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recently and the only one who was giving him much trouble was Open~ Novice Dave Yaryan who, rumor has it, may be destined to be Jeff's future father·in-law. Good riding, dad. N & : • • • ~ W Z w -' tJ > tJ Some top riders at the .Race of Champions were asked: "What do you think of the Bailey·BSA claiming Incident?" TOM ROCKWOOD: "I think it was bitchen. It wasn't a slap against BSA.Triumph; it was a slap against the AMA. Bailey's done what a lot of us wanted to d'o for a Long time." PAUL BOSTROM, "I think it's good. A lot of guys have been trying to get thOle trick frames and such for a long time." GENE ROMERO: "I think it's groovey!" (Note: he didn't elaborate on this and the tone of Gene's voice suggests the remark need not be taken seriously.) EDDIE MULDER: "A stone gas. Since the manufacturers don't make all thos~ parts available." BOB BAILEY: "What do you want, a quote?" GENE HARTLINE: "I respect Bailey for it. If I would have had the money I wQuld have done it "myself. I guarantee it." . DON CASTRO, "1 .thought it was jus.t, although it might ,not be goUd for th~ fa"tory for me to say that." DON EMD,E: "[ don't think Bailey's going to do anything willi the bike." SONNY BURRES: "I think it's due. [ spent $3,000 for a bike at Ontario. I put it to Grant and DuHamel at Westwood sol know I can go as fast but I wasn't evt:Jl in the same ballpark with these guys at -ontario." (Why hasn't he claimed a bike before?) "Stupidity." Of course, there is always BART MARKEL: "A:bout what?" Me: "Uh, well, after 'the Ontario NlItional, ~b - Bailey claimed the winning BSA. Aw, c'mon, you haven't heard?" MARKEL: "Oh, he did? How 'bout that. For $2560. The claiming rule. He can do that." • • • there is no truth to th e rumor that BoIJ Bailey tried to claim Super Joe Eillhorn's Triumph after the record-breaking 20-car jump. • • • IT NEVER FAILS: Some clown had a six-wheeled ATV toy in the pits at the ,regularly scheduled '" events ATTENTION PROMOTERS: For Listing in thiS column call or write: CYCLE NEWS Box 498, Long Beech, Ca. 90801 4213) 427·7433 1st & 3rtt"SUl'IDAY OF EVERY MONTH • • • recent telephone In a call here, a factory racing rep made the following points: A factory ride does not a champion make. Factories need talented rider to prove that their products can do what they are developed for: win races. A championship team is a perfect blend of rider and tuner. The talented riders can choose the brand they wish to campaign with and' the tuner has complete freedom of choice to select the best components to go with the basic engine. "Perhaps 'what is needed in AMA professional racing is a claiming rule on talent. Maybe we should let the factories claim each other's riders," he suggested. Not, we should hasten to add, seriously. EVERY SATURDAY TT RACING Elsinore Race Track. Gates open at 3, races at -1:30. SiI,"cer5 required. Off Hwy. 71 in Elsi",cire, Calf. . EVERY FRIDAY CMC NIGHT MOTOCRO"SS AT ASCOT PARK ' '. ,$5 post entry - 3 number plates. CMC license required. Pit gates It:30 PM. First race - 1:30 PM. $400 purse, Experts - trophies, Juniors and Intermediates. General admission, $2.95, Junior admission $1.95. Kids admission $.50. Under 8 Free. • • • AU * '. * JEFF SEXTON .c1aims that his new factory-ported 501 Maico has so much compression that it fe.els like)t is seizing 'when he shuts it off. Saw him in action * • • • • The oj' Pub, CHUCK CLAYTON, will be reading the rebuttal to NBC television's Los Angeles editorial which asked the musical question "Is Suicide Legal?" Watch it this Friday at 6:55 p.m., and at signoff or catch it Mongay morning at 6:55 a.m. • • • Honda reports from B.onneville that they've bad "steering geometry problems" during low-speed trial ..runs (up to 90 mph) with the MLSR Honda HaWk. They plan to have it fixed 'and start the record runs this week. The salt : is in good shape for it. • • • Everyone has heard of "SPEEDY" McNEISH, right? Well, if you haven't, he's a stuntman back East who has a "wall of death" act (riding a cycle in a ~ barrel would be just as dangerous) ...Seems that sometime last week someone stole his 250cc BSA which he perfonns on; reports are not clear as to whether he was on the machine at the time or not... • • • Harley·Davidson was reported ta:.!IIlVe been testing their new road racers at Ontario the day after the Big One. Good idea; all the riders, mechanics, and execs were on hand plus performance was easier to compare to the models tllat ran the day before. • • • Word has it JOHN HARLEY took a hammer after the Ontario race and (Please turn to pageS) $25,0001 I , ... ',. . TUESDAY, NOVEMB.ER 2 MIN IS. SCMBA. Trojan Spdwy. South Gate, pm, $"3 pmt, $1 gat•. 213/862-0229. ~. 6 MOTOCROSS NOVEMBER 4 TT/FT, Trojan S.pdwy. South Gate, Ca. 7:15 pm. 213/862-0229. AFM ROAOl'RACE, Vacaville (Ca) RKe.way. ' Sacramento Grand Prix. Sign 8 am, race noon. 916/944'1318,446-0324. STITT SCRAMBLES, Lubbock, Tex. 8 pm. MX, Far West. 8 ml S of Garberville, Ca, on Hwy 101. Noon. Silencers. 707/923-25.2,.9. Park Rcwy ' f'RIDAY, NOVEMBER 5 EVEL KNIEVEL SNAKE RIVER CANYON JUMP MAY 6 & 7, 1972 All 2 t/#.s".#" l1flj%. Trophies Twin Falls, Ji~o - Remember May 6 & 7 idi8ilent... SRA P.O. Box 3882 Torrance, Ca. 9051~ ACE MX, Indian Dunes, ValenCia, Ca.:'; Championship series. All classes. $1000 purse. \ j . $5 mail, $8 P05l.'Box 174, Newna4L-'CA 91321. 805/259·8007. • ~ • Arena SPEEDWAY. Cal·Expo, Sacramento, Ca. 8:15 pm. DESERT RACE, Sage Hoppers. Lrmed trom Hwy 80 & Dunaway Rd. 9:30 am. $3 e'1try_ 714/279·2488. CMC MX Ascot Park, Ga),dena, Ca. $5 post. Night. 21 j /323-971 O. CMC MX, Saddleback Park, Ca. $5 mail (9/14). $10 post. 10 am. Box 1402, Costa Mesa, Ca. 92626. SPORT SCRAMBLES, American Cyn. Vallejo (Ca.) SPdwy. 8 pm. $ 7 r iatch. ·C. ' trae. 707/644~741. ,; ACA MX, Carlsbad (Ca.) Rcwy. $5 mail-> $10 to Srs. 9 am. 106 N. ClaUdina, ~~~ti774_~1.~'A. Anaheim, CA 92805. , - ~ 1 ./ MX, USRC. EI TOt'o (C'.).5PdwY. 7,30 pm. $5 post. casn to $n. Bo~ 102'7, Pomona. CA 91769. 714198~149 . •• SPEEDWA~o~ra.nC~. ~rgnds. Costa Mesa, ""e Ca. 8,1S,pm. 2131 -3927. Fat-SUN .-,,; ~ ....:: .5·1 OTO~YCLE AND ROADSTER SHOW at'l Q!:.. nge Show Frgnds. SIIn Bernardino' Ca. ~(>fOl Box 400, Maywood. CA 90270: 2 ~88-1934. 581l-4551- " SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 6 INDOOR 5HORT TRACK. Glen County Frgnds, Orland, Ca. ChampionShip series. 8 pm. Silencers. 415/453-0731. TT. Elsinore (Ca.) Rcwy. 7:30 pm. Off Hwy 71. DISTRICT 36 REFEREES MEETING, 3800 Depot Rd., Hayward, Ca. SHORi TRACK, s-tn Jose Frgnds, ExPosition Bldg. San Jose. Ca. $600/40010 pune. 8:30 pm. ACE ALL-JUNIOR Valencia, Ca. All 805/259-8007. ~ ACE ALL-JUNIOR M')(, Bay Mare, Moo";ark.~- Ca. All rc'ANCELLED:. 805/259-8007." . MX, Indhln Dunes, --classes. $5 post. SAT. & SUN., NOV.6 & 7 HARE SCRAMBLES, Greyhounds. Ponderow, 15 mi. E of L.rrcaster, Ca •• on Av•. ~. 10 am. 213/367-3907. nuu.u.[U" .......·n * • • • Dec. 12'" Finisller Pins + 20% Trophies • • • Briton BARRY SHEENE, 20-year-old near-world-champion who suffered broken machinery at On~rio. was to stay with GENE ROMERO during an extended stay here in the States. He suddenly departed a few days after the National, however, Romero reports he got lonely for Lesley, his girlfriend. Back in his own country, Barry and Lesley spectated a local road race, •commenting, "There's Ilothing like a really good old sh ort circuit scratch." * Many of the Elsinore TT fans will notice the spiffy paint job on the water truck. It is now all white with H20 emblazed on both sides. The H20 job is courtesy of Dick Marquis and friends. Seems as tl\ough this is the largest "tank" Dick has tried yet. His specialty isgas tanks. The Motorcycle industry Council has be~n asked to 'advise the California Parks and Recreation Department on SIA • CAL CITY fll--.... ••iI Elt" $1.00 to: • • • JEFF WRIGHT, as of Nov. I, 1911, will be riding Puch machines in both Desert and Motocross, having made the switch from Rickman for a quite handsome package. Jeff will sport a 125 at the Motocross level and mount a 175 for Desert. Since '72 will come about with a split in the Desert Lightweight "lasses (101-200cc and 201-250cc),Jeff and Puch will be seeking a No. I Div. 1 plate as well' as an overall win with the 175... the same 175, by the way, we reported him testing more than a month ago... EVEL KNIEVEL has 6een troubled somewhat of late by all the new motorcycle leapers who are following in his rather far·apart footsteps. "Tiley are still probationary Novices in my book," sniffs KnieveL. Super Joe Einhorn, he points out, has been jumping about one year; young Gary Wells started about the same time. Evel reasons that .next year, if they keep it up, they'll be J union and the year after that Expert. Then, if they'd all get together and have a runoff (or jump-off) to decide who is the best, Knievel would like to "bet $25,000 I could beat him." "I don't feel any different than Joe Frazier or Cassius Clay," concludes Knievel, who insists that the challenge would have to take place at the best racetrack in the county. at site of Deadman's' Point, Apple Valley, Cal. 1st & 3rd Sunday - Motocross - all .classes 8 'a.m. practice - 10 a.m. start - $2..00. gate entry $2.00 race entry with membership, $2.50 without membership. Effective Nov. 1, silencers required at· all events. Info (114) 241-1413 (eves.) • exactly which plots of land to buy with the new funds due to come in from off·road registration fees. So here's your chance, dirt fans. If you've been coveting some piece of private-or-publicly-owned real estate that would be just super-bitchen to ride on, write to Charles Clayton,Chairman, MIC Land Use Committee in care of Cycle News. Include your name, address and phone number,location and description of the terrain (mark it on a map) and owner, if known. This is a chance to save some of California's rapidly "developing" open spaces as well as scoring some more ground to go with our lessened sound. Race of Champions. Evidently having little else to do, he amused himself by bouncing through the weeds and spinning donuts for the specs all day. The small vehicle offered no protection and he didn't have the sense to even wear a helmet. At the end of the day he finally rolled it, getting a healthy knock in the noggin in the process. Luckily, he wasn't badly injured. But we came close to having an otherwise perfect day ruined because of a show-off.. RICK MARQUIS went deer hunting out of season. He got a big doe but isn't too happy about it. seems like he bagged it with his van at 60 mph·plus. Gosh, his van sure looks like it. SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 1 MX, Goose Hollow Unltd. 22 mi. W of Salem on Hwy 22. Penton s.eries. $5 post. 10:30 am. Box 845. Salem. OR 97308. 503/364-G461. n u unUJILnnUITf t:UOfUU:H.U#I't) ut po~t. Cash CMC MX, Saddleback Park, Ca. $5 mall f9/14)J. 510 post. 10 am. Box ],402 Costa Mesa, l,;A 92626. .. ~ MX, Deadman's Point, APple Valley, ct 10' ~T4/:f7_~~~tj.$s~i~~c~r~~-members,$2 gate. MINIS, AMRA. Indian Dunes, Vah~ncta, Ca. $2.50 post, $3 non-members. JO am· 805/259-8000. . ACA ROAD RACE, ~arlsbad Rcwy, CarlSbad, Ca. Noon. $8 mati, plus $1 per extra claSS/bike. $15 post. 106 N. Claudini Suite 312, Anaheim. CA 92805. 714/774.;n22. , I ACA TTfI/2-MILE, Southbay Speedway' 'near San Diego, Ca. 714/774-3222. ," HRA TT fI/2-MI LE. 395 Cycle Park, Adelanto Ca. Each entry $2.25, $1.50 gate: 714/246-6109. M X, Cloverfi~ld Race TraCk, t-rlendswood, Tex. $2 tide, $1.50 watCh. Noon. 713/482·7551. AMA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ENDURO, Foothi!1 Hawks. 125 miles. $6, $1extra for teams. Nick Porno, 224 Spruce Ave., Montebello, CA 90640. 213/728-5764. ... MX, American Canyon. Vallejo (Ca) Spdwy 2750 Broadway. $2 ride/watch. Silencers. j plates. Sign 8 am, race 11. HA RE SCRAMBLES, Groundshakers. Nevada State Championship. Limed from Boulder ~ri'y & Tropkana. M RAN Pts. Sign 7 am. race GRAND PRIX SCRAMBLES, SRA. Riverside Int'l Rcwy. Riverside. Ca. 100% brass. Lots of special classes. 213/370-8234, 714/735-4641. J:u.J.un (Please turn to page 30) nu.u.1U.J .. :0.... i..UJ.H

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