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scram6Dn' arounil* By Maureen Lee To a die-hard four-stroke fan like me there was nothing lovelier than to hear the BSA works team bikes running at Saddleback. In this era of the shrieking two-strokes to hear those Beezers thundering up the hills just brought shivers. Even if r have a two-stroke for my own bike I still like the good old thunderers. May they thump forever. Some other observations on the Trans-AMA, it's obvious that these guys are trying harder than some of the perfonnances we've seen on the Inter-Am circuit, especially those of the past years. Two fine firms are really' trying to show the American public what their new models- can do in an . attempt to overcome the domination of the Japanese market, and that of Husqvarna. To make that a little clearer, as soon as it was announced that Suzuki would come out with a motocross machine a lot of Americans smiled and said, "Ab, there go the Europeans" meaning the bikes would be so good they'd blow everyone in the proverbial weeds. Well, if you've seen the Suzukis of Pettersson and Robert, that's predsely what they do•••blow 'em in the weeds. They are fantastic. But, what will the production modds be like? Right now I can hear some of you saying, well, the BSA's are works bikes and will the production models be like them? Probably not, but the point we're trying to get across is that too many people will not even consider the purchase of a British racing machine because now there are going to be japanese motocross machines. So, if a new bike is in your Christmas plans, shop carefully. There are the well-proven, tried and true machines you can't go wronR with but also check 1970 125cc BULTACO SHERPA. Super clean, excellent condition, like new, fast. $675.00. (7141 746~6. SACHS/HODAKA '69/SACHS. Frame Hodak~ ell9ine, B,ates b~, Web!'o);>aJ; clamps, Magura lever, custom seat, Curnutt shocks, Preston Petty fender, Akront rim, side filter with Filtron, Trials tire,,,Super Rat "eogine"; $425. (213) 353-6477. or 353·1921. Super clean. into these newcomers. Don't miss a good check-out because at one time one company built such a miserable "replica" of their works machine it left a bad taste in everyone's mouth, and whatever you do, don't underestimate AjS (and no I don't have an uncle who is chairman of the board or something). We give our tip of the helmet to this company which is building itself up again with all new people and awfully good equipment if you wander wander through the pits and look at these A-jays that have been campaigned they still look good And also, of course, don't underestimate the japanese bikes. Give yourself a break and check 'em all out. We got a bit sidetracked from the rest of the observations on the Trans-AMA, so back to _Saddleback. It was pretty unbeli evable to watch those heavyweights line up in the 250 support class, pretty obvious that their tech. inspector didn't know what he was inspecting, ugh fellers, there is a difference you know, and you KNEW! Lack of communication seems to be the real hangup on races like this. True, motocross is a new word to the AMA but there are a lot of people around who would willingly hdp them learn the game. r can't see why the AMA couldn't have used the services of people like Stu Peters and Kelvin Franks of CMC, or say, members of the ACA who have continually put on motocross events and professional ones too. We all hate to admit when we're a bit lost and feel like a clod when we have to ask for help, but when it's in the best interest of the sport, 1'11 go along with the clod bit. Well, for Carlsbad we've noted that the AMA will accept FIM licenses at Carlsbad, that's a step in the right direction gentlemen. Maybe I will send Tom Clark his bouquet of roses after all. p!a,e( dual f!ltrons, custom seat, Bar;um .rear tire, see to appreciate. (213) 761·1514. BE LL STAR Helmet size 7-1/B, $35.00. 34mm Mikuni carbureto. Manifold for 250cc Bulteco, bolt on h<)f$es, $45.00. (213) 376-4073. reflection of these wishes. Your admirers are ~ n 1M NO. u"n If. CAU&tOJa PHON' 1966 EL CAMINO Automatic 283, very nice, five good tires. chrome, reverse rims, air shocks, new transmission, stereo and speakers hook·up, glass-paks - $1100. (213) 379-5614. SUPER GREEVES MX5 Challenger - $495. Nickel plated frame, Ceriani forks with 21" Akront, compression release, custom tank, unbelieveble torque, fantastic handler. Must sell. moving. (213) 831-5536. 1970 YAMAHA 250 DT1-MX. Extra top end, never 'been used, all necessary parts to make street legal. Offer. Eves: (213) 286-0624 or call Dennis days 285·1154. '69 FORD SUPERVANE300, 302 suspension, bunk and Hateley. 782-6478. V8. 3 speed trans., new tires, HD paneled and carpeted, built in 3 rails for bikes. Phone John (213) 848-6629, 848-7129, 70 YAMAHA DT·1C MX. Ceriani fork spring, compo release, semi-ported & polished, rebuilt, very fast, fork brace. $725 firm. Bob after 6 pm (2131 GA 2~5. 1969 YAMAHA ATl MX, $400. Excellent condition with many special extras. For desert or M.X. 1969 Kawasaki 631 M Greenstreak, $400. Very fast &·reliable. Both for $750. (213) 328-3373. 1969% HODAKA 100. Hi compo head, compo ret., Pike's piston, fresh paint, Renold chain, chamber, excellent condition, fast. Sacrifice $275. (213) 329-0143. BRONSON HELPS KIDS Whether school bells ring for the rest of the year at St. Thomas Aquinas in Ojai will depend on Bronson, and his $5000 Harley-Davidson Sportster. The souped·up cycle is the grand award in a legitimate lottery set for Thanksgiving Day in the school courtyard. From across the nation, Americans have written, "Keep the school open, here's my dollar, I sure would like to own that motorcycle'" Television's Bronson (Michael Parks), knows well the story of spiraling education costs facing the little parish school; his two small dau~ters attend the school. Before anyone could ask his aid, the soft-spoken cycle rider wheeled up to the school, dismounted from the gleaming bike, said, "here it is if it will help" and departed on foot. Letters must include a stamped, self-addressed envelope; "Everyone, whether they send a donation or not, a dollar is the average gift, will hear from us personally and will be remembered in the children's prayers," said Father Richard Smith. Address is: St. Thomas Aquinas School, Ojai, Cal., 93023 and the phone is (805) 646-4338. '71 175 HONDA. 300 mi. on bike, excellent ATTENTION BILL TURNER: May your birthday be delightful, may it be glowing, a ·:·-.. . . : A,. > (.J 1970 GREEVES GRIFFON 250.- Like new, Cerinei forks, new 21" Akront, Waters skid DRAFTED JIJontrsa . SACHS. fH1CAfI UJ .J (.J 1970 MAICO 250. Super-fast engine by Birt. 12131545-2576 or 327-1972. '70 Kawaseki Big Horn 350. 1'700 miles, excellent condition. Must sell today. $700.00 or best offer. After 5:00 (714) 524-0666. HODAKA 1oocc. Has absolutely everything and more. (213) 780-9770 evenings. ~ UJ Z '68 DUCATI 250 street/dirt. Bike excellent condition, $525. (2131 256;6238. WILL PAY $850 for like new CZ 250. (707) 425-9138. bestowing - Pamela, David and Sharron. -" YAMAHA AT1·MX. Real clean, Reed and pumper, high and low pipe, custom built lower end and heed, and experimental, water cooled head, Filtron filter. $450. (714) 628-3183. '68 MONTESA LaCross 250cc. Compression release, Akronts, new tires, new bars, new paint job, runs strong. see to appreciate. Firm $500.00. (213) 923-3549. condition. Offer. Call (213) 831-0737. -_._----------~---- "69 GREEVES 360 MX. Skid plate. Filtron, Ceriani' front. clean and fast. Must sell, $550. Call after 5. weekends (2131 598-4858. 1970 MONTESA CAPPRA 360. 2 & 4 gallon tanks, extra gears, bar, Diamond chain, etc. Very clean and well prepered, as new. $775.00. (714) 528-0046. '67 BULTACO MATADOR 250cc. Desert reedy·, chamber, release, skid plate, Filtron, fork brace, racing rims, stock equip. also. Must see, like new, $400.00. (213) 344-8412. KAWASAKI - lISA MAICO ·IIOTO-GUZZI ·OUCATI·SACHS SALES - SERVICE - MRTS Action Cycle 19322 Beach Blvd., Huntinlt0n 8e¥h TRIUMPH 1967 T.T. SPECIAL. 9 magnum cams & A.R.D. magneto, very fast & clean, $795.00. Honda Trail 50, like new, $100.00. Call (213) 324-7514 or 17141638-9530. ••.•.....••................•.......•• · . · . · · · · · · · • • · · • · Down Pipes - $49.95 • · • Unbreakable · fender with bracket · · $19.95 front · · · · • · Folding foot pegs · · · · $25.95 · · · . CONLEY 250/360 TIS MOTORS · · · · ·..•................................ . 1049 W. Mission, Pomona, Cal. 91766 714-629·8642 Dealer Inquiries Invited tn41 536'-3223 H.D. BAJA 1970'h modified to 125 specs. Very quick & dependable, $500.00. Honda Trail 70 complete fresh engine & trans., $125.00. Call (213) 324-7514 or (714) 638-9530.' silencer, new concentric carb, premium condo $950.00 or best offer. (213) 7B7-3094. WALLACE BERRY Cycle Shirts. Any make, $5.95 - Free brochure. REL·EN, 183 Gresham, Ashland, Ore. 97520. 0" Ute" .acllile S lias .ore" Orange, Maple 92668 501 W. Unit U Calif. to (714) 639·1090 cylirider boring/sleeving/seets instelledl specializing in Honda perts and Honda big bore kits. 1970 HONDA Sl-350. Excellent condition. $600.00. 1969 Kawasaki 238 Green Streak, Filtron, Bailey down pipe, extra perts, $450.00. (213) 326-8536. RACING INSURANCE FOR TRACK OWNERS, PReMOTERS AND CLUBS S. HARRIS PINSKY OF IIICHAEL . BENDER & ASSOCIATES, INC. 5225 WIUHIRE BOULEVARD,Su'la 717 L.A., Calif. 9003& (213) 937'2011 BROKER INQUIRIES INVITED WANT 1969 TRIUMPH Trident perts: Oil cooler. heeders, 750 or 650 front wheel. forks or parts, and misc. (213) 326-6988 or (408) 739-6141. 250CZ Ge'1uine factory downpipe, special European electronic ignition, Girlings. Extras:- Pipe; pistons, complete ignition, carburetor, shocks. Only one in 755-3569. the countryl $850. (714) '68 YAMAHA ENDURO 250cc - Excellent condition. many extras - must sell, $425. (213) 370-7864. .III HUITER erelt R.,lIr '70 BULTACO PurSang. Extras, good cond!, $500.00. (213) 345-2307. 1970 KAWASAKI CENTURIAN. 1969 SUZUKI 250 Savage. Full kit, 2 hf$. on new engine, dirt only, $450.00.1970 PurSang loocc Junior Greenstreak. New, used only 15 hOUf$. Never been raced. (213) 833-1539. condition throughout. Must see to appreciate, excellent gearing, BOLT ON MAGNETO for Yamaha 125 Also shocks, street equipment. engine perts for ATl & DT1. Gas tanks, rims, wheels, cerbs, fendef$, etc. Jim (213) 472·7276. '68% BULTACO 250cc PurSang. Excellent rebuilt, "CZ", 1969%, 25Occ. PRESTON PETTY front fencl, lever covef$, skid plate, kick stand, Filtron, folding pegs, extra cables, levef$, '69 SACHS 125cc. Good running condition, new tires, $450. (714) 557-8779 or (714) 546-2788. super cleen, extras. sacrifice. $550.00 cash. Call (2131 B68-6549 after 5 p.rn. completely REWARD For informetion on '67 Husky 360cc. stolen at "Cowbell Enduro" Nov. B. 1.0. No. 671060. Please help. Phone (415) 953-8524 Belmont. Calif. legal 1966 BSA 441 VICTOR. Street w/extras, $375.00. (213) 630-2512. Why did JOEL ROBERT buy 10 peirs of I.T. SOCKS at the Saddleback Trans-AMA Nov. 15, 1970? Reason: Check J.T. Racing Imports booth at Saddleback, Inter·Am Dec. 6th, 1970. P.O. Box 344, Dane Point, Ca. condition, $700.00. New 4:oox18 knobby, $16.00. (213) 532-0567. HONDA 450'5 CB $950, CL $900 or best offer. (213) 329-1931. PENTON: Akronts, extra pipe, barrel. Perfect for trials, racing. $340.00. (714) 494~.2038. 1970% AMERICAN EAGLE ~cc. 10 port barrel, two tenks, ported and poloshed, double pluging and hllld, compo release, Turner low pipe, Husky gear box, 34mm Mikuni, K&N baf$, very fast and new. Asking $750.00. Jeff, (7141557-9519. ..

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