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AMA DECISION GIVES MANN POINT LEAD WORTHINGTON, OHIO, Aug. 24, 1971 - An appeal board of the AMA convened today to consider protests filed by Dick Mann, Jody Nicholas, and Nick Theroux. All protests were in reference to the flag start of the semifinal event at the AMA National Championship held at Corona, Calif., July 31. The appeal board included AMA Executive Director Russell E. March, Richard DeBie, the Competition Congressman from District 3; Robert Hansen of Kawasaki; and Tom Clark of Rokon, Inc. In addition to the riders' protests in which a. poor starting procedure was indicated, the board considered written statements by the referee in charge-, the starter, the line judges, and several witnesses. Upon this evidence, the board determined that the start was unsatisfactory and that several riders started at a disadvantage that may have eliminated their appearance in the championship points-paying final event. Given the fact of an unfair start, it was brought out in board consideration that the referee in charge had the right to let the protesting riders ride under protest (AMA 1971 Professional Competition Rule Book XVII, A., 2 and VII, A., 4) or that the starter had the power to disqualify riders who jumped the start (V II, B., 4, (e)). Neither option was exercised, so, reasoning that all semifinal contestants could have earned a place in the final event had they been given a fair start, the board has awarded them positions paying national points down to 20th place as provided for by the rule book. This compensatory ruling was proposed l5y the protesting riders before the board. The only other alternative would have been to declare the Corona Championship no contest, eliminating all points earned by the 12 riders in the final event. Additional National Championship Points have been awarded as follows, determined by the rider's finishing position in the semifinal event: Sonny Burres (13th-311, Dick Mann (14th-281, Nick Theroux (15th-25), Jody Nicholas (16th-22), Frank Gillespie (17th-19), Cal Rayborn (18th-16), Dave Sehl (19th-13), and Ed Wirth (20th-10). The 28 points awarded to Mann is enough to move him into the first position, dropping Gene Romero to second. The addition of points was also advantageous to Sehl, who traded positions with Kel Carruthers and now holds seventh. Cal Rayborn remains in 14th place but Jody Nicholas jumped by three riders to take over 20th. Another big jump was made by Burres who moved by four to take 26th in the standings while Theroux, Wirth and Gillespie also took giant steps over their rivals. (Standings on page 24) VOLUME VIII September 7, 1971 MIC's Potter Explains More on Price Freeze NUMBER 34 "After consultation with Attorney Stuart P. Ross of Hogan & Hartson and the Office of Emergency Preparedness, the following is offered for information only, keeping in mind that guidelines are still forthcom;ng and the situation could change," reports James Potter, Jr., ExeclLtive Director of the MIC in a recent newsletter. "It appears that 1972 model prices aTe frozen at the price of the same 1971 model price pilLS the import surcharge, Promoters Give Additional Cash FREMONT, CAL., Aug. 30, 1971 The promoters for Sunday's CMC North motocross here has announced the adjusted pay schedule for the Senior races. Originally planned as a $2500 motocross, low support rider turnouts caused the promoters to be unable to pay the publicized purse, causing many riders to become upset. Jim Perry, president of CMC North, reported today that the pay schedule will 'go down to sixth place overall with a total of Sl800 being paid. Each winner (125, 250 and Open) will receive $225. "This means that Ken Zahrt, winner of the 125, will get an additional $6;;, and Lackey :(Open winner) an additional $25." Second in each class will get $150, third $100, fourth $75, fifth $30 and sixth $20. ''The adjustments in payment will be sen t by check and will be in the mail today," Perry adds. As to th e question of "having to futish each moto to be eligible for payment", Perry explained the payment .scale will be based upon tile final points . standings, "including the lOO point penalty for not finishing a moto." "l'm only sorry that one individual, who was not a rider and was, in fact, a promoter himself, made so much of a hassle after the event," Perry explained. "Most of the riders understood Oill predicamen t and to those I would like to apologize for the m;xup and hope tile adjusted arrangement is suitable." C·N HOT BOOTH HATS & STUFF Look for the Cycle News booth at the September 19 Grand Prix at Carlsbad. You can treat yourself to the famous Cycle. News stickies, the same kind our National stars put on their bikes. And, you can read the very latest, up-to-date, on the spot, complete, and all-arolLOd tasteful news of the sport we love the most. Finally, you can stock up on The Nifty Item this SlLffimer, Oill very own Cycle News Hot Hats. They cost two bits, come:: in one style, three siz'es, and will lend themselves to all sorts of neat custom;zing. You can watch the first Inter-Am of the season and advertise the finest rag in the business at the same time. ,. Ci!CI.F!NEWS ~ ~I!'. ~ ~Ios~~ if actually paid. SACRAMENTO, CAL. - Here's jlLSt a few of tile sights to see at this coming weekend's motocross extravaganza at Cal-Expo FairgrolLOds. Olympia Beer has gone on a widespread publicity campaign to draw what is expected to be the biggest crowd ever to witness a motocross here in the United States. $3000 is tile purse plus an unbelievable amOlLOt of contingency with many of the nation's top motocrossers expected to compete - including Brad Lackey, who just recently returned from a very successful trip to Eillope. Brad tuned up for Sunday's race by facing off witll several other top shoes this past weekend at Fremont, Calif. A compete report appears on page 12. Rayborn, Rice Win Miles SEDALIA, MO., Aug. 29, 1971 - Jim Rice pulled off his first big win this season in the 20-lap Main Event. Unfortunately for the BSA factory rider, there were no National points awarded but the card was of National calibre just the same - it was the National that wasn't. Nin.e thousand watched Rice win the lion's share of the $7500 purse wire-to-wire beating Gene Romero. Keith Mashburn, and Cal Rayborn by a huge margin. Fifth went to Charles Seale after Frank Gillespie blew with three laps to go. . Novice Richard Laird and David Sawhill battled every inch. of the way with the rest of the pack hot on their heels. Laird took tile win but the judges had to rule a decision. Both rode Yamahas. Robert Ely won tile J U-nior Main for BSA after trading the lead witll David Rupe. After tile race, Rupe said "My tire wore out." INDIANAPOLIS, IND., Aug. 28, 1971 Harley-Davidson speedster Calvin Rayborn set fastest qualifying time, won the first heat, and iced the cake by winning the 30-lap final on the mile track here at the Indianpolis Fairgrounds. Dick Mann broke a string of recent breakdowns on dirt tracks as he finished second. followed by Don Castro and Dave Aldana. Ken Roberts, the virtually unbeatable Junior, took the class win from Ron Mole and Jim Zeigler. Over 10,300 people paid to watch the $1 0 ,000 race. Ne'W'spa~er ~ ._~ --"0 • .., ••• .! .. • • _ • "For discussion only, if a qualitative change was made in tile 1972 model what is the result? "Qualitative change is defined as: relating to, or involving quality or kind. If a change in the 350cc 1972 model was drastic enough, then the President's program does not expect you to absorb the increase in price. However, for disclLSsion only, if some motor changes, and say the kick starter with changes in the gears involved, were made on tile 1972 model, plus a color change, tIlen would tIlis be a qualitative change'? The answer is no, and the 1972 model would be frozen at the price of tile same 1971 model. "The best advice for tile present is to hold any decisions regarding prices up for approximately one week ILOtil definite guidelines are available from OEP. Also, making pricing placed on literature. flexible to allow price adjustments at a later date. "In regard to parts, if the import price is changing day to day, tIlen the product should be sold at the highest price the product sold for in tile previous 30 days prior to August 15th plus the actual import duty paid." TRANS-AMA CONTINGENCY Cycle News will be offering $10 in contingency to all riders who finish in the top ten at each of the upcoming Trans-AMA series as long as they have a CoN Stickie prominently displayed on their machine; this comes out to $2400 for the entire 12-event series. Riders wishing to obtain a CoN Stickie, write P.O. Box 498, Long Beach, Calif., 90801 witll a self-addressed, stamped enveloped and specify whether you want the large or small decal.

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