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VOLUME VIII WEST NUMBER 30 August 10. 1971 PRICE THIRTY CENTS America's largest and most complete weekly motorcycle newspaper Why You Should Take 'a Friend to See tOn Any Sunday' By David Swift You know where it's at; you've been around motorcycles long enough to appreciate the sensate thrill of rIding one. You scoff at the shrinks who claim you're riding a phallic symbol, breeze past the hung·up commuters who vent their wrath by using you as a 70 mph 'punching bag. and hustle a few illegal laps at the old riding spot before someone calls the cops. All with a neat little grin on your face. Your relatives still think you're weird and they only talk about the gory wrecks they've heard about. Your neighbors never did talk to you much, except when they want to sneak a ride. Everywhere you go, neurotics see you having fun and want your sport declared illegal. Don't you get a bit lonesome for understanding, sometimes? Bruce Brown's "On Any Sunday" is made for people like you, and me. For the enthusiast, the film is a 91·minute celebration of the sport/profession of motorcycling. It captures the most intimate beauty of riding, exploring several regions in the most explicit detail. Mark Brelsford, last week's TT winner, leads Jimmy Odom around the Corona Half-Mile National, an event that will have We se.e the loud, pounding, vicious war of the mile and' significant impact on the season's final standings. Odom did a bit better than the picture suggest, by the way. Story on half-mile. We see the graceful ballet of sleek road racers, 100 page 18. miles an hour slowed to 10. We see trials, Bonneville Speed Week, the drags, motocross, an;!, many other forms of competition and play in familiar and u\1familiar forms. But many enthusiasts will learn little; they will see a phenomenal collection of racing footage and will probably crane their necks to {md themselves. Also, they will laugh at themselves many times. . UNADILLA VALLEY, NEW YORK, Jones, who put in several outstanding Suppose you have a new girlfriend who thinks you're the Aug. I, 1971 Czechoslovakian rides for Yamaha during the series. was bees-knees except she can't quite dig your toys. You could eighth overall. Vlastimil Valek overcame mechanical bore her for hours jabbering about "freedom", "the problems to ride a pl"ogressively Tore Jonsson led all three motos of man-and·machine relationship", or "wow-baby-it's consistent 4-3-2, to win the finale of the the 500 Support class with Irish far-out-groovey!", to no avail. transplan t Gordon Bowden, riding an six-race Inter-AMA motocross series Just shut your mouth and let Bruce do all the work. Wait'll here today. The win hammered home English Sprite, sweeping the second she sees the slow-motion shot of Mark Brelsford laying it over Valek's domination of the series while position. perfectly on a half-mile. The agonizing instant replay of a CZ teammate Dave Bickers, who won The 1.8-mile Unadilla circuit was Daytona rider getting off at speed will show her the battering chosen at the last minute after the Long last week's program at Honda Hills, your innocent little body can take. The multitude of those took second in both race and the series. Island site was cancelled. The course to lovable Juniors crashing all over a motocross course will show The Englishman looked to be on the receive the most praise from the most her a side of the sport few people get to see, and she'll think way to another win after taking the first riders. "It's the best course we've ridden you're tuff. and third leg but he failed to place in so far in the series," said Valek. The All the time she soaks this in, just sit there and give out an the second one. Czech also praised the American's occasional nod, grunt, or smile. Knowingly. Peter Lamppu led the Yankee performance, saying, ''We'ye shown Brown has created a unique documentary of man and his brigades across the fmish line to bring them where they need improving and sport that is equalled only by his now-elassic "Endless home a third overall for Montesa. Gary they've showed us what they can do." Summer". Fellow enthusiast Brown starts off in a humorous (Results on page 32) light with a gag few will catch: a close-up of a two-stroke single being kicked and the sound of a 40-inch twin coming to life. The next gag is more obvious, a fat man on a Mini-enduro. The credits roll with scenes of a bunch of kids from Palos Verdes doing DeCostees on their 20-inch bicycles and, finally, we get down to business:Mert Lawwill and the National Circuit. We get a capsule glimpse of what it is like to compete Three well-known professional crossing the finish line during the receiving extensive in ternal and professionally: The misery of losing a $6000 race when a $2 racers from the Southern California main event and received serious head injuries. Funeral arrangements throttle cable breaks. The countless hours spent building, area sustained serious injuries while head injuries. He regained will be made later this week. Kidd tuning, then rebuilding the bikes. The white-line fever and racing this past weekend. consciousness Sunday nigh t but has is listed in fair condition... Ed.) The third tragic mishap occurred hamburger midnights of the 50,OOO·mile National Trail. Chuck Hart, competing at Ascot since lost it again while being listed Finally, we watch every rider but one, Gene Romero, crumble Park's regular Friday night in fair condition at Gardena Sunday at the Can-Am Motocross at the Sacramento Mile. Half-Mile races, fell just before Memorial Hospital. He also received Series at Indian Dunes. Scott multiple fractures in his wrist. Hoffee was involved in an (Please tum to pg. 5) Then, Saturday night, while horrendous endo during his second competing in a Junior Heat race at moto and is now in the intensive Corona's Half-Mile National, Loyal care ward at a Redondo Beach Penn was run over by Texas rider hospital with severe internal Mike Kidd. (Bulletin: Penn passed injuries. away late Monday afternoon after VALEK WINS INTEIl·AMA fINALE, OVEIALL Tltree Riders Serious'r Injured l'berg Z'duces Us Again SACRAMENTO, CAL.• July 27. 1971 - After effectively killing the recent AB 2985 by Assemblyman Z'berg throU\tl a last minute Ietter·writing campaign. another Assembly Bill (AB 3069) has bean submitted by Assemblyman Z'berg, would coutt. again. eliminate off-roed ricHng if ever passed. Russ Sanfoni. M.O.R.E. lobbyist in this city, has attempted to meet with the author but has been unsuccessful to date. The bill. meanwhile, appeared before the state legislature July 21 with no immediate action taken. Sanford's report. with the original and amended portions of AB 3069 which involved motorcyclists. appears on page 5. C.CLENEWS 2499CBi i 1tusAve. Ne-.rspaper LoDgBe ach,CB. 90801 ~427J7433

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