. 11 T ra c y, 7 14/983 -5811. tr:· M X . L o m p o c S to-Pokes, Spillway Pa r k MX. Lompoc Slo·Pokes. S pillw a y Park nr S anta Mana,, Ca;J Junc 166 at Broadway. 0-35 Santa Ma rla C a ., J u n c 1 6 6 Br o ad w a y . 0 : 35 Pts. 10 am. ,,3.:J0 post. $1 .50 gate. Camping. o ts. $ 3.50 e cst . $1.50 ga te. Cam ping. 805/736-6362.735-1177 . 80 5/736 -636 2 . 7 35-1 1 77. FRIDAY, NO\(EM BE R 26 F R IDA Y, NO\{EMBER SPORT SCPA MBL E S. Am eric a n Cyn. ve ne,c SCRAMBLES. American c vn . VallejO (Ca.) Spd w y . 8 pm.. $2 nde/watch. 'C' Trac. (Ca. ) Spdwy. pm rid e / w a tc h . ' C' Tr a c . 107/644-0741. 107/ 644-0 74 1. . IN D O O R INDOOR SHORT TRACK. All A meric a n. San American. Jose (Ca) Exposition Bldq..S lgn 4 :30-6 :30 pm. Ex p osi ti o n B ldq Sign :30-6 e rn . 3 plates. S ilen cers. 41 5 / 322-1514 . pl a t e s . Silencers. 415/322-1514. MX, USRC. EII To ro (Ca) Soc w v . 7:30 pm. M X , USRC . E Toro Spdwy. 7 :30 pm . $5 post. Cash to Sr s , Box 1027. Pomona , CA p ost. C a sh t o Srs. Bo x 1 0 2 7. P omo na C A 91769.714/985-3149. . 9t 7 69 . 71 4 / 9 8 5 -314 9 . CMC MX, Carlsbad (Ca.) Rcwy. $5 mall C MC MX , Carl :obad (Ca-.) ncwv . ma ll (l O/ 5 ), $10 post. · 10 am. Box 1402. Costa p os t . 1 0 a m , C o st a (lO/S). Mesa, CA 92626. Mesa . M X. Arizona Desert Raceways. 10 am. $5 MX. D esert Ra ceways . entry. $1 watCh. Cash. 140 8 E. Granada. e ntry . watcn . Ca sh. 1408 Gran a d a . Phoenix, Ar tz . 85006 . 6 02/2 52-1900 . Ph oen ix. Ariz. 85006. 602/252-1900. T R IAL . PNTA. Follow markers fro m 9th & TRIAL, PNT A . F o ll o w m ar k e rs from 9 t h. & Ma in d ow n t ow n Main downtown Walla Wa lla. Wash •• to s ue. Walla. Wash:z. to site. $ 3 .50 . $3.50. S4 . 5 0 $4.50 non-members, non -me m b ers , 50 5u cents c e n ts ad m iss ion . Call for w ea th er condoo Box 131, admission. weather c o n d B o x 131 . Weston, Westall. OR 97886.. 50 3 /5 6 6 ·3 5 2 6 ext. 4 8. 9 7886 503/566-3526 e xt. 48, 566-3501. 56 6 ·3 5 01. Ply m o u th , C ali f . Plymouth. Calif. Dec. 12, 1971,9:30 am Limit 300 riders Lim it $4 Post. if room $4 Po st. j f ro om 13 mi. N, Jack so n, Hwy 16 N, Jackson, Hw y 40 mi. E, Sacram ento, Hw y 49 Sacramento, Hwy P.O. P.O . Box 338, Orangevale, Ca 95662 Oran geva le, . NOISE: The SOIIIId that kills thesight. Orange C~unty's newest family cycle ranch Co_unty's fiSCBPB COUNTRY ROBINSON RANCH 0 TRABUCO CANYON CAll (714) 586-7964 (714) N; ghl. 2 13 /3 23 -9710. N;ghl.213/323-9710. SATURDAY NOVEMBER 2 7 SATURDAY,, NOV E MBER 27 MX G o ose j-to u ow Un ltd m MX. Goose Hollow Unltd.. 22 mii o n Hwy 2 2 . Pen ton Series. $5 on 'H w y 22. Penton S e r ie s. $ 5 ca rd . 10:30 am. Box 845 . Sa lem, 1 0 :3 0 a m . B ox 845, Salem, card. 503/364-0461. ,03 /36 4 -0 46 t. W of Salem post. CMC p os t. OR 97308. 9 .,308. AMA sanction sa nctio n Mail $3 12/1 171 Mail entry $3,, close 12/1/71 , CMC MX, A sc o t Park, Gardena, Ca.. $5 post. Ascot Par k , Ga rde n a , Ca p o s t. C MC ATTENTION CLUBS, PROMOTERS, AND RACE FANS IN GENERAL: All listings that appear on a REGULAR basis in the free listings basis Calendar column will be discontinued at the end of the year. Please wi ll the renew these as soon as possible so the Calendar Editor can get his file the f ile together in time for the 1972 onslaught. Box 498, Long Beach, CA 90801 . 90801. HARE & HOUND. San Gabnell V alley . HO UND . G a brie Valley.·Vegas. Lim ed o ff Vegas Fwy 12 Ba rst ow·t o -Vega s . Limed off V e ga s Fwy.. 1 2 ml .N . ml.N. of Barstow, Ca. Sil en c er. 0·37 Pts. S 7 Ba rst o w , C a. Silencer. 0 -37 cts . $7 mall (11/13), $10 .,lost. 1033 N. V in ela nd La (11 /13) . $1 0 c o st . Vineland L a Pu e n t e . C A 9 1 74 6 . _ • Puente. CA 91746. TRIAL S CHO OL. SCHOOL. w orl d world champ c h am p Mtck Mlck A ndre w s . 11 am . $ 10 tUItion. ReservatHm.s: Andrews. I I am. $10 nn n c n. R e se rvau c ns . P NTA , Box PNTA. Bo x 131, W es t o n . OR 97886 . Weston, O R 97886. 503/566-3526. 50 3 /5 66 -3 526 . INDOOR SH ORT T RACK, Glen Co Frgnds SHORT ~ACK, G len C o f"r g nd s O:rland. Ca. ChampionshIp serres , 8 pm: ~rland. Ca . Ctt am pt onshtp sertes. pm : Silencers. 415 /435-073 1 . 415/435-0731. J •.; 11i1,·. q p{, a liM ..J ~T:d l. ni:: ; HRA TT / I/a-M IL E. 395 Cycle Park Adelanto C YCle Pa r k A oe tan t o H RA TT/lla.-MILE. Ca. Each entry S2.25. $2.25, S I', 50 Sl·.50 gate: ga te: 714/246-6109. 7 14 / 24 6-61 0 9 . MX. Cloverfleld Race Track, Friendswood MX . crc ce r ne tc R a c e T raC k , Tex . Tex. Noon. Noo n . $2 $2 ride. rid e . $ 1.5 0 $1.50 watCh : watCh: 713/ 482·7551. 713/482-7551. SCRA MBLES , Westsi de Eagles. La Grange SCRAMBLES, Westside Eag les . L a Gra n ge R od e o Grou nds, Silencers. 52 r id e/wa t c h . Rodeo Grounds. S ilenc e rs. $2 rlde/watcn. Noon. 209/537-6206 eves. Noo n. 2 09/53 7-6206 (Please turn to Pag~ 34) tum Page 34 ) .~ . ~ ......... • • ........ II. • ~.&.L ,I ! lJo,d. !, I ei. ~ .~I. ~ ' I I l1J13 i U13 4 " ~ ... 4 dJ I ~I I.. ., "1 1 ~,I.l." 1.3l1 1"-'13, 1 J.,'- I. F1 Te l n:r lalll IHfTel n:r I~ " ,

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