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VOLUME,VIII PRICE THIRTY CENTS November 2,1971 NUMBER 42 America's largest and most complete weekly motorcycle newspaper Not Bike-Lust but Guerrilla Theatre , --See page 3 for t.e report C· :» "CS - ..., = ::r Q Q I:IJ (D ,Q (D = C ') (D .. - ::r (D .I:IJ ., e (D ~ = =e Croken. down. The '. race was the Carrera Internacion;iI, sponsored jointly by the Palm Springs Dune Buggy Assn. and the Baja Racing Association. It had the blessings of the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce, The Mexican Chamber of Commerce, the Baja Tourist Office and the Mexican Tourist Office and was . being run "For the benefit of the schools and Orphanages in Baja California." It was a 700 mile, 3-day CiCLBNBWS 2499 Ou i 11osAve. affair that started in Palm Springs and looped way down into Baja before returning to the U.S. at Mexicali. The entry fee was a sizeable $250 ,!,ail; and $300 post. There weren't many entries; only six motorcycles and 12 cars for' a total of 18, but this did not stop the promoters from telling entrants and prospective entrants that they - had in the neighborhood of 60 entries. They told Dean Goldsmi th (a perspective entrant) that they had 57 entries and John Davis (one of the stranded contestants) that they had 60. I also talked to Amiand Caprio who said he had the impression that there were going to be more but that his sponsor had done the actual dealing with the promoters. This inflation of the entry seems to be a fairly common practice in off-road racin$.lt will be brought to a halt when someone takes a promoter to court and charges fraud: What is essentially being said is that there is three times as much prize money available as there is, in fact, available. John Davis, who was riding for Lancaster S\lzuki, went past the first check near the Mexican border and started down into some of the most desolate area in Mexico, the Laguna Salada. Some 70 miles later he broke down. He was still 40 miles from the next check.' It was about 4. p.m. John laid out the colored plastic panels that he had been given that were supposed to enable the airplanes to find him and sat Ne-w-spaper back to wait. He didn't have any water. He had given his canteen to young Larry' Roseler whom he had passed earlier. Sometime later, Larry came by. He had managed to get his Baja running again, so he returned the canteen. HI had a little packet of coffee," said John. "I already knew I was going to have to spend the night so I built a rite and I was going to have one cup of coffee. (Please turn to page 25) LongBBB'cb,Ga. 90801 C2J:D427t'H33

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