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BELGIUM /SUZUKI SWEEP AT TRANS-AMA MOTOCROSS BELGIUM/SUZUKI 30e They make the bikes in one country ... t he rid ers in another. And they make all th e co un try... the riders ano the r. th ey m ake the money in America. Read John Bethea's account of th e grea t Joel Robert's first Read Bethea 's o f the great Rob ert's American win this ye ar on pages 10-11. American year 10 -11 . UNKNOWN HONDA vs. THE UNKNOWN Latest rep ort is th at Honda's Hawk - the machine that was supposed to have gone Latest report that Honda 's -- th e m ach ine th at ha ve go ne 300 mph - has gone h om e un t il Mother Na t ure cooperates a little more. Bruce go ne home until Nature 30 0 Flanders dis cusses Honda's strategy, the technical problems, and gives us some cl ues discusses H onda's stra tegy, th e problems. som e clues wheather o r not Ho nda actually d o thing whe n the sait Ch eck as to wh eath er or n ot Honda will ac tually do its th ing when the sail dries up. Check it out on page 6. o ut o n RON SCHNEIDERS GETS ALONG WITH THE ZUNDAPP WITH CYCLE NE WS' resident cynic (?) takes the new Zundapp 125cc Endoro for a rid e on NEWS' ta kes 12 5cc End oro ride o n page 3. Don't y o ur wife see after p age 3 . D on't let your wi fe see this test until a fte r Christmas. WHO'S DEAD IN O-HI-O? O-HI-Q? Nobody : not this we ek an yw ay. The Al\lA pushed through a month's worth of Nobody; n ot week anyway. T he AMA decisions in just a few days at the Competition Congress including N oise regul ations d ecisions da ys Compe tit ion regulations a nd the all·new $5 00. 0 00 197 2 Natio na l ne w Cla iming new Claiming Rules specs, and th e all-ne w $500,000 (approx.) 1972 National Schedule 16. Sch ed ul e all on page 16. on National Numbers Change After an experime nta l season experimental (1971 ) of riding with number rid ing (1971) plates designating how they . fin ished in the previous season's finished Nat ional Points Championship, National AMA professional Expert riders ride rs will will return to a numbering system similar to that used in previous years. The system used d urinq the The during 1971 season was never full y 197 1 seaso n fully t he or fans accept by the racers or the fans,, peo ple hav diff icult',' most people hav ing difficulty identifying their favorite riders. identify ing th eir The new system keeps politicking to .a minimum for politi cking a those' t h ose: prestigious prestigiou s National Numbers. To earn a National National Number, th e first qualifi catio n is the qualification is that an Expert rider finish in t he ride r the t op 65 in Nati onal Champ ionship top National Championship t op Points or Finish in the top 25 in AMA regula r points earned at all regular professional events. professional qu alifying ride r After qualifying,, if the rider is a former fonner Grand National Champion t he digit he gets one of the eight single d igit nu mbers available...2-9 ...Number numbers One going to the current Grand Nat ional Champion. National Champ ion. If the rider finishes in the Top Ten in Te n Nati ona Nationall Points, he can have any th at vacant number that he wishes, cho ice be ing finish ing choice being in order of finishing in t he points race. All other riders All the that have qualified will get t he will the Nati on al Number that th ey held in th at they National 1970 . 1970. . If this is a little hard to figure t his out , it goes like this: If you had th is: out, Nat ional Number 3 1 in 1970 and National 31 finished in the top 65 riders (or top 25 in regular points) in 1971, 197 1, points) you will ret urn to wear ing return wearing Nati onal Numbe r 31 fo r the National Number for 1972 season. If you finished in finis hed th e Ten 197 1 the Top Ten in 1971 and had no nat ional Num ber in 1970, you get national Number your choice of any vacant National Number. If y ou had no you Nat io nal National Number in 1970 and fin ish ed in the to p 65 (or top 25. to p 25 top finished in regula r earned points) you get regular assigned a vacant National Nat ional Number by the AMA. These numbers are permanent num bers and will not be changed from will seaso n to season unless the rider sl:!ason fails to qualif y by earning the earn ing qualify necessary points. po ints. Meanwhile, a great deal more changes occurred at the recent occ urred Competition Congress meeting in week Ohio last week.. A complete report on those changes,, plus the 1972 changes Grand Nat ional _Championsh ip National Championship schedule, appears on page 16. WEST , America's largest and most com plet e we ekly motor cycl e newspaper Am erica 's lar gest complete we.ekly motorcycle Just part of th e action at th e 13·jump course at Pulla v u p Racew ay Pa rk , si te of this wee k's T ran s·AMA . Photo by John Bethea.. the a t the 13 ·jump co urse Pullayup Raceway Park. site of week's Trans-AMA. Ph ot o J ohn Beth ea l.N. Roberts Injured J.N. VENICE. CAL.., Nov. 17. 1971 - w en-known desert rider and stuntman J.N. Roberts was VE N ICE . C Al. 17 , Well·known d esert stun tma n J .N. Robe rts injured today dur ing the filming of th e moyie "Speed Limit-65 mph" on location in inj ured during th e o f the movie " Sp eed loca tion Venice. Roberts received seve re facial lacer at ion s whil e doubling for actor Virgil Fry.. T h e Virgil F ry The V en ice. Roberts receiv ed severe fac ial lacerations while stunt called for Robert s to ride a chopped Harley 74 off a llow ramp and smash into the side ca lled fo r Roberts t o H arl ey ow sm ash th e of a station wagon. He planned to rolllover the top of th e car on impact but w as instead w ago n. He plann ed to ro l over th e t op o f the car im pact was i nstead trapped between the auto and the tumbl ing motorcycle. Roberts' hips, legs,, a nd abd o me n betwee n t he Ro berts' hips, legs and abdomen tumbling w ere protected by heavy padding, but the scene called for a helmetless rider. He was rushed were pad d ing, b ut t he sce ne helmet less rus hed t o Marina Mercy Hospital by his co-workers from Stunts Unlim it ed where he was tr eated to Me rcy Hos p ital S tu nts Unlimited he treated and released.. - Pete Szilagyi. rel eased S zilagy i. CiC'.BNBW!i CiCLENBWS 1M_CAl......... 2498..CSi i 11OSAve. Ne-w~paper 90801 ClJ:D~:' 908010m042"M1133·' L«mgBBacb,CB. Long Be ach,Ca.

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