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DAVEEVANSAC~SOUTJOElEONARD AND DICK MANN AT C.E.R.A. RUN Story by Ron Schneiders Photos by Ellen Schneiders J .. '.,I.' N- .c Q> u. ~ w z I mo, CAL., Jan. 24, 1971 -WhilemostofLAwasunderablanketofcoldwet fog, some 400 riders were enjoying(?) an endurance run under bright blue skies with temperatures in the 80's. Each year the California Enduro Rider's Association, puts on a run for beginning enduro riders who are classified by the CERA as "C" riders. This is the CERA 1. To be classified a "C" rider a rider must have very litlle or no previous desert experience, but it is somewhat of an honor system since it is impossible to check very accurately on each rider's background and there are always a few class "e" riders who look more like AMA Class "e" riders. This year's run was in approximately the same location as last year's CERA lJ The run was very well planned for its but a much more appropriate campsite intended purpose. There were no was picked, just a little west .f the obstacles that a "C" rider couldn't get intersection of hiway 60 and 195. First over but the going was continually man was out at 7:01 and the day was tough and the averages were fast enough already fairly warm. The trail went in a to keep the "B" and "AU riders Southeasterly direction across country working. Everyone that I talked to and was marked by fluttering little enjoyed the run and most felt that their wisps of pink ribbon. About 8 miles out abilities had been sufficiently taxed for it divided with the "A" and "B" riders one Sunday. The only major gripe was going one direction over a tough hill and about the marking which was the "C" riders going around it. Where inadequate in a number of spots. the two trails rejoined was the first Actually there was plenty of ribbon check. ' marking the course but turn indications The trail swung 'south over were lacking which resulted in people moderately rough country until abou t 7 getting off the course a little bit and miles further on ·it picked up the then taking some time to find their way Aquaduct Road. The aquaduct road is back. I talked to the layout crew and rocky but reasonably smooth so you they said that lack of manpower was the can make up time if you have to, but reason that not many arrows were you get in trouble if you get going too placed. Which doesn't ,really explain fast, because every half mile or so the why the start of both loops was poorly road takes a sharp left, downhill. Those marked. Time and distance turns you don't want to miss! measurement were, as usual, expertly From the Aquaduct road, we turned done. Northwest and followed the Salt Creek The CERA is an organization that wash up what is optimistically called a was founded to fill a gap in the "Jeep Road". It is more sandwash than competition scene in the LA area, road but it is a lot of fun to ride. namely enduro riding. while there are Gradually it turns north and makes its enduros put on by AMA clubs in the LA way through the Orocopia mountains. area, they are not really enduros so You come out just south of highway 60 and follow a good graded dirt road back to the start. If the morning loop looked a little farnilar to you it should because it was just about the same the first loop of CERA II of last year. Forty-four minutes for lunch. Loop 2 started ou t across some broken country and finally found a sandwash that was really fun to. ride. Lots of jumps and twisty turns, good traction and not too many rocks. It was the best place on the run for me. Willow trees, or something \,ike them, grow down in this wash and they droop long slender leaves down in front of you. If you just ignore them and ride through, it's just about like being given a good crack with a cat 0' nine tails. Smarts! Pretty soon a house was visible in the distance. It looked like a pretty nice two-story frame house that somehow wandered away from its foundation in San Fernando valley. The markers lead right up to the front door. You can say, "They must be crazy! I'm nol- going to ride through the middle of a house!" and you can find your way around to the markers on the other side. But if you do, you just missed a check because the check is in the living room! From the house we worked our way into progressively rougher country. We These two Dune-Cycles presented a were paying for our nice sandwash of novel challenge to riders that tried to earlier (that ran downhill) by having pass them. One actually finished! now to work uphill. I t became a battle to stay on time. We turned sort of north much as diversions for desert racers on and rode a narrow wash up a canyon off-Sundays. No one bothered to keep with high vertical rock walls. And not points records for enduro riders beyond long after the schedule changed to 10 the first five or ten, so desert experts mph, with good reason. We rode up a were riding as Class "B" enduro riders. wash that was alternate patches of deep There is no AMA Beginners class and no sand (about 20 yards) and jumbled program of advancement. The CERA is rock. There was no way to "get on top" rna king an effort to fill some of the because as soon as you got shifted into a gaps. In the first year they put on three higher gear, the rocks slowed you down fairly respectable runs. None were again. About 6 miles of this nonsense perfect, but it would be something of a and I was wishing I hadn't worn so miracle if they were. They have opened . many dothes. I felt like I was in a steam up some new territory and they have bath. got quite a few new riders into the We finally climbed out of that thing enduro scene. They have also managed and did some ridge running along a jeep to keep points tabs on most of the track for a ways where you could make enduro ,riders in the state. So far, due to up a little time but there were lots of lack of funds, they have not managed to rocks to throw you on your head if you print their promised book on 'how to got carried away. The last check was ride ,enduros. Their courses, in my about 8 miles out and we figured opinion, are generally better planned "Here's whc:re we get a rest. It'll be an and more interesting than the easy ride in." Wrong. Straight across comp eti tion (with some ou ts tanding country with lots of rocks and a two exceptions) but marking often leaves feot deep ditch or ravine to cross every something to be desired in expertise, if 50 feet. Sometimes two, three or four not materials. Some good runs are being of them spaced ten feet apart. Up on planned for this year and a trip to, ride the pegs, work like hell, and, you still the Jackpine is in the works for some couldn't average 24 mph. No way! You CERA members. could tell the real enduro riders though; It would be kind of nice if a few they were still trying at the end. The more of the IOOO or so riders who enjoy others were sitting on the seats dogging (Please turn to pg. 17) it at about 5 mph. IS."I ... ." "' \ · ."1'1,1 .. W ..J U >- U "Charge!" says the starter, hoisting a bottle of ... Pepsi Cola? YOU ~CAN' WIN THEM ALL almost In a week's period, Randy Carthel, Amarillo, Tex. Penton rider, rode his 100 and 125cc Pentons in 30 motos, winning 29 first places, 1 2nd plus 2 trophy dashes for a grand total of 9500 MX points, 8 trophies, $160.00 cash purse - plus $10.00 bonus that some "Rat" rider paid in protest fee to have his·100cc machine measured. You can also be a winner! See your nearest Penton dealer or contact: Penton Central I L - Central u. S. Distributor of Penton Sportcycles _ I P. O. Box 2327 • AMARILLO. TEXAS 79105 Phone (806) 373·7122 Dealerships available in Ark., Ariz., Colo., Ks., Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, N. Mex., North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Wyoming.

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