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VOLUME VIII NUMBER 31 WEST PRICE THIRTY CENTS August 17. 1971 America's largest and most complete weekly motorcycle newspaper Oust Flies in ...National (pa,e 9) ...0esert (page J8) Give IJS a Try (pa,e 6) Cal Rayborn proudly displays his latest trophy. picked up Sunday at the AMA National at Livonia, Mich. DISTRICT 37 ENDURO RULE CHANGES UNFAIR? By Ron Schneiders LOS ANGELES, CAL., Aug. 6, 1971 New endmo rules arc going into effect in 1972. Moving with all the commotion of a submarine at periscope depth on a moonless night, a panel of ranking experts has produced some interesting changes which have already been adopted and which will be as permanent as the rusting hulks on the floor of the Atlantic as soon as they arc printed in the District 37 rule book. I am about to scream "Torpedo!" but I expect I'll be swimming before the echo of my voice has died. On the committee are: Bob Steffan, Bob Greene, Steve Hllfd, Bryan Cochran, Don Knous, Lyle Taylor, Walt Wix, Gene Bllfchem, Stan Baldwin, Ed Farrell, EArl Wilson, Dave Holeman, Bill Adams, Tom Center, and Dave McPherrin. This is indeed a panel of experts. Among them they've probably got half-a-million hours of riding. As might be expected they put together a set of rules that many experts will fmd quite agreeable. Beginners, "B" riders, might not fmd them so agreeable. Following are the rules and some thoughts regarding them. So that there will not be any confusion, direct quotes from the new rules are in italics. These are changes to Page 10, Article XlI of the district 37 rulebook. Section 8. As is with added change: 8a. Events of less than 100 miles may have checks as close as 3 miles apart. This is the first of the new rules. It will benefit the riders who arc crackerjack timekeepen but who are too old for really rugged runs, and it will penalize their opposites. But more important, it may put us out of step (even more) with the rest of the country which is still using 5 miles between checks. One other segment will benefit from this change: lazy promo ring clubs. Section 9. Using the Enduro point chart under the proper column of total entries for the day the overall finishing position will determine the points earned, disregarding classification and engine displacement size. This section defines a points system, but it is a points system which works only for experts. Here's how. Points are only awarded to riden in the first few overall spots. They can be awarded to 43 positions in an 800 rider event and proportionally less in smaller events. Naturally one would CiCAI.BNEWS at99Ceail....... expect the "A" riders to collect most of the points in enduros as they are run now. But there's another new rule we'll discuss later whicb leta the "A" rider. have first (early) starting numbers, a very big advantage in getting a high overall score. Now, in yOllf 800 rider event, if 30% of the riden are "A" riders with a starting time advantage, you have a situation where 240 "A" riden arc going for the points in the first 43 overall positions. Want to guess how many points the "B" riders in the back of the pack are going to get? 560 "B" riders will be fighting for a slice of pic that doesn't exist. You think lightweight novice racing is bad? Wait till you get caugh t in this windmill. There's another, more subtle form of discrimination in the proposed new classification. That's a built in bias toward heavyweight bikes. You "A" ligh tweigh t riders better listen now. It isn't going to come as any surprise to anyone when I say that many District 37 enduro. are laid out for big bikes. Southern California is the only place in the country where big Triumphs and Nortons are winning the overall spots. The top overall spots are what pay the points in the new system and there will be enough runs laid out for big bikes to virtually guarantee that the high-point endllfo winner will be a big-bike rider. I don't know if there's a connection or not, but I noticed that of the committee memben, Gene Burchem rides a 650 Tri., Ed Farrell, a 450 Ducati, Dave Holeman, a 400 Maico, Stan Baldwin, a 400 Hus., Bob Steffan, a 350 Harley, Bob Greene, a 500 Matchless, Lyle Taylor, a 350 Harley, Bill Adams, a 250 Yamaha, and Tom Center, a 650 Tri. There's a couple committee members I don't know, but it certainly wasn't a gathering of trailbikers in any even t. Section 9a. Any "B" rider trophying three times on any size engine displacement in any length of time will be advanced to "A" rider. At the discretion of the competition committee, any rider may be advanced sooner. Any rider so advanced may appeal in writing to the competition committee. What about the fellow who wins three 3rd place trophies in five years in small events? "A" rider? I think not. And how about the young fellow who wins three YOllD~t rider trophies? The intent of -this change is commendable but the phrasing is clumsy. Sectitm 10. Remains as is. Specific classes. This should have been changed. Section 11. Remains as is. This sectio. requires that there be a drawing for starting posi tion. Section 11a. All mall entries must submit their current Enduro Only card to the promoting club with their mail entry for proof of classification. This card will be returned to the applicant with his return mail package or at the sign up booth at the event at the discretion of the promoting club. In the arguments for these rules it was stated that there's enough time between events to get the cards back. Sure, if you only ride District 37 events. But if this rule were in effect now, a District 37 club would have my card while I was trying to sign up for the National in Hawthorne, Nevada and the Jackpine in Michigan. And what happens in the unlikely event that we get some out of state riders entering our events. You want to keep Jeff Penton's District card for three weeks? Good luck. And what happens when theincvitable foulups occur? Let the riders show the cards at the event and provide a fat penalty for cheating or attempting to cheat. That's sufficient. Section 11 b. All unclassified Enduro riders irregardless (sic) of mail or post entry will have to ride as "A" Enduro and be subject to 12.00 extra fee over and above the entry fee so stated on the club poster. Okay, but does he have to send that proof with his entry? Section 12. For the propose of Team Trophies only, "A" and "8" riders may sign in together on the application as a team to the promoting club, but must ride on separate minutes. That's reasonable, but shouldn't there be a fair play provision? A team with all "A" riders has a monstrous advantage over an all "B" team. And the mixed team rcally gets the short end of the stick, New-spaper since they can't even ride together. Maybe a trophy for each class is the answer. Or maybe the team concept has olldived ita lUd"uInas. Section 12a. No "B" rider may ride with an "A" rider On the uA"s minute at any time, however, any "B" rider so wishing to advance himself to "A" may do so by requesting an "A" classification from the Enduro Steward that may be granted but may never revert to "8" classification again. This section particularly saddens me ber-ause the "A" classification is the only mark of distinction in the enduro field; it should be earned. If anyone can have it simply by asking for it what does it mean? If these rules stand, however, I think all enduro riders should ask to be classified "A". If you're classified "B" you have no chance for points and you automatically get a late number in every event. If everyone is classified "A", at least the expert's low-number advantage is nullified. And if a healthy percentage of the "B" riders ask to be reclassified, the rest of the "B" riders will have to become "A" riders or trail forever at the back of the pack. The part about "never being able to revert" seems ill-advised also. For instance, any rider over 50 should have option of riding as a "B" if he so desire. Also, anyone who has been inactive for several years. Section 15. The mileage from the last known check or speed change and the key time shall be posted at aU checks and speed changes. The posting of total mileage is not required. Section 16. All checks and speed changes must be placed on mileage figured to an even minute. The meaning of this rule is thoroughly obscured by the foggy grammar. Section 18. All district Enduro riders will receive points for his best district point Enduro events less two events put on for the calendar year. In case you're wondering, this is a direct translation from the original Chinese. (Please turn to page 5) LongllBacll,oa. 90801 "'427-Q1133

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