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15l . - f ... .CD .. - what you see is what YQU get ,.: ,;, :> « '" ~ w Z W ...J U >- U • The same machine that finished First and Second OVERALL in the Inter-AMA Motocross Series Inter-AMA Inter-AMA Inter-AMA Inter-AMA - Inter-AMA Orlando. Florida July 18, 1971 250cc International Cyclesports Park Houston, Texas July 11, 1971 250cc International Motocross Series Denver, Colorado July 4.1971 250cc International Indian Dunes Park Valencia. Calif. June 27,1971 250cc International Linville. Ohio July 25,1971 250cc International 1st - Vlastimil Valek - CZ 5th - Vlastimil Valek - CZ 1st - Vlastimil Valek - CZ 1st - Vlastimil Valek - CZ Six events, cz 1st - Dave Bickers - CZ swept five 1st Places "". Wit' T'e a Dealer learest Yo. ALASKA JUNEAU CYCLE I J 5 Front Street Junuu. Alalka MOTORSPORT, LTD. 136 Boniface Parkway Anchorage. AI,uIUI 99504 ROGUE CYCLES Post Office BOll 5222 College, AIHk" ARIZONA EXETER MOTORCYCLE CENTER 137 soum E Street ElC81et'. Cailfornl.ll FAMIL Y CYCLE CE.l"TER 3014 Winchester BO\Jlevlfd Campbell. Caillor"l. FRESNO CYCLE CENTER 468' North ~.ickstone FrMno. Call1ornia GILROY CYCLES b~~g:~~I~:lnl~Oo1d • - HONDA LEMON GROVE 7562 BrQMIw.y Lemon Grcnte. c.liformoil CALIFORNIA • BSA - VAMAHA WEST 3519 W.t McDowell RoaCi Phoenill. Arizona CAVE'S KART SHOP _032 North 7th Street Phoenill. Arizona 0& P CYCLE SHOP 99 Ellst 3rd Sireet Yuma. Arizona FRED'S OESERT CYCLE 4121 EHt SDeedwllY Tucson. AnzoRll P to 0 MOTORCYCL.E SALES 1461 EllSt V"n Buren Phoenlll. Arizona LOMPOC VALLE V SPORTCYCLES ALLIED CYCLE SALES 24601 ArCh StrMt Newhllll, Caltfornill B .. S CYCLE SALES 903 South Stilt_ Street Ukillh, C"lIt(ll'nill BERTUS FOREIGN CAR SERVICE 1340 H"c~nda Boul"".'4 Lll Puente. California THE BIKE SHOP 2021 VIII Burton Anllheim. C.lllornla CHARLEV BROWN CYCLES 116 McPherson Street Slln'" Cruz. Callfornlll CAMARILLO COMPETITION CYCLES 2173 PickwIck Drl.... Camarillo, Cali'ornla CECIL'S CYCLE CENTER 1460 West Mission Road Escondido. California BOB CHAVES MOTORCVCLES 676 Au,z:erals Ayenue Slln Jose. Cllillornia CyCLE SPEED RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT 320 I 0 Orang_ Grove Allenue North Highlands, California CVCLETOWN 933 FranciSCO BouleYoird So1n Aa'MlI. Clliitornia CYCLE WEST 1106 Pet.luma Bouleyard North Petalumll, Cllillornill D & R CYCLES 7'330 T"ornton Avenue Newll,k, Callforni. TOM DAVIS MOTORCYCLES 265 PacifIC Street ~n LUIS ObisDO. Clliltornia DOWNEN'S INC. 11835 East Carson Street Hllwallan Qrdens, Calltornlll get. serious JOHN SMITH MOTORCVCLES 2512 Franklin BoUleyard Sacramento, CaUfornlll SOUTH BAV MOTORCVCLE 200 1 Arteslll Boulevllrd Rfldondo Buch, Calltornlol SOUTHLAND CYCLE CENTER IJ"1 Garden Grove BouleYllrd Garden Grove, C.lItOrnlll SPEED-N-SPORT 1314 - 24th Street Bakerstlela. C.llfornlll TRINITY MOTOR5 ~~,~~:b".~:;~T:way3 MOTORCYCLE CENTER ~:I~,lMB:~a~~8 VIC'S CYCLE SERVICE 1106 - 9th Str. .t South Great Flllls, Montana NEBRASKA KASPER MOTORCYCLES Wnt HlthwllY 33 C'ete.~rKQ McKOSKI'S GARAGE 509 Ho_rd Avenue St. Paul. NllfHllIkll TOM'S TV" APPLICANCE P.O. Shetby. NftHalkll BoIlSi 307 Wett Dc. ." A ... n~ Lompoc. CaUtOfnl,i TRIUMPH OF BUABANK. INC. 1329 North Hollywood W.y Burbank. C.lItornl. TRIUMPH - SUZUKI MOTORS J049 W.t Mission Pomona, CallfOl'nl. VALERIAN'S TWO CYCLE CITV 10613 WMt ptco Boul....rd Loa An...... CllU 'ornl" MARRY O. WILSON, INC. 443 BroadwllY Frnno. CalHomla VAMAHA OF FONTANA 900ISle,rll Fontlln., C.llfornlll O.F. MEFFORD" SON COLORAOO NEVADA CM" H TIRE COMPANY 735 Norln Avenue Grand Junction, COIor"do CYCLE CITV 116 South Ca.cade CoIOrlldo Sprln9'. ColoradO GOLDEN MOTORCYCLE CENTER 11598 West COIfllll Avenue ukewood, BILL. THOMAS MOTORCYCLES. INC. 1452 PODlllr Street Den"" Colorado CHECKPOINT CYCLE "0 Souttl wens Reno. Neve4a 5COOTERSVILLE 1001 Sout" Maln t..u YetIS, Nevada IRON-HOUR5E CYCLE ~~::~~t:IYtOfnl. JACKSON SPORT CYCLES, INC. 215 NOfU.. MIll" Stl'Mt Jackson. caU'Ofnla SONNY KENYON'S CYCLES 2594 Middlefield AGMi Mountoll" VI_. CliUfornle LIGHTNER MOTORS 2120·2150 Concord Avenue Concord, C.llfornla ~~Il~'~~~r:r~l~eet MESA CYCLE CENTER 4619 Convoy StrMt $.In DI~o, C.lItornill MIO.vALLEV CYCLES 7550 S.lbOll Awnutl Vlln Nuy•• C.lltorMlIl RICHARD MILLER MOTORCVCLES 1725 Tornllntoon StrMt Eurekll, Call'ornla MONZA MOTORCVCLES 2006-2010 T"omp'on Bouley.rd Ventura, CaUtOl'nla NORTH BAV CYCLES HAWAII YAMAHA OF HAWAII,INC. ~~:e7.~~'l:.rror':.i:nue ~~~~I~:~~n~~~IBOUleYllrd IOAHO OTTO'S CYCLES OF HOLLYWOOD 5663 Santa Monica Bouleyard Hollywood. Call'ornla IDAHO BIKE IMPORTS 5614 WOSl State Str"t BOIMl,ldahO SPORT CYCLE SALES,INC, 1954 Nortn Yeliowilone Idllho Flllls, Idano PETE'S CYCLE 15342 Sout" Hlg"way 99 Mllntee.. California ROBERTS MOTORS 14240 Elln 14t" Street Slln Leandro, Cllilfomill S" L YAMAHA 5931 Pllclflc Boulev"rd Huntington Pll,k. CalHomlll SAN DIEGO HOUSE OF MOTORCVCLES "90" Et Caion BOUleya,d SlIn Diego, Call'ornla SANTEE CONTINENTAL IMPORTS 1007 Mission Gorge Road Sant. ., Cllilfornill SIERRA CYCLE SALES 110 Home Str. .t BishOP. call fOlnill ust: 185 Express 51. PI.inview, l.1., N.Y. 11803 KANSAS J" PCYCLE 819 North Mllin Eurekll, KAnllls TURNER" SONS CYCL.E COMPANY 4126 - 21th South Hydraulic WIchita. Kanus MONTANA CARL.·S AUTO SAL.ES Route", Highway 10 MIHOUlll, MontllNi MONTANA MOTOR WORKS Route 2. HIghWllY 93 South Kaltsoell, Montanll Skod

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