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100% trophies to all finishers Sponsored by the Optimists Club of Newhall and presented to,You bY,I.R~.E. United States Motocross United States Desert Cham,pionship Team.' , . (;hampionship Team Jim .Wilson -Capt... ,: .:' '*:Whitey Ma!tino'- Capt. *Tim Hart-Co Capt. '. .*.J.N. Roberts -Co Capt. 11 Bill Clements '*Rich Thorwaldson f.rJohn Rice *Mike Patrick John DeSoto * Larry Bergquist *.Jim West *Tom Poteet *Jim O'Neal * * Giant 4 foot trophies to first three places in all Novice classes REGULAR EUROPEAN SCRAIIBLES SCHEDULE INCLUDES l00·125~50 OPEN CLASSES. 1-9 100cc NOVICE ,..10 125cc' NOVI CE 10-11 250Cc NOVICE 11·12 OPEN NOVICE 12:10 -12:30 DESERT - IIOTD-X MATCH RACE 1~ 100·125 All/EXPERT 2·3250 All/EXPERT 3-4 OPEN All/EXPERT 541AWN trophy pre.ntallon party, cuh award c.l.bratlon, raf..... to all (Ba.r If you're old "oulll) and th.· Suzl. Iwlll party at Indian DIlIl.1 lake - "Y.., won't .... thl ..• Mail entry $5.08 to World's Greatest European SCrambles %Dick Allen Yamllla . 24411 san F...... Rd., Newball, Calif. 91321 (105l25H4&O Pest...,: 1." $5." ..'.i. ··"i Do .-, 'S • . WHITEY MARTINO SAYS, "THIS IS PItOBABL:r THE BEST EUROPEAN SCRAIIBLES C·OURSE A'ROUND.· Jill W1UON SAYS, "IT'S REALLY AN EXTRA LONG IIOTOCROSs MD IT'LL BE A REAL CHALLENGE TO IIOTOCROSS RIDERS.· Hil" ., lIte. -., s••~ & f,ees & .0 11 0 0 te.,e,1",e

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