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The American hopes rested with CZ rider Brad Lackey of Nothern California. In the second mota, Lackey got the lead into turn one and held off some of Europe's best. Photo by Jim Brooks. By John Bethea CARLSBAD, CAL., Sept. ,19, 1971 - Bob Grossi was visably upset. "Jeez, I wish I could race in this one!" His eyes scanned the program which had broken down the purse; $1,800 for first overall. That's what he had won at Evel Knievel's biggie last spring. But Bob was hindred by a cast and he couldn't race; he wasn't the only one. . Many of the Europeans, notably Joel Robert and Roger DeCoster, had hoped to jump the Atlantic for a starting position on the line for the first United States Grand Prix Motocross here at Carlsbad Raceway, but contract agreements made early in the year were unbreakable. So, they and many more didn't show. Those that did show, however, displayed all the tenacity of Dave Bickers' apparently surprising statement, "When I ride over here, I try harder. Over in Europe it's a big game, and it's a lot of fun." But today, Bickers indeed did try harder. In the first moto, while Sylvain Geboers continually failed to find a way around the leading Torlief Hansen, Bickers was charging up through the ranks after a very poor start; so poor, in fact, that he was running 17th on lap three. He finished a creditable fifth, took a third in the second, and ended the day with a second to finish third overall. "I'm getting too bloody old for this," he joked at the finish line while dousing himself with a cup of water. He'd said this often in the past but never really meant it. Today, the fatigue showed on the 17-year veteran, but he still wasn't really pushed as some of the fellows were, especially with the water hole a third of the way around the course. (Please turn to page 6) Triumphant in the lst U.s. Grand Prix is Sylvain Geboers. Belgian Suzuki star. CiCLENEWS 2499 Cai i llUsAve. ~hoto by Jim Brooks. Ne-.rspaper

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