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,... '" N ~ z ~ w Z W ..J U > U ON·TARIO: We got mixed reports on why PHIL READ decided not to ride the Kawasaki built by Monotrack... one word is that it was just too radically set up for such a big race; the other is that it wasn't completely set up in time so Read was unable to practice on it. It probably stems from both ...We recall that several weeks back we mentioned that BOB BAILEY was after a flock of machines to "pursue at higher national number"; his battle plan is now in the open and Bob tells us now that he has a short·tracker, flat-tracker, TTer and now a road racer... that just leaves a mile cycle to go. It is really going to be interesting to see what the AMA does about the claiming rule - amending it seems their most logical path but abolishing it would be the worst thing to be done... BARRY SHEENE, the 20·year-old rising road race super-star, witnessed his first half·mile ever at Ascot Park the Friday before. All he could comment was "Fantastic, fantastic. I'd like to try that meself" ... R.T. RUFFNER, no new-comer to the AMA game, arrived in SoCal Tuesday prior and couldn't find a single ride. "There just aren't any anywhere." He hung around to watch with that "left-out" look On his face. We bet TERRY DORSCH would have had the same look if we had seen him...We were glad to see JOHN McGILLIVRAY back in action, and picking up National Points, too...While on the like awaiting the start of the second heat of the National, YVON DuHAMEL leaned over and jokingly said to GARY NIXON, "I'm gonna get your ass this time." The Talladega winner proceeded to get a miserable drive off the line and he was last out in wave one but he did try to catch up before that horrendous pile-up later...most of tl]e European riders plan on sticking around Southern California for awhile to take in the sights...JOHN HATELEY was having super troubles getting up speed on his Triumph. The joke around the pits when he got the black flag for going too slow was that it was because the jac krabbit had passed him down the front stright...Super credit has just got to go to GENE ROMERO. Unlike some fellows, Gene just wouldn't call it quits, even after so many things stacked up against him. A lot of people are down on Romero, bot ROUGH RIDER ~ e atesf we felt he put on a commendable performance; he did, as Dave Swift pointed out, take defeat like a true champion ...Can't get over DAVE SMITH'S performance, either. Unlike Samson, when Dave got his locks cut, he got stronger...Noticed where photo credit wasn't given for the Ontario coverage so here's the list of people behind the camera: Buzz Baty, Don Woods, John Bethea, Dave Swift, Bob Lenk, Tom Culp and Gary Brown...a good job considering all the hassles they went through ...SCOTT BRELSFORD tells us he's getting a H-D sponsored ride for next year lined up for the Junior ranks...Looks as though GARY SCOTT didn't have too much trouble with his healing hand; he took second in the Junior class...If you think DuHamel's pit stop was fast, RALPH WHITE's was even faster - 4 seconds! At this rate of improvement, maybe next year a Kawasaki may pull into the pits in second and pull out in first, passing someone still on the course - would that be cutting the course?... • • • ROXY ROCKWOOD has taken on a new protege. The voice you have probably heard that often takes the place of Roxy's is that of ALAN FIFE, the Steens' guy. • • * Moments after DICK MANN had clinched the National Championship he stood amongst the frenzy of Victory Circle getting interviewed for all the fans. When asked what he thought of the Ontario circuit, be remarked to the thousands of listeners, "This type of course doesn't suit me very well." Then he added, "Maybe I can get it together better nex t time. " • • • Moments before the interview, BUGS nearly got killed. climbed aboard his emerged from the gathered around his No fooling. He mini-enduro and clump of people BSA to head for 1st & 3rd SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH .... Oct. 31 - Saddleback Motocross Deadman's Point, Apple Valley, Cal. 1st & 3rd Sunday - Motocross - all classes 8 a.m. practice - 10 a.m. start - $2.00 gate entry $2.00 race entry with membership, $2.50 without membership. Effective Nov. I, silencers required at all events. Info (714) 247·7473 (eves.) Oct. 31 - Willow Springs Road Race EVERY SATURDAY Nov.7 - Carlsbad Road Race Nov. 7 - Southbay '12 Mile & TT NEW RloERSATHE FIRST TIME OUT . ARE NOT CH RGEo POST ENTRV For further info. see ClIlendar or phone ACA office 1·5 M·F * American Cycle Association, 106 No. Claudina, Suite 312, Anaheim, - California 92805 . ~~~~ -..t...-': .. c. r a thv -4..£dt.4V,lt.-d ~&d.-;{~ TT RACING at Elsinore Race Track. Gates open at 3, races at 7:30. Silencers required. Off Hwy. 71 in Elsinore, Calf. Nov. 7 - Carlsbad Motocross ~ • • • Talked to JACK HURLEY on the phone recently and he told a story you should hear. He was out cleaning up some of the trash a few days after a CERA enduro and a couple of BLM reps and a group of others pulled up apparently planning to take some snapshots of how dirty the desert was left after the run. After a brief conversation, everyone left in a rather pleasant mood (the area was being cleaned and that's what it's all about, isn't it). But, the neat thing Is that Jack has no connection with the CERA he's vice president of District 37's Sports Committee...someone's got to do it. Understand the Jackrabbits did a fine job after their run, too. Keep it up. Not slamming the CERA, either, but just giving them a little suggestion that they shouldn't have waited so long...we are being taken advantage of enough as it is.... • • • • • • NOW SHOWING: "Chrome and Hot Leather" (Don't muck around with Green Beret's mama!) and "Evel Knievel". To add insult to injury, Eve! doesn't even get top billing. • • • OH, SHUT UP, STUPID: This month's ESQUIRE quotes movie-mogul JOE ·SOLOMON, "By now, this guy (Evel Knievel) ought to be able to do a simple jump without falling off his goddamn know what a wheelie is? That's when you gun it and run up on your back wheel. And he runs into a tree and cracks up. Christ, he ought to be able to do a WHEELIE by now. He's the greatest loser of all time." Uh, Solomon is the genius behind "Hell's Angels on Wheels" and such marvey bits of entertainment. • • • It is reported that Foothill Honda has offered JEFF SEXTON full sponsorship on a Class A speedway bike. It seems that Jeff will accept the deal. Also, by the rule book, it seems that if Sexton can make No.1 Dist. 37 heavyweight, he can go class C professional as an Amateur. If this is true, look for Jeff next year at Ascot on a 501 Maico... Suzuki is planning to go after the No. 1 enduro plate in 1972. Their 400cc baby seems to be their choice of the line for this class. Arrangements not completely made but no real problems are expected. 395 Cycle Park will have their ""-mile track plated with clay and in operation in the very near future. Look for advertised races... There's a new chunk of land that will be officially opened for motorcyclist's consumption soon and it's located in the Elsinore-corona area. The fellow behind the project, GEORGE We thought for many ages that ROD BREAKER was a phony name but we popped into the office the other day and met him face-to-face for the first time; he said that for a long time he (,Please turn to page 5) • • • • • • • • • 12131 427-7433 Family fun & motocross practice 5131 Tapo Canyon Rd. Simi Valley, Ca. 93063 0/

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