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VOLUJI!IE VIII NUMBER 27 July 20, 1971 Dear AMXT devotees: We've done it in Europe! Bryan Kenney won an international event in France topping a bunch of strong competitors from Sweden, England, Belgium and Germany. The Sunday before, he was fourth overall. My spirits are high, and my tummy bulging. Our fourth place happened on a twisty course located just west of Paris. A large number of riders gathered for this June 27 bout, including VicEastwood, Andy Lee, Sten Lundin, Sig Pettersson, Vehkonen and Hans Maisch. After three straight wins, the German Maisch stacked up another victory for the red, black and yellow, followed by Andy Lee, England, Vermeille, Switzerland, and Bryan. The Fourth of July was really a red-letter day for us this year. Bryan w.On an international e:vent at Montfort-le-Rotrou only 10 km. from LeMans. The course was laid out in the park of a chateau with a long, far-from-smooth, climb up to the : After having a difficult time in the first two events of the lnter-AMA Series, the Europeans caught. hol~ again and came through much stronge~ this past weekend in Houston, Tex. Above, Chris Horsfield (16, England-Cll ,holds the advantage around th"e Cyc"lesports' Park turn. Trailing him are Stuart Nunn (15, England-Cll and Vlastimil Valek (19, Czechoslovakia-Cll. Report appears on pages 16-17. Photo by Dotie Stingley. ·CWCLB.-NEWS . 2499:(: BI·rltOisAWt.: - PRICE THIRTY CENTS chateau and back down, around and through a forest. There were nine nations represented on the starting line with such big ones as Marcel Wiertz, Gunnar Nilsson, Andy Lee, and Wolfgang Muller. Andy Lee'took the lead in the first moto, and only on the last lap did Nilsson swing into top spot. Bryan finished th ird doing a good job of holding off Wiertz. The second moto, the outcome was the same' except thaI Bryan bent'a brake lever allowing Wiertz and Mortensen, the Dane, to slip by him. And the lhird moto we won, taking firsl place when Nilsson derailed a chain! A lot of long, hard hours paid off there in th,e winner's circle. Not long now till we pick up' B";'ry Higgins at the Luxembourg airport. Two more includIng the West German GP and we'll b~'~n official t-eam, We're feeling really bad aDout our third member, Bob· Prossi, just hope: he's in one str."mg· piece before too long. Till our next rendez-vous h'our -.take care. . . Snowflake

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