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.TUESDAY, SEPT. 14 MIN IS SCMBA', Troian Speedway. South $I g.te. 11 cl...... Gata L ta. 6 pm. S3 post. .... '" ~ w Z w ~ U > U 213fa6200229. WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 1S SPEEDWAV. SRA. Kern Co. Frgnds. Bakersfield Ca. 8:30 pm. Free parking. program. 213f793-1558. ~IC~O~:;fJJ.' sEJ ;;'~I~ (k~H)~~8~.17~3t pm. SPORT SCRAMBLES. American Cyn. (Ca.) Speedway. 8 pm. $2 ride/watCh. 'C' trac.707f644.o741. SPEEDWAY, Cal-Expo, sacramento, Ca. pm. 8:1~ SCRAMBLES, Fremont (Ca.) Rcwy. on Durham Rd. off Nimitz Fwy. 7 pm. Silencers. 'c' trac. 415f322-1514. AMATEUR ST. Westside Eagles. Stanislaus Co. Frgnds. TurtoCk, Ca. 8 pm. $2 ride/watch. SII.ncers. 209f537~206. 714f774-3222. TTl Of CMC MX Ascot Park, Gardena. Ca. $5 post. Night. 213f323-9710. STITT SCRAMBLES. Arena Park Rcwy. Lubbock. Tex. 8 pm. Hi·Plains Racing Assn., 5304 48th. LUbbock. Tex. 79404. TT/FT. Trojan Speedway. South Gate. Ca. Gat•• close 7,15 pm. 213f862.o229. DRAWING for numbers for Golden Bear 200 Championship Enduro. Coors Room. 15471 Del Arno Ave., Tustin. 1 block E. of Newport Fwy at Edinger. Free beer. C.. Elsinore Race Track, Elsinore, Ca. 7:30. Hwy.71. SPORT ST. Valley. Cycleland Speedway. 14 mi. S. of Chico, ca. 8:30 pm. $2 ride/watch. 3 pl.te•. 916f9302. 714f247-747.>. MX. Lompoc SI~Okes. Spillway Park nr. PRO lh-MILE i Ca. 8:15 pm. $2.50 adults. $1.50 hl·teens. 50t types. 213f793·3927. HILLCLIMB. Campbell. Carnegie Cycle Park. Livermore. Ca. Prac. 3 pm, start 6 pm. $2.50 ride/watch. 415/846-3510. MX, USRC. EI Taro (C.) 5pdwy. 7,30 pm. SAT. & SUN., SEPT. 18 & 19 SCRAMBLES. Fremont (Ca.) Rcwy. $2.50 ride/watch. C trac. 6:30 pm. 415/322.1514. MX. Mt. St. Helens. Box 51. Castle ROCk. Trippe. & all. CarlSbad Raceway. 6 ml E 01 San Diego Fwy on Mt. Palomar Rd. Carlsbad, Ca. 213f531.o811. 531.0479. TT. Mite High. Slaughterhouse Rcwy. Prescott. Ariz. Noon. $2.50 bike, $1 gate. 602f445.o022.445..()315. Corona (Ca.) Rcwy. 8 pm. 714f 735-1705. 213f323-9710. $5 post. Cash to Srs. 80x 1027, Pomona. CA 91769. 714f985-3149. IC,.) Int'l ~Iv.rsld. Was". 98611. INTERNATIONAL GRAND PRIX, Cox JUNIOR MX.l Inalan Dun.... Val.ncla. Ca. S5 pOIt. 805f25,,-8000. MX. Humbolt Hustlers. 8 mi. S of Garberville, Ca. at KOA Kampground. $2 ride/watch. Noon.707f923-2529. TOUR Salinas Ramblers. Fourth Annual Gold Coest. Big Sur. Sign at 317 W. Market St., Salinas Ca. $4.50 mail (9/14). $5.50 post. Box 541,Saiinas,CA 93901. /I,\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\·.·.·.·.·M'WIIIIWIMM/s= J. C AGAJANIAN PreSents ••• • m. 714f737~025. MINIS, MBWWRA. Alameda Co Frgnds, Pleasanton, Ca. Noon. 22 classes. 7~20 yrs. Silencers. $10 mall. $15 post. Box AE. C.mpbell, CA 95130. 408f22400467. BoD. CMC's MX at El Toro Oct. 3 has been moved to Saddleback Park. HILLCLlMB at Carnegie Cycle Park will no longer be sponsored by Campbell M.C. but will .tlll D. h.ld. Call 415f846-3510. MX by Sinners M.C .• CANCELLED. CROSS COUNTRY, IV. Llm.d from 1-8 KBIG will broadca.t updates of the Carlsbad GP Sept. 19. starting eround 10 am. RJltarqde • 'l:ntries for the Oct. 2-3 Four Aces GP close Sept. 19. RACES. Orange Cycle City Park. Orange. T.xas.2 pm. S2.50 .ntry. 713f745-1385. BENEFIT SCRAMBLES. LocIl. Lodl (ca.) • mail Cost. As of Sept. I, 1971.L all District 36 events require the use of SIL~NCERS. A. M.A. FLAT TRACK -~ 92626. MRA MX, Cycle Hills, Morgan Hills, Ca. S of San Jose. 10 am. $5 mal'.! $ 7 post. Cah to Ex. camping. 369 Mathew ~t, Santa Clara, CA 95050.408f246-5660. & Dunaway Rd., Hwy 98 & 1-8. 8 am. Plaster City. Sign sat. nite & 6:30 am Sun. S3 entry. 1taces SEPT. 18' 8 CMC MX. SaddlebaCk Park. Ca. $5 (9f14)L S10 post. 10 am. Box 1402. M.... <.;a. CRANGES'ADDENDU" HARE SCRAMBLES. Cactus Cats. LlmecJ from Adelanto. Ca •• on Hwy 395.0-37 pts. 9 SPEEDWAY, Orange Co. Frgnds, Costa Mflsa, ACA ROAD RACE. Rcwy. $8 mail. Sl p.r .xtra Dlk. (!lfl1).S15 post + gate. 10:30 pm. 106 N. Claudina. ~ulte 312, Anaheim. CA 92805. 714f774-3222. S1200 purse. Free p.rklng. SC RAMBLES. Sonoma-Marin Frgnds Washington & Payran Sts., Petaluma..l Ca. $2 ride/watch 7 pm. Silencers. 'l,,;' trac. 707 f763-3944, 763-2911. IIz·MILE. Ascot Park, Gardena, Ca. Night. am. S2 post. S2.50, S2 gat•• MX. Cloverfield Motorcycle Race Track• Clov.rftela Airport, Friendwood. Tex. Noon. $2 ride. $1.50 watcn. DRAGS, Irwindale Rcwy. Irwindale. Ca. Fuel, gas, street handicap. 213/969·1214. 8'15. HW 9,30 pm. 0.-37 pts. FRIDAY, SEPT. 17 MX. Deadman's Point. Apple Valley. Ca. 10 MX. CMC Oregon. Goo. Hollow. 20 mi. W. of sa'em Ore•• on Hwy 22. $5 POSt. $1 extra il ox 845. Salem. OR 97308. bike. 503f364-0461. MX. Placerville. Limed from Hwy 50 & EI Dorado Rd. 5 mi W of Placerville. Ca. 20 am. 916f677-2689. TT SC RAMBLES, Riverside Bombers. 395 Cycle Park. Adelanto, Ca. Ultras 6:15 LW 714f685- 372. 987-4488. Camping. Silencers. ENTRIES OPEN for the Jackass Enduro. $7. teams $1 extra per rider. Nlc,k Porno, 224 S. Spruce Ave., Montebello, CA 90640. 213f728·5764. MINIS. AMRA. Indian Cunes. Valenc:la. ell. $2..50 post, $3 non-members. 10 em. 805f259-.9000. S.nta Mari.! Ca. 0-35 PIS. 10 am. S3.50 poSl. ~i~~177:'" •. camping. 805f736~362, SATURDAY, SEPT. 18 THURSDAY, SEPT. 16 SUNDAY, SEPT. 19 Cycle Bowl. Noon. $2 ride/watch. Silencers. ACE MX. Indian Dunes. Valencia. Ca. $$$ for Srs. 9,30 .m. 805f259-8000. TT SC RAMBLES. Lig/ltweighlS. 395 Cycl. Park. Adelanto. Ca. HW 9 am. Ultra & LW 11 :30. D 37 Pts. camping. Silencers. 714f685-1372.987-4488. MONDAY,SEPTEMBER 20 MQVI ES. Pacific Coast Honda. Free. 8 pm. Peck Park AUditorium off Western Ave In San Pe222. presents ASCOT EASY TO REACH 10,000 SEATS 'ASS rwO .,.::'-.. ...... ~ --~ i-iUi.-i:i;--;'-:---' I HIGH FLYING!I'&'"~, I I DUNE BUGGltr·... -----------111 1lB1lIIIS.1:3O MOTO ClOSS CYCLU 300 lOBS ~CLEI RIDIRSI COURSE regularly scheduled event I THURSDAY. SEPT. 23 Sept. 15 - EI Taro Speedway Short Track & TT STITT SCRAMBLES. Arena Park Rcwy. LUbboc,k. Tex. 8 pm. HI-Plains Racing Assn •• Sept. 19 - Southbay If. mile & TT ATTENTION PROMOTERS: For Listing in this column call or write: CYCLE NEWS Box 498. Long Beach, Ca. 90801 (213) 427·7433 5304 48th. LuDDock, Tex. 79404. CMC MXJ. Ascot Park. Gardena. Ca. $5 post. Ni9ht.21.>f323-9710. Sept. 26 - Carlsbad Motocross Sept. 26 - Carlsbad ':load Race FRIDAY. SEPT. 24 Sept. 26 - Southbay, 'h mile & TT SPEEDWAY, Orange Co. Frgnds. Costa Mesa. C•. 8,15 pm. 213f793-3927. EVERY WEDNESDAY A.C.A. SHORT TRACK & TT at EI Toro' Speedway (formerty Orange County Speedway) 23001 Valencia. EI Toro, Calif., EI Toro off-ramp San Diego Freeway. Pre-Entry $5.00. Post·Entry $10.00. Pits open 6:00 p.m.• practice 7 :00. First race 8:00 p.m. ACA license required. Pit men 52.00 membership. Guaranteed Purse Sr. Classes. Admission $2.50, Jr. (12-16) $1.50. Info: (714) 744-3222. 1st & 3rd SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH Deadman's Point, Apple Valley, Cal. 1st & 3rd Sunday - Motocross - all classes 8 a. m. practice - l{) a.m. start - $2.00 gate entry $2.00 race entry with membership. $2.50 Without membership. Info (714) 247-7473 (eves.) EVERY SATURDAY TT RACING at Elsinore Race Track. Gates open at 3, races at 7:30. Silencers required. Off Hwy. 71 in Elsinore. Calf. EVERY THURSDAY CMC NIGHT MOTOCROSS AT ASCOT PARK $S post entry - 3 number plates. CMC license Tequired. Pit gates 4:30 PM. First race - 7:30 PJ4. $400 purse, Experts - trophies. Juniors and Intermediates. General admission $2.95, Junior admission $1.95, Kids ~mission $.50. Under Free. IiAtries close 6:30 PM. ~~~ ~b~Ec':fA~~~6~~~lWT~$UT For further info. see calendar or phone ACA office 1-5 M·F (714) 774·3ACA American Cycle Association, 106 No. Claudina, Suite 312, Anaheim, Califom~ 92110li 0--------0i i RIDE WITH I I I I I THE BEST Ii. ~~ ~ RIDE ~VENTS i ~ I I I I I motocrossI AT ISept.19th- Saddleback Park I 26th - Carlsbad I I Oct. 3rd - Saddleback I I Motocross I 10th - Carlsbad I 17th - Saddleback Park I 31st - Carlsbad I I Nov. 7th - Saddleback I I Motocross 14th - Carlsbad I I I Nov. 21 st - Saddleback Park' I I , 55 mail entry - S10 po.t entry. Mail entry' closes five days before event. C.M.C. license and 3 number I I plates required. Gates open 7:30 .ign-up closes 9:00 AM - racing , .tart. 10:00 AM. Mail entries to • C.M.C., P.O. Box 1402. Costa Mesa. • CA92626. A TTj Ascot Park, 21 f323-9701. .Gardena. Ca. 8 pm. AMATEUR ST, Westside Eagles. Stanislaus Ca. 8 pm. $2 ride/Watch. Co~rgnds. TurloCk. Sll8llcers. 209f537~206. SC RAMBLES. Fremont (Ca.) Rcwy. on Durham Rd off Nimitz Fwy. 7 pm. Silencers. 'C' trac. 415f322-1514. SPORT SCRAMBLES. Vallejo (Ca.) Spedwy. 8 'C' tr.c. ~07f64400741. Am.rlcan Cyn. pm_ 52 ride/watCh: SPEEOWA V, Cal Expo. Sacramento, Ca. 8: 1 5 pm. iATURDAY, SEPT. 25 ~PORT ST, Valley. Cycleland Spdwy. 14 mi. S. of Chico. Ca. 8:30 pm. $2 ride/watch. 3 pl.t••. 916f342-9302. TT, Elsinore Race Track. ElSinore. Ca. 7:30 pm. Off Hwy 71. MX, CMC Oregon. Goose HOllow. 20 mi. W. of Salem, Ore .• on Hwy 22. $5 post. $1 extra bike. Box 845, Salem, OR 97308. 5031364.0461. AMA NAT1.0NAL HALF-MILE. Cox, Gardena. Ca. 20 laps. CHAMPIONSHIP Trippe. Ascot Park, SC RAMBLES. Shasta. Happy Valley Rcwy 11 mi. W. of Anderson, Ca. 8 pm. $2 ~3~~'NJ~~' 'C' trac. 916f365-7753, MX. Placerville. Limed from Hwy SO & EI Dorado Rd 5 ml W of Placerville, Ca. 10 am. 916f677-2689. AMATEUR SHORT TRACK, North Bay. Chris Beck Arena, Santa Rosa, Ca. 6 :30 pm. ~~4_8rl~i'.watch. Silencers. 707/546-3903, HRA MX, 395 Cycle Park. Adelanto. Ca. 7:30 pm. $5 entry. no gate. Camping. 109. SII.ncers. 714f246~ AMATEUR Mx Owyhee. FoUow signs at end of Harrison BlVd•• Boise Id. $5 post. S3 gate. Sign 9 am. race 1 pm~ 208/344-7741, 343-5190. SAT. & SUN., SEPT' 2S & 26 CAR & BIKE SHOW. Devonshlr. Down•• NOFthridge. ca. Info: Box 400". MaywOOd. CA 90270. 213/588·1934. 588.25~1. o -~_~.="'r~.~~~W,m,. ;mU'~~'-'_,« ,,(:~.:a::~:r;:"~:':'~j~e,~:l-

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