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VOLUME VIII NUMBER 36 September 21, 1971 PRICE THIRTY CENTS America's largest and most complete weekly motorcycle newspaper 80hn Rolls Up Enduro National By Ron Schneiders HOUGHTON LAKE, MICH., Sept. Flyweight Class trophy with 962 points. 11-12, 1971 - Ron Bohn, Husky rider The lightweight trophy went to Dave from Pittsburgh, Pa., all but clinched his Donn, a "B" Husky rider. Donn tied for drive for the AMA National Enduro fourth overall with Ed Schmitt, another Championship this weekend by winning Husky rider. Ed won the mediumweight his second consecutive Jack Pine trophy, and with it a big boost in the sweepstakes. Ron's score for the National Enduro championship. Ranked two-day 400-mile championship run was' about seventh before Jack Pine, he will now be in second or third place. Bob a remarkable 980 points. Second overall in the event was Ray Fusan who was in contention jfor the Kussmaul, a Michigan rider who scored championship, dropped out of the Jack 973 points on a Penton. Ray will receive Pine on the first day with a flat tire, and the Class A championship trophy. be isprobably now out of contention for Taking the Class B championship was the National Enduro Championship. Gary Fountain, riding a Yamaha 250. The run was quite difficult this year Good news for Greeves: Les Grable, with intermittent rain adding to the riding a new Pathfinder, won the problems. California's new State Speedway Champion, Steve Bast, shows why he now holds that title. With super skill, Bast topped the best in the nation and ran away from everyone. His next title? The National Championships on Oct. 8 at Costa Mesa, Calif., then comes the Europeans. Photo by Dennis Greene. After six Gold Cups this year, Cal Rayborn became the sixth winner. Rayborn Wins Gold (up By Tod Rafferty Cycle News East ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, ILL., Sept. 10, 1971 - The Yamaha Gold Cup came to Arlington Park Race Track . Friday night, preceeded by a massive publicity campaign and the tan talizing offer of $15,000 in prize money. The big chunk, $4,000, went 'to Cal Rayborn, who seems to be getting invincible on the mile tracks. • Over 22,000 fans turned out for the "Iron-Horse" races, the largest crowd ever at an Illinois motorcycle event. Although the use of calcium chloride was prohibited, the dust problem never became critica. Heavy watering and Chicago humidity combined to keep the track surface in dencetn shape. Dave Sehl, Bart Markel and Cal Rayborn each won heat races. Rayborn clocked the fastest heat a 6:03.84._ Carl LeBlanc and Ken Roberts again took first in the two Junior heats. LeBlanc went on to win the Junior final by a convincing margin, followed by Bill Morgan (Tri) and Roberts. Rayborn won the Trophy Dash. Sehl finished second followed by Darr, Markel and Romero. Dick Mann grabbed the flag in the Expert semi; Jim Odom was second. Also earning transfers were John Hateley and Dave Hansen. The Expert Final saw Larry Darr, Dave Sehl and Ronnie Rail Iigh ting for the lead in the early laps. Rabyorn later admitted he was having trouble with the tack at first, but soon found the goove and began pulling through traffic. Jim Odom was less fortunate. Nearling the halfway mark. Odom was harging hard when he got caught in someone's roostertail coming out of the second tum. He drifted high on to the soft berm near the hay bales where he lost it. Odom went over the fence into the parking lot, suffering a broken bone in his hand, a dislocated shoulder and a badly bruised hip. He was scheduled to be released from the hospital Monday. Engine· problems sidelined Markel, Romero and Mann. Darr's motor eiC·rENEWS 2499 aBC rltosAlJe. seemed to go sour and he dropped off the pace, finishing eigh tho Ronnie Rall and Chuck Palmgren both pushed hard to catch Rayborn, but it was the third mile in a row for Cal, who won the meets at Indianapolis and Livonia. Calvin was probably thinking about the possibility of making it four at the Nazareth National· on Sunday, but heavy rains forced the postponement of the event. (Results on page 32) Bast Wins Cal Speedway Title By Sportphoto Photos by Dennis Greene BAKERSFIELD, CAL., Sept. 11, 1971 For the third consecutive year, 19-year-old Steve Bast brought_ home the bucks, the trophy and the California State Class 'A' Speedway Championship title tonight in a perfect five wins for fjve starts sweep. This year once again the title was in doubt until the (almost) last race of the nigh t. The Champion had to be either Steve, or United States Champion Ri_cks Woods, as both went into this four lap sprint with perfect records and 12 point scores going for them. Even if one rider was third and the other fourth, one and zero points garnering respectively, the single poin t would still make a Champion as Mike Bast was high point man in the pits, sitting on a 12 point total. However, second and third spots were most assuredly very much in doubt for, if Bill Cody could snatch a win in the final, the three points added to his already held nine would move him into a tie with Mike. Also, if Cody won and either Steve or Rick were last, then there would be a three way tie for second place and a special four lap run-off. Steve has never looked better here at the Kern County Fairgrounds oval, (I'll'll"" tUTIl to !Jagl' J()) Ole Olsen '-akes Wo'rld Crown GOTEBORG, SWEDEN, Sept. 10,.1971 - Amidst pomp pagentry and Barnum and Bailey circus music, Ole Olsen of Denmark became the new Speedway Champion of the World. The Ullevi (stadium) of. Goteborg holds a crowd of 52,000 people and not one set or standing place was left as the show began with flags flying from the eight cotmtries represen ted at this world championship race. There are many differences In speedway racing as we know it in America; one of the track being over a 'A mile. It spreads out the riders by the IlTst loop. Cinders are still used for the track's preparation. Music is played before and after each heat race; no vendor is allowed to sell during the race - all of which adds to the enthusiasm of the Swedish, Danish and English crowd. There were 16 riders in all, each riding in five different heats, four riders in each. As the lust ten heats progressed it was apparent that the rider first off the line had the advantage as they stayed in the lead in each case. In the 11 th heat as Leif Enecrona of Sweden jumped the rubber band start; taking it with him, strange things began to happen. They pulled his bike and he went up into the official box while the crowd was shouting and throwing cushions onto the track. In about three minutes he returned to the line for the restart. An interpreter informed us that it is normal for a rider to be excluded when he jumps the start but since he did not break the rubber band, only pulled it loose, a decision was made to let him run. With him in this heat was Vladimir , J ordeer (Soviet), Ray Wilson (England) \ and Ole Olsen (Denmark). Enecrona was to finish last for he had failed to tum on the 'gas for the restart, although he did no better in any ofbis heats. The 13th heat put Ivan Mauger (England), Ole Olsen, Bernt Persson (Sweden) and Nigel Boocock (England) in what was one of the three closest heats of the night with Olsen takinll: the lead from Mauger about 50 yards from the finish. When all was done Ole Olsen bad 15 points and was the new Champion with Ivan Mauger and Bengt Jansson (Sweden) tied for second place. A tie-breaker heat was run with Ivan the winner of second place. As the program was printed and announced in Swedish it was impossible -Ne-w:spaper to tell if the crowd of Swedes were unhappy because the championship had gone to Denmark or if they were just enthusiastic, but everyone ended the night of racing by throwing their cushions up into the air and out on to the track. Nazareth Postponed NAZARETH, PA., Sept. 12, 1971 Heavy rains which caused some flooding in New York and New Jersey left the Nazareth Mile Track too wet to hold the National upon today. Officials tried to prepare the track during a lull in the rainstorm by having as many vans as were available drive around the track. But renewed rains forced them to reschedule the event for Saturday night, Oct. 9, the nigh t before the Undilla edition of the AMA Motocross Series.

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