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·- I · ':. "';. - ••• :0 <. ".. •••• •... , ,. ',t. < N N ~ Cl ~ w Z w -' o >o J.N.~ TWO EACH POTEET & CLARK J.N. took two wins on two courses. DON'T FORGET ) DEC 20 MOTO-I-MAS Terry Clark was another double winner in the desert Sunday, adding to his points in the tight race with Jack Morgan for the number one trailbike plate. ADELANTO, CALIF., Dec. 13,1970Four hundred-some desert hounds got all the riding they could handle, as the Prospectors M.C. and Bushmasters M.C. held a duel European Scrambles_ This is a chance for everyone to get two rides in, and to earn a lot of points toward that low number next year. The Open class poin t race is still running close for that big number one between Whitey Martino and Rich Thorwaldson. Rich started the day with a fifty-five point lead over Whitey and picked up two good seconds which should help him a bit. The day got started on the Prospectors' six-mile course with the 100cc Amateur-Experts. Terry Clark, No.2 grabbed the lead half-way out on the first lap and held it all the way on his Harley-Davidson. After the race he said, "That was a rough, rocky course, I'm sure glad I wasn't in the dust. I wouldn't want to hit some of those ditches." Cortes Brooks was second. The 500 Experts went off at 11 :00 a.m. J.N. Roberts,l\Io. 8 was on hand to do his thing after his win two weeks ago in the Barstow-to-Vegas Run. J .N. did 'do it again today, grabbed the lead and held it to the finish to take the win on his Tracy's-tuned Husky. Rich Thorwaldson was pushing hard on his Rickman, but he couldn't catch J.N. and took a good second. Rick Shirey, No. 3 on a Bultaco was third. Steve Kirk, No. 2 on a Montesa nosed out Whitey Martino just before the finish line to take fourth. Mr. Smooth and Fast, Tom Poteet, No. 4x powered around the new choppy course' at top speed and picked up another win in his long list; Bultaco·mounted Dick Camp, No. 7x, took second and Jim Brown had a very good ride taking third. First 125cc went to Gary Davies, No. 889mx on a hot Yamaha_ Meanwhile on the Bushmaster eight-mile course which was in faster terrain with fewer rocks, they were also having at it. The 250cc Am-Expert went off at 10 a.m. with Poteet taking a big lead and keeping it to the finish, giving him a perfect day. Larry Pfutzenreuter, ,No. 98x ran second to Poteet all the way. Both were Bultaco-mounted. Jeff Wright moved up to third on his E.C. Birt-tuned Rickman, taking first in the 125cc class. Wes Anderson powered his Bultaco to fourth spot. Later, Wright fell and broke his collarbone. There was a large group of 100cc Amateur-Experts on the line again. Terry Clark, No.' 2 on his fast Harley-Davidson, took the lead about two miles out, with Jeff Wright on a Rickman running second. Clark kept up his fast pace and came in for his second win which should help him in his point race for number one Trailbike rider. He is running a close second to Jack Morgan. Wright fmished the race second and Morgan, No.1 on his Hodaka took third. The 500 and Open Amateur-Experts went off at I :30 after the course had been chewed up good. J.N. Roberts, Rich Thorwaldson and Whitey Martino diced back and forth with all of them helding the point at one time, but at the finish it was J.N. with a good lead, for his second win of the day on his Husky. Rich was second on the Rickman and Whitey took third, making the Open class point race very close, only two more point races this year. After the race Thorwaldson said, "Man, there were so many trails out there it was hard to tell who was where! Sometimes you would have the fast trail, and then the other guy would have a faster trail, and in that dust it's hard to tell where you're at." (Results on page 20) AT OAK CREEK RANCH CASH FOR SRS. GOLD FOR JRS. Terrain: An unreal course with long hills, small mud section, banked esses, jumps and extra wide. also powderpuff 100cc JR. included Practice: 8-9 AM 1st race: 9:30 AM 3 Number plates requ ired Info: (213) 376-4573 ~z . 0 8~ "'tl:::l o!!!. en ... ...< m_ :::l ... 0 ~"'tl <0 ~ ~

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