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GROD- VINESS DAY The smooth access roads were used as part of the Combocross Moto-Prix course, riders to reach 60-70 mph. MOORPARK, CALIF. July 19, 1970- A neat th1ng happened at Bay Mare this weekend. Groovtness Day. Actually; 1t was a Comboeross. Moto-Prix. It that makes any more sense. What It amoWited to was a long day of very fun riding aroWid a 2.5 mlle track. A rider's dream come true. Mike Chamberlain won the featured 250ec Expert race, but that didn't really make much difference to the more than 300 Juniors who were on hand for the pleasure of riding. Or, even to the handful of die-hard, four stroke riders who were given their day to play In the DInosaur Class. Or - probably - to the several hWidred spectators who drank their beer. ate their sandwiches and just Jd!ld of hung aroWid enjoying the weather and the sport. It was just a neat tIiIng. Oh yeah: It you're Interested, the results are on page 26. Race Promoter. Dave Grove. even got into the act on.Grooviness Day. Grove rode the·last mota- of the- Dino-saur Q~ass-. pu~'I~~'a fantestic·~ast·-pl.ace.· •.••.••.· Don Pierce. winner of the 100cc class. takes the super-fast. main straight itrmp;···-,..··•·__·· .. _· ..·.. ·•··· •.. • ~ --.•

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