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N 1 o ... '" a; ~ ~ w Z w oJ U > U REGULARLY SCHEDULED EVENTS ATTENTION PROMOTERS: For Listing in this column call or write: Tom Wash .t CYCLE NEWS ~ox 498. Lonll Beach, Ca. 90801 (213) 427·7433 EVERY SATURDAY MINI BIKE at Trojan Speedway, Pract. noon to 2. racing and qualifying at 2. All classes, Entry $3. admission $1, Mini bike classes (11) can be obtained from Southern Cal. MlB Assoc. EVERY SATURDAY TT RACING .t EI.inore R.ce Track. G.tes open .t 3. races .t 7:30. Off Hwy 71 in Elsinore. Cal. IT RACING at Elsinore Race Track, Gates open at 3, races at 7:30. Off Hwy. 71 in Elsinore, Cal. MINI BIKE .t Trojan Speedway. Pr.ct. noon to 2. racing .nd qualifying .t 2. All cl . Entry $3. edmission $1. Mini bike cl (11) cen be obtained from Southern Ca. MIB Assoc. 1st AN.D 3rd EVERY MONTH SAT. & SUN., DEC'-5' & 6 SUN. OF Deadman's Point, Apple Valley, Cal. - 1st & 3rd Sunday. Motocross - all classes, 8 a.m. pract. - 10 a.m. start. $1.00 Etnry Fee - Info: (714) 247-7473 (eves.) COURSES FOR RENT ADELANTO T.T. TRACK Available for club meets (sanctioned events only). Suitable for cycles and mini-bikes. Hwy. 395, 8 miles West of Victorville. For info, (2131 927-3B60. LAGUNA SALADA 200 for m/c and cars called "On The Sunny Sid. Of Baja" near M.xicali. B.C. ~xico. 30 mi. from the pan of entry .t Calexico. Calif. M/C run on ,Saturday. stan .t 10 •.m. 125/17512501500cc and Open. Two l()().mile laps. $100 entry. 40% purse of receipts. Mail entry to Sill Manin, P.O. Box lS03. Calexico. Calif. $125 post. Starling position by drawing, PONDEROsA HARE SCRAMBLES by Greyhounds M.C. .tans 15 mi. E. of Lancaster on Ave. "J". R.ce .t 10. 40% trophies to trail/125/0pen plus contingencies. Info: (213) 367-2907. SUNDAY, DEC. 6' SATURDAY, DEC. 5 INDOOR SHORT TRACK by Sob B.rkhimer .t S.n Jose. C.1. on Tully Rd. between Frwy .nd Monteray Hwy. Warmups .t 7 p.m.• racing .t S :30: l/tOth mi. asphalt track. Info: 14 Camp Evers. Sant. Cruz. Cal., 95060; (408) 438-3210. CAL. TRAILBIKE CHAMPIONSHIP, cross country. limed N. of Adel.nto on Hwy 395.3 cour.e.. 0-100cc. Nov/Am/Ex/PP/Under 16/Over 4O/Non-r.cers. Nov. go 60 mi.; Am/Ex. 75 mi.; oth..... 30 mi. Trophias, finisher pin•. $6 entry on .ny .tandard bl.nk to RV Enterprises. Box 3882. Torrance. Cal., 90510 - add $2 for spon.ored rides eligible for aw.rd. & publicity. Info: (213) 370-8234, (7141 735-"1641. DANCE by San M.C. .t their clubhou.e. 2194 St.•t 18th in S.n Fr.ncisco. 10th Annual Old Timer. D.nce to live music 9·' a.m. SOUND TEST .t Upson Down. P.rk, twix Santa An. River .nd Riverside Fwy, E. of Kramer Ave., in Anaheim. , 50 minibikes and 100 motorcycles needed (legally muffleredl to ride off 45 minutes to determine if sound can be kept within the exceptable limit. for the adjacent neighborhood•. First come-first •erved - free riding plu. raffle for minibkes .nd helmets. Begin. at noon. If foul we.ther, postponed to Dec. 12 at noon. MOTOCROSS .t DBrega P.rk. Orondo, Wash., 23 mo. N. of Wenatchee. E. sode of Columbi. River. 3 15-min. motos for 125125O/0penl14-under (l25limitl. HARE SCRAMBLES by Cycliers of Bakenfield limed from Bakersfield Speedvvey on N. Chester Ave. AMA senet. $4 entry. Noon .tan for 126cc .nd over. 12:05 stan for' under 125. Info: (8051 S31 -"1333. MOTOCROSS .t Deadman'. Point. $1 entry plu. $2 .dmission. Gates open .t S. first r.ce • t 10. Info: (7141 247-7473. MOTOCROSS by HRA at Huntington Beach Cycle P.rk. $3 entry to Box FA, Wastminster. Cal. 92683, closes Dec. 2. $6 post .ignullS-l 0,3 correct HRA plates or ride Expen. Info: (7141897-"1458. LAST CHANCE ENDURO by CEA limed from Red Mountain, two 45-mile loops. AMA senet., Di.t. 37 pts. $6 entry to CEA Inc., 7S13 S. Blackford St., Whittier, C.1. 90606. begin. Oct. 26, closes Nov. 2S. Include 2 .elf-.ddressed .tamped envalopes. Limited to 500 rid...... Post $8, .dd $1 for each te.m member. Rescue 3. Drawing held Dec. 1 .t S p.m .t Sid'. M/C Service. 11015 Lower Azusa Rd.• EI Monte, Cal. SAND SCRAMBLES .t Indi.n Dunes P.rk 2 mi. W. of Cast.ic Junction, Hwy 126 'in Val.nci., Cal. $5 entry, no .dmi••ion charge to ridel'S. No pIS., pie pl.tes OK, trophies to Nov; cash to Am/Ex. or shine. Info: (805) 259-8000. INTER-AM MOTOCROSS .t S8ddl~ck P.rk. Or.nge. Cal. Info: Joe P.rkhurst i714) 639-5832. RIDE WITH THE BEST RID< @ <~man Ave., east to Santiago Canyon Blvd., turn right, l~ miles to entrance opposite state fire station. Phone (714) 639-5832. TT RACES bt Vegas V.lley M.C. at L•• Vegas' Sunri.e Mt. Track. limed from the New Murray Henz Hond. Shop .t Boulder Hwy .nd Vegas V.lley Dr. AMA senct. $3 entry, .ignup .t 9. practice .t 10. race .t 11. "C" traction only. Info: (702) 737-2523. TT RACES by HRA .t Huntington Seach Cycle P.rk. Signup 9-10:30. $2.25 memben. $2.50 non. 3 correct HRA p1.t.. or ride Expert. Info: (714) 897-"1458. MOTOCROSS by Oa.i. M.C. limed from Coun House 5 mi. N. of F.llon, Nev. AMA Sanct. •ignup & practice 8-9:30, r.cing .t 9:30. All c1...... $1 donation: $4 to ride. INDOOR FLAT TRACK, First Annu.1 Yamaha Silver Cup Series. by Trojar. Enterprises .t the Long Spon. Aren•. Concrete. AMA senct. with $1200 guar.nteed. Pr.ctice 9:30 •. m. to 2:30 p.m. $5 entry with .ignup .t 6; gates open .t 6. Info: 435-1013. SUN~AY, DEC. 20 ACA ROAD RACE .t Carl.bad R.cew.y. Pits open .t S •.m.• r.cing .t noon. All Jr.•nd Sr. GP .nd Production cl...... Info: (714) 528-"1290. CMC MOTOCROSS .t S.ddleback P.rk. $5 mail entry to CMC. Box 1402, Cost. Mesa, C.1. 92626 closes Dec. 15. Post $10. G.tes open .t 7 :30, race.t 10. 3 No. pl.tes. (Please turn to pg. 25) MINI-BIKE & KART ASSOC. Presents the 2nd arnJaI NATIONAL RACE Classes: 1 throu!tl 3 HP/4 through 6 HPnHP and over All ages. S.dd'e6.(i P.ri • - Race Entry Fees Members $5.00, Non-Members $7.50. All Post Entries $10.00 Post entry closes 9:00 AM Dec. 13th 1\10 qualifying Dec. 13th Pre-entries must be postmarked no later than midnight Dec. 8. 1970. > Admission S2.50; Minis S1.50 saooLesaCK parK HARE AND HOUND by IVMC .t Holtville Auxili.ry Airstrip. limed from old Hwy 80 & Hwy 115. Di.t. 38 pIS.• 100 miler. SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Dec. 20th - Saddleback Park Dec. 27th - Carlsbad Raceway SCRAMBLES by Salines R.mblen M.C.•t Crazy Horse Canyon Rd.,12 mi. N. of Salin.. on Hwy 101. Pract. & .ignup 9-11. r.ce .t noon. No mini or trail bikes. 52 admission. under 12 50 cenlS. All cl.sses o-Dpen. AMA senct. Info: (4081422-9809.424-9611. SATURDAY, DEC. 19 SUNDAY, DEC. 13 _-BIKE Dec. 5th Qualifying of Juniors & Sportsman for Inter-Am Si3 MOTOCROSS by V.lley M.C .•t Cyclel.nd Speedway, 14 mi. S. of Chico on Hwy 99-E. S2 to rid. or watch. Signup .t 9. r.ce.t noon. Info: (916) 342-9302.342-"1216. '" -g ::l CIl Starts at 8:00 Practice. Tech & Qualifying info. (714) 842·6083 Starts at 8:00 Practice. Tech Racing DECEMBE

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