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C"< I" ~a~JIII Publisher Business Manager General Manager Managing Editor Assistant Editor, Circulation Manager , I I - ~ " o ~ w z w oJ U >- U I .,11 ~II_ C;re,"~ "", Charles Clayton Sharon Clayton Tom Culp John Bethea David Swift RhebaSmith M". T.mM Production Manager Ed Drechsler Advertising ~istant .. Barbara Richard Bookkeeper Dorothea Lang Bookkeeper Ass't. .., .. Eleanor Duke Lab Technician Larry Groves "America's No. 1 weekly motorcycle newspaper. You'll always see it FIRST Cycle News East, Dixie Cycle News, and National Advertising infOrmation: Tom Culp, National Advertising Director. ¥ Cycle News (West), P.O. Box 498, Long Beach, California 90801. (213) 427·7433 - L.A. .,......... TELEX NO. 673-474 ". Subscription: One year, 2nd class mail 2 years 2nd class mail 3 yea rs 2nd class mal" Single copy price . . . . .$9.00 . $15.00 $1800 . . $.30 Published weekly except the first and last week of the calendar year by Cycle News, Inc., Post Office Box 498, Long Beach, California, also publishers of Cycle News East, and Dixie Cycle News. Second Class Postage paid at Long Beach, Calif. Editorial stories, cartoons, photos, etc. are welcome. Addressed, stamped envelope assures return of editorial matter. Reprinting in whole or in part only by permission of the publishers. Advertising rates and circulation information will be sent ,upon request. See S.R.D.S. ~ ~-J:============================='=:'================= ~'" in Cycle News'" • STILL WAITIN' There is a 500 Expert rider that is vastly underrated and you people refuse to admit he even exists. His name is Gary Harris and he rides a 400 Husky with no sponsorship. The past two CMC races he entered he has received two seconds, once behind Dave Smith and the next time behind Ron Roberts. I was at those races and watched him come from behind and dice with the leaders. Then I wait for Cycle News to get here but I don't see why: one week has an in-depth study of Brenton Rhoades' broken collarbone and another one is a story concerning Billy Urban's rituals and practice. Not to knock either of the two bitchen riders; I'm waiting for you to recognize the excellent rider that Gary is. What about it? That's the supposedly "big" class, I wanna hear about one of the big riders. SOCTT SNAPP No 447 DOUG BISHOP No. 521 La Mesa, Calif. WRONG HAND Tom Culp's article on the 4 Ace's G.P. at Willow Springs was good, but wonder why he never mentioned Jim Hall, who 1 believe, took first 250 Amateur on a Bul PurSang, riding for Lancaster Bultaco Shop? If he didn't, then we've all been shaking the wrong hand of a super-swell rider. The 4 Aces put on a well organized VOICES OF THE WEST event, by the way. THE GOGGLE BUNCHER Lost Coyotes M.C. Lancaster, Calif. DEAR MR. PAULL: Talk about messed up. How can we tell if you are in a club or not if you don't put the name of your club on the rider application? Are you ashamed of the Sled Riders or something? Our club members always put the name in the space provided so the club always gets poin ts, too. As for the address and phone number, Cycle News kindly prin ts a Club Guide. We have one cut out for all our members to refer too. We have sent a Club Guide to you along with your trophy. Hope you can make good use of it in the future. Helping out in desert events at Saddleback Park? We never heard of a desert event there - motocross, yes, but never a desert event. When they have one let us know so we won't have to drive so far. LOS ANGELS M.C. Sun Valley, Calif. PUFFS AND PANS Re: Mr. Swift's article, "PPers: learning the hard way". --The date was Oct. 10, 1971. --The promoting club made a concession to let the Powder Puffs run separate as there was not enough PP entries to constitute a class and were to be abbreviated motos as per the girls agreement before any races were run. --They were set up on the program fourth out of the nine, not "tucked away somewhere". --The race was not started too soon as they were due at the staging area, then on the line, while the previous moto was running. Lost gloves are not the problem of the promoting club. --True, the PPers did not complain, except Nancy Payne. --File a protest against what? Be$Oause the starter didn't waiting for a glove hunter who had over 15 minutes and the several hours, mentioned by the writer, to be ready for her event. If Mr. Swift was assigned to cover the event for Cycle News and was paid for same, he should be arrested for taking money under false pretenses. HUSBAND OF A PPER TO THE VICTORVILLE VALLEY SHERIFFS On Sunday, October 3, 1971, The California Enduro Riders Association held a 200 mile Enduro. Our club had eigh t en tries in this particular rough and difficult event. One of our riders had to leave his inoperative motorcycle on the course some 15 miles from the intersection of Old Woman Springs Road and the Soggy Dry Lake access road Assuming that the rider, l'atrick Hubbs and his teammate Lloyd Coats would be able to retrieve the bike, the other members left after the event and returned to Los Angeles. On Monday (Please turn to page. 22) DIRT DIGGERS PR.ESENT OpET0/J:> ~ GRAND PRIX '71 4 Th • • • cl • • • • • • r • • tI .. op.n - .ntrl• • clo• • Oct • • e The Sat., November 13 100 AM + EX 125 AM + EX 200 Nov + AM + EX 250 AM 250 EX Powder Puff Sun., November 14 , 350 Nov + AM + EX 500 AM 500 EX Open Nov + AM + EX Side Hacks Old Timers Pro Exhibition ($20) BIG ONE MONDAY, OCTOBER 18 MOVIES. Pacfllc Coast Honda. Free. 8 pm. Peck Park AUditorium off Western Ave in san Pedro, ca. 213/326-3810. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 19 (\olIN IS, SCMBA. Trojan Spdwy South Gate, Ca.6 pm. S3 post, $1 gote. 213l86200229. .. Professionals race 3 motos for $2500 purse, S1,OOO-lst Place. See Preston Petty, defending champion on his 501 Maico in blistering competition against Rich Thorwaldson, Bob Messer, Jim Wilson, John Rice, Marty Tripps, Bryar Holcomb, Gene Cannady, and many others. FREE SOUVENIR PROGRAMS DECALS 'PINS oooooooooooooooaaaaaaooooooooooooooo TT/FT... Trojan 5pdwy. South G.Jle, Ca. 7:15 pm.2h/86100229. STITT SCRAMBLES, Arena Park Rcwy, Lubbock, Tex. 8 pm. SUN. ENTRIES 32206 West Ave. E Yucaipa, Calif, 92399 Use official DOMC entry forms only. pm. SPORT SCRAMBLES American Cyn. Vallejo (ca.) Spdwy. 8 pm, $2 ride/watch. 'c' trae. 707 644.0741. SPEEDWAY. Orange Co. Frgnds, Costa Mesa, ca, 8,15 pm. 213/793·3927. CMC MXj Ascot Perk, Gardena. Ca. S5 post. Night. 21' /323-9710. FREE MOTORCYCLE TRAINING, Long Beach City College, B&T campu~ 1305 E. Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach, ... A 90806. REport at Room 310 at 6,30 pm, 213/436·1251,599·2421. MX USRC. EI Toro (Ca) Spdwy. 7,30 pm. $5 post. Cash to Srs. 80x 1027. Pomona, CA 91769.714/985-3149. a pm. Free parking. or Santa Marla. Ca., Jet 166 at Broadway. [).35 pis. 10 am. Camping. S3.50 poot, S1.50 gete. 805/736-6362,735'1177. . AUTOMOTIVE & MOTORCYCLE SWAP MEET. Rose BOWl. Pasadena. c.. I'ofo;, Box 400, Dept. 23, Maywood, CA 90270. SCRAMBLES, Shasta. HaPPY Valley Rcwy., 11 mi. W. of Anderson. ca. 1 pm. $~ ride/watch. 'C' trac. 916/365·7753, 365·1709. MX, Cascade. Cascade MX Park, 3 mi. W. of Bend, Ore•• on Shevlin Pilrk Rd. Noon. Entry S3, S5. Cash to Srs. 503/382·5759. ACA MX c Carlsbad (Ca.) Rc~y. $5 mail, $10 post. Casn to Srs. 9 am, 106 N. Claudina. Suite 312. 714/774·3ACA. Anaheim, CA 92805. ENDURANCE RUN, Oakland. StonYfordjCa. W of Williams. Mall closes 10/9. 1116 6th St., oakland, CA 94608.415/589-5851. MX. Oak Creek Ranch. $1500 purse, Team Race, Old Timers, PPs. 10 ml W of Mojave. on Tehachapi Willow Sprin95 Rd. 213/3764573. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 23 SPORT ST, Valley. Cycleland SPd~Y. 14 mi. 5 of Chico, Ca. 8 :30 pm. $2 nde/Watch. 71. . SHORT TRACK, Monterev Monterey (Ca.) Frgnds. Series. Bay Rams. SHORT TRACK. Washoe Co. Frgnds Reno, Nev., on Wells Ave. 8 am. C trac. Silencers. Whites. 702/323-6055. HARE & HOUND. Checkers. 21st Annual Check Chase. Limed from Indio on '-lO&. take Chiriaco offramp. 9 am. Silencers. 0-3' pts. SILENCERS REOUIRED &14/735·1705. MX, Lo'!1POC Slo4Jokes. Spillway Park SPEEDWAY. Cal-Expo. Sacramento, ca. 8:15 TT. Elsinore (Ca.) Rcwy. 7:30 pm. Off Hwy SAT. ENTRIES 12221 Apt. B, York Ave, Hawthorne, Calif, 90250 Info. (213) 644-0965 6·10 PM only PRO TT. Corona (ea) Rcwy. Pacific Coast Championships. 20 Laos, SUNDAY. OCTOBER 24 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22 916/342-9302. Mail Entries Only, $10.00 to OOMC As of January 1972, all minis competing in SCMBKA events will have to be silenced. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 21 Many track improvements have been made for safety and . . . . . . . . SURPRISES CHANGES/ADDENDUM CMC MX at Ascot Park will be on FRIDAV nights from now on. S6 mall, S15 post. 1329 N. Hollywood Way, Burbank. CA. CYCLE FAI R, Ventur C. Frgnds, Ventura, ~5/~~'!i"lI~~m.Contests, displays, moolah. HRA TT 'h-MILE 395 CYde Park, Adelanto, S2.25 antry. SIgn 8,30-10 am. S1.50 gete. camp;ng.714/246-6109. Ca. SCRAMBLES, TTMC. 395 Cycle Park AdelantoL Ca. LW 8 am. S2.25 entry. 0·37 Pts. 714//72-8000,246-6109. TRAILS. SCTA/ATA. Running Sprin95, ca' 5 mi Ne of Hwy 106 & 30 jct.. out 0 l Highland on 30.9 am. $4. Spark arresters, for sure. 213/421-6749, 714/828-6705. TT 2ND ANNUAL HIGH DESERT 100 Cascade. 20 mi E o( Bend., Of.Lon Hwy 20. st post. 10 am. 503/389·19..6,302.0542. (Please turn to page 38)

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