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VOLUME VIII NUMBER 9 March·16,1!Hl ... ...".. -. PRICE THtRTY CENTS INSIDE ACTION Industry Takes Hold WASHINGTON, D.C., March 3, 1971 - In a major, 48-hour meeti ng of t'he Motorcycle Industry Council ('MIC),' plans were formulated for a nation-wide attack 'on the current rise in legislation against oft-road vehicle use. Actions which will aftect every cyclist in the United States are currently underway on local, state and federal levels. For important details see page 3. Smith Breaks Into 8's BAKERSFIELD, CAL., Mar. 7, 1971 - Joe Smith of West Covina, Cal., powered his 102-inch, fuel burning Harley-Davidson to a world's fastest qualj,fying time of 8.975 seconds and went on to win the Top Fuel Eliminator at the 13th Annual Bakersfield March Fuel and Gas Championship. Tony Nicosia took top Street Eliminator on a Kawasaki H-1. (See page 6) Elsinore Draws 100,000 By Ron Schneider. ELSINORE, CAL., Mar. 7-8, 1971 - There may be races in California that are tehcnically more sophisticated, or better determinants of a rider's ability, but there are certainly none that are more popular with the spectators than the collosal show at Elsinore. Even on Saturday for the secondary event (the lightweights), spectators lined all but the most remote areas of the course, sometimes several deep, and since the course is almost 10 miles around, that's a lot of bodies. At the starting line there was a crush of people that is just all but unknown in the motorcycling sport. To assure the proper Bachinnalian atmosphere for the festival, hundreds of bright balloons were released, planes and helicopters flew low over the crowd, and there was even a carnival, that gaudy lights and popcorn symbol of mid-America. Banners and ribbon were everywhere. Adding their own color and colors to the event were a couple thousand road riders, all decked out in everything Superglide pink brocade to iron crosses and cut-ofts. (Please turn to pg. 16) TOP: Elsinore's only double winner in its four-year history is John DeSoto (CZ). BOTTOM: The hectic start of 100 miles of pavement-and-dirt racing through the hills and streets of Lake Elsinore, Calif. CiC'·ENEWS 2499 CBL i"ltosAve.. Ne--wspaper 908010w0427JN33 LongBeach,CB.

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