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~ w Z W ..J U ~ U Ensenada is in great SpInts, like a pensioner who has been visi ted by an old friend. The weather is splendid. The locals gawk at the exotic machinery the gringos bring for the sole purpose of destruction and they are honored we chose to do it right there. The people, personified by law enforcement officials, are loose, happy, anxious that everyone has a good time. Everyone does. The government, in true spirit of NORRA's twice-yearly adventures, barely budges. Crowd control is minimal, but enough. Youngsters cruise up and down the main drag, occasionally dicing with a competitor for position. Dangerous, insane, the thousands of spectators, half of them Mexicans and the rest Californians, love it. * * * The best place to be near town was about five miles south of the starting ramp where road construction was taking place. A slightly off-eamber, slightly blind S-turn provided everyone with a hairy thrill every time. No telling whose chicken truck was coming the other way. Parnelli Jones came into it way over his head. When he noticed he was in trouble, of course, he gassed it, scattering a ton of onlookers. He got an ovation, and durn near got a parked Bronco. seconds I kicked over the machine and departed while throngs of humanity shouted approval. In a way, I was glad it happened. I felt like I was part of the program. * * * HONDA was ecstatic over BILL SILVERTHORN/GENE FETTY'S second place finish. Since Malcolm Smith and Gunnar Nillson were listed in the program as riding a 12S, Honda thought they had a class win. Ironically, they were disappointed to learn it was a 400 that beat them by 90 minutes, not a 125. * * Orange * County Cycle's BOB co-piloted with Cycle Magazine's BRYON FARNSWORTH on a spanking-new Yamaha 360. Maynard rode the first leg with no problems. Poor Bryon got the graveyard shift, though, and managed to get off, like everyone else, in the night. But he repeated himself several times. Aching Farnsworth was seventh bike to La Paz, but got knocked back a position when the first 125 arrived two minutes later with a lower elapsed time. At any rate, we should be seeing a good article from Bryon soon. MA YNARD * * * Working my way back into town, I foolishly passed a car on the righ t when it inexplicably stopped in front of me. At precisely the right moment, someone opened the car door to catch my handlebar, pitching me head-first down a 20-foot enbankment. Absolutely unhurt, I climbed back up and waved and grinned at the car's occupants and all the cheering onlookers. 1 reassured them of my health. In a matter of The AMA conducted a riders' meeting the day before the St_ Peters race to sort out some re-occurring problems. It was agreed that starting positions will be determined by lottery; that is, riders will draw a number at tech inspection and will enter the starting area in numerical order to pick the position they want. At Dick Mann's suggestion the starting line included a small ditch where the rear wheel would rest. Anyone whose wheel was ahead of the ditch at start time would be penalized one position. Joel Robert proposed that the mSflcan ~ ,cis ~~ ===:ssociation * * * Politicans call it "pressing the flesh." It's a way of communicating with an audience when they feel you are bigger than life. They will love him when they can actually touch him and find he is f1esh-and-blood and proud of it. So it is with EVEL KNIEVEL. He completes a jump accompanied by unbearable tension. He is scared. You are scared. He jumps; you jump. When it is over, Eve! plummets into the crowd. You try to get close to Evel - just to get close - to suddenly feel an arm around your shoulder and have your hero look you in the face: "We did, huh, partner?" Precious joy, for among the thousands of onlookers, for this single moment, you have been Chosen. Such is not the case with SUPER JOE EINHORN. Sure, he broke an arbitrary record by jumping over x n umber of motorcyles with a motorcycle. It was a beautiful jump, as good as any Evel has done. But after it was done, a fence separated him from the crowd. They jumped it. Then he drove up the ramp. They climbed it. His assistants formed a chain to keep them back. To the public, Joe is rather blunt, like an ath lete. The crowd at San Jose was turned off by his personality and became collectively vicious. He seems J * * * On Oct. 26 the City Council of Elsinore, Calif., UNANIMOUSLY approved a motorcycle park facility against monstrous opposition. This is the first realistic approach by a governing board analyzing facts rather than ethereal fears of the unknown. Congratulations to the City of Elsinore for being a progressive community. * * * * * * C.M.I.C. can take a few bows on this one, too. This is the identical facility refused by the County of Riverside, de·annexed from the county, and annexed to the City of E1sinore_ This represents a major tax and business loss to the County of Riverside as property evaluation alone is over $1.50 million, hardly an answer to the state of Riversjde County's depressed economy. ROUGB----' RIDER CYCLE PARI * * * r presents Open Sat .• Sun. & Holidays only from 8 am until sunset . until further notice - Osteen Motocross Nov. 21 - Willow Springs Road Race Bike Park Nov. 28 - Southbay Ifz mile & TT POMONA Dec. 5 - Saddleback Motocross Open Weekdays 8 to 5 Weekends & Holidays 9to 5 NEW RIDERSATHE FIRST TIME OUT ARE NOT CH RGED POST ENTRY For info write: 610 Cnerry St. Brea, Ca. 92621 For further info. see calendar or' phone ACA office 1-5 M-F * Directions: 2 min. off Pomona Frwy at Dudley exit * (714) n4-3ACA Family fun & motocross practice 5131 Tapo Canyon Rd. Simi Valley, Ca. 93063 OST• •N'S Nov. 21 - Southbay, 'I, mile & TT ~di8ilent ... American Cycle Association, 106 No. Claudina, Suite 312, Anaheim, Callfomia 92805 SIA - CAL CITY fUN-IUN ENDURO Dec. J2,h 10 lIi'es - All classes Info: Mail btry $1.00 to: SRA Box 3882 P.O. 213 370-823 Finisher Pins + 20% Trophies Torrance, Ca. 90510 714 735-4641 Orange County's newest family cycle ranch COUNTRY ROBINSON RANCH 0 TRABUCO CANYON CALL (714) 586-7964 ROUGH SCRAMBLES By Simi Valley M.C. Cycle Park (north at Tierra Rajada Rd., Moorpark) NOVZI SILENCERS REQUIRED Lightweight Heavyweights ,:... American series start later in the year to avoid conflicts with the European schedule. He also complained about promoters using Europeans' names in ads unless a contract had been signed. Many suggestions were advanced about revising the scoring system. Several were tossed about. It's safe to assume we will have a better system next year. Other possibilities includeNovice and Expert classifications for next year along with National Championships for the 250 and 500 classes. too much like Knievel copy cat in his dress, nay, his profession, but he exudes perfection and remoteness, which makes him easy to dislike. He uses no 'tsafety ramp," indicating no potential failure. His program is scientific sterility, (''They have figured out Super Joe will have to be traveling approximately 97 miles per hour to make a 150-foot jump.....) instead of ''I'll get out there and do it somehow folks!" It's victory for an unfeeling technology; e.i' de-humanization. Evel is Man on a one-to-one level; Einhorn is Television; two-dimensional, without reciprocation. Super Joe Einhorn now holds a record jump at 20 cars, whatever that is worth, to break Evel Knievel's record of 19, whatever that was worth. Evel is unique, nonetheless, and nobody will replace him no matter how many cars they jump or how many bones they break. Besides,_wno ever said jumping cars with motorcycles was an athletic event, anyway? 8 am noon ..................................... TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 9 MINIS, SCMBA. Trojan Spdwyl. South Gate, CA 6 pm. $3 post .. Sl gate. 213/062-0229. ENTRIES CLOSE Prhc See 11/14. for Virgina City Grand Info (805) 526-6408 CHANCES/ADDENDUM ACA MX at Saddleback Park, Dec. 5 nas been CANCELLED. Try Nov. 28. ACA ROAD RACE was Incorrectly listed for Nov. 14 last week. It's on Nov. 21 THURSDAY,NOVEMBER 11 There's no SPEEDWAY for awhile. TT, Trojan Speedway. South Gate, Ca. 0-125 50-lap Championship. S10 post. 5200 purse. 7:30 pm. 213/923-9132. TT/FT. Trojan Spdwy. South Gate, CA. 7:15 pm. 213/862-0229. ....•........•....................... MX at Pope Valley has been CANCELLED. Rcwy. EU ROPEAN SC RAMBLES. Hi-Desert Racing Assn. 7 mi. N of Adelanto on Hwy 395. 40% brass. Sign 7 am, race 9. $4 post. 714/247-7473 eves. MX, USRC. El TOtO (CA) Spdwy. 7:30 pm. $5 post. Cash to Srs. Sox 1027, Pomona, CA MX', Tijuana. At Rodriguez Dam, B.C •• 6 mi E of Tijuana on Tecate Hwy. Limed from Callnete RacetraCk. $3 entry, $1 gate. 11 am. STITT SCRAMBLES. LUbbock, Tex. 8 pm. Arena Park FRIDAY,NOVEMBER 12 91769. 714/985-3149. 714/423-0498. CMC MX, Ascot Park, Gardena. CA. $5 post. MX, Campbell Rancn at Dixon, Ca. Sign Sam, race 11. 53/ride. $2 watch. Limed from milk farm on 1-80. 9~6/481-6560. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 13 TT, Mesa. Soutn Bay Spwy, S of Chula;"Vlsta. Ca. Final event. . Night. 213/323-9710. TT, Elsinore (CA.) Rcwy. 7:30 pm. Off Hwy 71. INDOOR SHORT TRACK, Glen Co Frgnds, Orland, Ca. Championship se..ries. 8 pm. Silencers. 415/453-0371. ENTRIES CLOSE for Barstow-to-Vega,s Hare ~ Hound; 11127. SHORT TRACK, San Jose Frgnds, Exposition Bldg•• San Jose. Ca. $600/40% purse. 8:30 • pm. SAT. & SUN., NOV. 13 & 14 GRAND PRIX, Dirt Diggers. Sat: 0-250, Powder Puff. Sun: 2SI-Open. sidehacks, old timers, pro exhibition. 7257 Brynhurst Ave., LA, CA 90043.213/753-8958. Hopetown. FAMILY ENDURO POKER RUN, Smuggler Trailer Sales. 30 mi. NE of MOJave, Ca., past Red Rock. Limed. $3 mail, $4 post. Silencers. Course laid by l1-year-old on a Mini-Enduro. Fun. 12400 Benedict Ave., Downey, Ca. MX, Coachella Valley. N end of Jackson St Indio, Ca. 10 am. $3.75 entry. ' CMC MX, (9/21)~ $10 Carlsbad (Ca.) Rewy. $5 mail post. 10 am. Bo. 1402 Costa Mesa, cA 92626. ' RACES, Orange Cycle City Park Orange Texas. 2 pm. $2.50 entry. 713/745-i385. ' MX, Arizona Desert Raceways. 10 am. $5 entry. $1 waten. Cash. 1408 E. Granada Phoenix, Ariz. 85006. 602/252-1900. ' ACE ALL-JUNIOR MX, Indian Dunes Valencia, Ca. All classes. $5 mail, $8 post: Box 174. Newhall, CA 913~1. 805/259.8007. BARBECUE RACE (!), Imperial Valley. Dunaway Rd. Area, limed from l..a. 10 am. $3.50 entry. Eats 6 pm SaL, 51.50 d.onation. Pit racers stay home. 213/869-6616. ENGLISH TRIALS SCHOOL, Mlck Andrews. Two Classes, 8am·noon, 1":30-4. $6 fee includes adm. Saddleback Park, Ca. 213/835-9441. Shine or rain. SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 14 District 37 Points We noticed recently that Ed Drechsler made a rather glowing error in a report about the TIMC's District 37 point run at Adelanto (Oct. 24). He refered to Pam Bales' boy friend as being Bob Hill, who fmished second overall 125 Expert. Tsk, tsk! It should be Bob Hosford, Hill's T & 0 Racing Teammate: MX. Cascade. Cascade MX Park, 3 mi. W. of Bend, are .• on Shevlin Park Rd. 53 entry. Cash to 5rs. 503/382-5759. TRANS·AMA MX, Tulsa 500 International, 918/9394791. MotoSport Park. 250 National. GRAND PRIX, WSRA. Virgina City, Nev. 20 mi. from Reno. First Annual Virginia City GP. B class: $5 mail, $10 post. 8 am start. A class: $10 mail, S15 post. 1 pm start. Mail closes 11/9. Silencers, 3 plates. Check in at V&T Railway Stn. WSRA, 3455 Neil Rd, Reno, Nev. 89502. (Please turn to Page 34)

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