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/ , . REGULARLY SCHEDULED EVENTS ATTENTION PROMOTERS: . For Listing In thll column call or write: Tom Wallh at CYCLE NEWS Box 498, Long BlIach, Ca. 90801 (213) 427-7433 . EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT FLAT TRACK & TT RACING at Orange Co. Raceway. Take S.D. F~ to Valencia or S.A. Fwy to El Toro road to Valencia, right to track. Gates open 6 p.m. Sign uP closes 7:30 p.m. 1st race 8 p.m. 125, 250, 500 & ()pen Classes, Am. & Expert. ACA Sanction. EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT CLASS A Speedway Racing at Orange County FairgroWlds, Costa Mesa. Gates open 7 p.m., Racing 8 p.m. Free park1ng and prOlP'ams. TT RACING, Elsinore Rack Track. Gates open 3 p.m., races start 7: 30 p.m" Off Hwy. 71 in Elsinore, Cal. 3rd SUN. OF EVERY MONTH Deadman's Point, Apple Valley, Cal. - 3rd Sunday, Motocross- all classes, 8 a.m. prac. - 10 a.m. start. $-1.00 Entry Fee - Into: (714) 2477473 (eves.). ADELANTO T. T. TRACK Available for club meets (sanctioned events only). Suitable for cycles and mini-bikes. Hwy. 395, 8 mlles West of Victorville. For info: (213) 927\..3860. WEDNESDAY, dULY 15th OPEN PRACTICE at Huntington Beacb Cycle Park. TT, Class A & m1n1blkes. 12-7. Info: 897-4458. JULY 26 AMA MILE TRACK NATIONAL at Santa Rosa, CaIlf. AMA NATIONAL HALF-MILE at Tulare, CaIlf. MOTOCROSS by Nevada Trailblazers' M.C: 25 mlles north of Sparks on Pyramid Rd. Limed from Interstate 80 and Pyramid W~ in Sparks. AMA sanct. SlgnuP 8 am race at nooo. $2 entry, $2 to see. Info: b02) 358-8141. HALF MILE RACES at Ascot Park. New rooster tall track. Adults $2.95, Juniors $1, under 8 free. TT~NATIONAL CHAMPIONSffiP byAgajan1an Enterprises at Ascot Park, 183rd & Vermont, off Harbor and San Diego Fwys, Gardena, Cal. $7,500purse·.Gates open 5 pm, races ·at 8:30 pm. OPEN PRACTICE at Huntington Beach Cycle Park. Mota-X, Class A & M1n1bikes. 10-4. 7561 Talbert, H.B. Info: 897-4458. TT SCRAMBLES by Perris Motorcycle Recreation Center, at Perris (CaIlf.) Raceway. Gates open at 6pm,practiceat 7:30 pm, races at 8 pm. SAT, & SUN., JULY 18th & 19th SATURDAY, JULY 18th SCRAMBLES by Feather River M.C. Practice and slgnuP 5-7 pm, race at 8 pm. AMA sanct. 3 legible number plates required. Knobbles OK-cushioned track. Into: (916) 742-7785. $ $ at 8a, Mare Aug. 2 1970 Aug. 1 1970 A~ ~ AMERIC~N Sportslllan AU AMERICAN Pro Challlpionships Challlp.ionships $1000.00 i. JULY 18 AMA 50 LAP NATIONAL TT at Ascot Park, Gardena, Cal. AUGUST 1 1st ANNUAL ALL-AMERICAN MOTOCROSS CHAMPIONSHIPS " West Coast IIat;ola's SPEEDWAY'RACI!;G at Orange County Fairgrounds In Costa Mesa. 8 pm. ./ " CMC MOTOCROSS at Ascot Park, Gardena, Cll11f. Gates open 5:30pm, 1st race at 7 pm. CMC membership and three readable number plates required. SCRAMBLES by HI-Hats M.C. atVaIlejo Speedway In Vallejo, Cal. AMA sand. Pract. 5:30 to 7 pm. Races at 8 pm. $2 rider entry per motor - all classes. High point trophy for all classes. Info: (707) 644-0741. COURSES fOR RENT $ " TT AND FLAT TRACK at Trojan Speedway, South Gate, CaIlf. 100, 125, and 250CC classes. Gates open 6pm,lstrace at 7:30 pm. Into: (213) 923-9132. FRIDAY, JULY 11th EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT Ilf & OIe'~ prese.t THURSDAY, JULY 16th $ POKER RUN by Stockton M.C. Start at Stockton M.C. club rooms on MariPosa Rd. Entry Fee $3 by mall before Jul 14, after It goes to $5. Mail to p.O. Box 1843, Stockton, CaIlf. 95201. SUNDAY, JULY 19th CMC MOTOCROSS at Saddleback. Final race of Golden State Series. CMC membership and three number plates required. Post entry $10, mall entry $5 to CMC, Box 1402, Costa Mesa, CaIlf. 92626. Gates open 7:30am, race at loam. MOTOCROSS-$1000 Gold Challenge CuP at Ascot Park. Team competition for big money. $7 mall entry only to p.O. Box 3725, Torrance, CaIlf., closes July 15th. Make checks payable to C.M.A. $10 at gate. $3 pit, $2.50 to spectate. First race 12 noon, pits open 8 am. Entries llmlted to first 225 riders. " $2100.00 ~he ACTION'S at1 S800LeS8CK ORANGE.COUNTY'S MOTOR PLAYGROUND MOTOCROSS at Huntington Beach Cycle Park by HRA. Mail entry closes July 15. $3 mall/$6 post. P.O. Box FA, Westminster, Ca. 92683. Non-members ride EllPert. 3 number plates. SlgnuP 8-10 am. 7561 Talbert, H.B. Info: 897-4458. MOTOCROSS by Nevada Trailblazers M.B. was July 17. 25 mlles north of Sparks on Pyramid Rd. Limed from Int.. 80 and Pyramid Way In Sparks. AMA sanct. SlgnuP 8 am, race at noon. $2 entry. $2 to see. Info: (702) 358-8141. HARE SCRAMBLES by LostAngels M.C. Limed from HI Vista Store and Hwy. 395. AMA Dlst. 37 pts. Start at 9 am. $3.50 entry. Into: (213) 768-1058. TEAM. SCRAMBLES by Brush Barons M.C. at Carlsbad Raceway. Adm. $2.50, entry $1 plus adm. for 3 hr. race. Sign uP 7 to 8:30 ellP., 10 to 12 nov., races at 9 am, no pract. Into: 746-3839. ROAD RACES by ACA. National.points. At Willow Springs intI. Raceway, Rosamonel, CaIlf. All Jr & Sr GP and Tourist Trophy classes. Pract. at 9: 30 am, first race 12 noon. Info: (714) 528-4290. SPORTSMAN ROUGH SCRAMBLES by Roadrunners M.C. AMA sanct. Races at 12 DOOn. $2 entry. Clubgrounds located south of Tacoma at S. 176th and 74thAve. East, follow signs. Into: (206) 537-4129. MOTOCROSS by Tijuana M.C. Take Hwy toward Tecate to Rodriguez Dam. Entry $3. Info: Javier T1znado, 99 Chulavlsta St., Tijuana. COMBOCROSS MOTO-PRIX by 1.R.E. at Bay Mare. 50% trophies to all. 125-250Open classes, 100cc Jr. only class and 4 stroke dinosaur class. Mail entry $3 to IRE Groovyness Day., 6605 Desoto, Canoga Park, CaIlf. SIgn uP: 7- 9, pract. 9-9:30, first race 9:35. Post entry $5. MOTOCROSS by CMC North at Champion Raceway in Brisbane at end of Tunnel Rd. Mail entries close July 17, $5 malll $10 post to CMC, 3143 Sheffield Pl., Concord, Cal., 94520. Info: (415) 6823543. TT SCRAMBLES by Jackrabbits M.C. at Elsinore. Day race 15 AMA sanet. with Dlst. 37 pts. Pract. for 0-200 at 8:00 am, 250 at 10:30 am, Heavies at 12:30 pm. Into: (213) 869-0600. (Continued on page 26) RIDE WITH THE BEST RIDg CASH PUISf tr.piies-.erc'o.lIise-cosit oworlls 100-125-250-0Pf" I., .ore Jacket. t1l flr't 3 In1llr.• cUh. ALL-AMERICAN 'SPORTSMAN INFORMATION $pen.... IRE • CMC Cblll1\li.....ip JULY 19 Z50 Inter•• Pro CMC Motocross Juutt to flra' fl." In ••ch dl,lslan • traphll. to first 12 . piIU' In each dl'hlon. SlSllrt clrtlflcats to ..chdl,lslon win,.,. 3MOIIProcr..

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