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. - , 'R e g u l a r l y ' Scheduled Ev..n'. ATTENTION PROMOTERS: For Ustlnl ln t his column call or writ. : C/O Cycle News Box 49' , Lonl Beach, Ca. 91>601 HALF-Mn.E RACES at Ascot Park. New Rooster taU track for some of the biggest names In pro racing, Including Lawwill, Romero, Aldana, Brelsford, and Seabourne. Adults $2.95, juniors ,$1, under 'S free. ,(213) 421-1433 '- EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT (Beginning April 29lh) FLAT TRACK & TT RACING, at Orange Co. Raceway. Take S.D . F wy to Valencia or S.A . Fwy to El Toro r oad to Valencia, right to track. Gates open 6 p.m, Sign uP closes 7:30 p.m, 1st race 8 p.m, 125, 250, 500 & Open Classes, Am. & Expert. ACA Sanction. SCRAMBLES by HI Hats M.C ., every Friday night at Vallejo Race Track.AMA sanct. $2 to ride or watch, three number plates a must. 6 bikes to a class, all classes. SignuP starts at 5 pm, races begln at 8: 15 pm, Dist; 36 sportsman points and trophies In all classes. Info: (415) 228 -5676. ' EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT (Beginning May 1st) SATURDAY, MAY 91h MOTOCROSS by River Ridge Associated at Z1llah, Wash . Follow signs from center of town to Lower Park, Race starts at 1:30 pm, entry fee $3. Classes are 14 aod under, powder putt, 125, 175, 250, aod over 250 . Overnight camping. EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT :lsi &: 31'11 SUN, OF EVERY MO. ' Deadman's Point, Apple Valley, Cal. 1st Sun. European Scrambles, 3 Classes, 1 hr. each - It a.m, Practice - 10 a.m. start - 3rd Sunday, Motocross - all classes, 8 a.m. prac, - 10 a.m, start. $1. 00 Entry Fee - Info: (714) 247-7473 (eves.) , SCRAMBLES by Hayward M.C. at Hayward Speedway, 3800 Depot Rd. First race 7:30 pm, $2 to ride or watch, ages 8-12, $1. Practice 4:30-6 pm, Pits open at 4 pm, Info: (415) 783-9922. .. ENGLISH TRIALS by Pacific Northwest Trials Association. Located at Yantis Park, corner of. S.W. 2nd and Dehaven St., Milton-Freewater, Ore.SignuP 12:30 pm, start at 2pm. Entry $3.50noo PNTA, . $2.50 PNTA. Helinets required. Info: (503 ) 566-3526• COUIISES FOil RENT MINIBIKE RIDING only on Mlnibure course $1.00 per bike and rider. 10-4. Huntington Beach Cycle Park, Info : (714) 897-4458. SUNDAY, MAY 10th ADELANTO T.T. TRACK Ava11able~for clUbmeetB '(sanction~ , lI98IIts only). SuItable for cycles aDd mlni-blkes. H~. 395,8 mJJes West of. Victorvtlle. Fo~ info: (213) 9273860. ,- WEDNESDAY, MAY 61h SHORT TRACK & TT by ACA at Orange County SPeedway, El Toro, Cai,Pitgates open 6:00 pm, first event 8:00 pm, Info: (714) 528-4290. ' THURSDAY, MAY Jth TT RACES at Ascot Park, Pro racers Include Van Leeuwen" Romero, Castro, Rockwood and others. Racing starts at 8 pm, with admission $2.95 fo.':' adults, $1.95 Juniors. $1 for kids 8-12 FRIDAY, MAY 81h SPEEDWAY RACING by International Speedway tnc., every Friday night at Orange County Fairgrounds, near Intersection of Newport Blvd, and Fair Dr.In Costa Mesa. Racing starts at 8:15 pm, AMA PRO at DIxon Fairgrounds, 15 miles west of. Sacramento. Short track, thtrd mlle dirt. Purse $600. Trials 7 pm, Races 8 PJE. _. . - __ MOTOCROSS . by ACA, at Anzac Raceway, Palmdale, Cal. All Sportsman , classes and 125, 250 aod 500cc SeDlor classes. Practice 9:00 am, first event 11:30 am. Info: (714) 528-4290. HARE SCRAMBLES, 2nd Annual Mother's Day Function by Red Dots M.C. AMA saoct., Dist. 37 points. LeMaos start. Two 35 mUe loops. Flnisher pins. Limed from Mojave on Hwy 14. Start at 10 am. Entry 53. Info: (213) 241-7778. HARE SCRAMBLES by SodBusters M.C. Closed 65 mUe (Plus) course. Umed from north end of MagnollaAve., Santee, CaIU. SignuP 8 am, first out at 10 am. Entry $2.50, gate fee $1. Proceeds to Santee Youl!J- _ Organization. ROUGH SCRAMBLES 3rd Annual Mother's Day Race by Powder PuffAssn., at Perris Raceway. AMA sanct., Dtst.:n polats; 10 laps, more or less. Info: (213) 375-0737 • • AMA NATIONAL ENDURO CHAMPIONSHIP 100 mUe run by International Speedway Corp., Talladega, Ala. TT SCRAMBLES by Ashland Lancers M.C. at Ashland, Ore. MOTOCROSS AND OBSERVED TRIALS at Motor Sprot Park, Ft. Worth, Tell:llS. Texas Championshlp Series. Trials start at 10 am, racing at 2 pm, Info: (807) 335 -2109. MOTOCROSS by Bay Mare Cycle Association, at Bay Mare. AMA saoct., Dfst, 37 points. Motocross numbers only. Post entry $5, mall entry $3 to Bay Mare Cycle Assoc., 13902 Ham1lln St., Van , NUYf, C~. 91401 . SPORTSMAN SHORT TRACK by J.&J. Enterprises and IMBA Inc., atRedRlver SpeedWay, Wichlta Falls, Texas. Starts at 2 p .m, SCRAMBLES by Palo Alto M,C. at Fremont Drag Strip. All new track, graodstands. AMA sanct, Ten mUes north of San Jose on Oakland Fwy. SignuP 9-12 am. Alle classes. Admission $2, plus 25~ per rider for Insurance. , . MOTOCROSS by Bob BaJley, at Ascot Park. Four event series starting May 3. Post entry $5. Pits open 7 am, practice 8 am, Juniors race at 11 am and Seniors at noon ;Spectators watch 7-11amactlon free, after 11 am, $2,45 with coupon In paper . SCRAMBLES by Hi Hats M.C., every , F r iday night at ValleJoRaceTrack.AMA sanct, $2 to ride or watch, three number plates a must. 6 bikes to a class, all classes. SlgnuP starts at 5 pm, races begin at 8:15 pm, Dist. 36 sportsman points and trophies In all classes. Info: (415) 228-5676. c, SPEEDWAY RACING by International Speedway Inc., every Friday night at Orange County Fairgrounds, near intersection of Newport Blvd. 'and Fair Dr. In Costa Mesa. Raclng starts at 8: 15 pm, FREE FILM SHOWING by Pac1flc cciast Honda, at Peck Park Aud., 500 N. Western Ave., San Pedro. Motocross and desert fllms start at 8 pm, No tickets ' necessary. SATURDAY, MAY 161h . ROAD RIDER'S ENDURO by Lockheed ERA M,C . About 250 mJJes of paved roads. Sel:ret check points. Normal enduro scoring. Lots of trophies. Rider'S meeting 9 am, first bike off at 10 am. Starting llne at Brooks Cyclery, San Jose, CaIU. Mall entry 53,post 54.Entry and Info: Al Hayes, Box 35, Sunnyvale, CaIU. 94088. five' SPORT RIDING, Huntington Beach Cycle Park. Motorcycles on Motocross course only. $1.50 per bike and rider. MInibikes on mlniblke course $1.00 bike and rider. 10-4. Spectators 50 cents. Info: (714) 897-4458. SCRAMBLES by Hayward M.C . at Hayward Speedway, 3800 Depot Rd. First race 7:30 pm, $2 to ride or watch, ages 6-12, . $1. Practice 4:30-6 pm, Pits open at 4 pm, Info: (415) 783-9922. MOTOCROSS by Booodoclrer.- M.C :,' miles nortll of. Port "Orford, Ore.. oft cape Blanco Rd. SIgns posted. InfO: (503)" 348-2344 or (503) 2432. 348: HARE SCRAMBLES by Sod Busters M.C. Closed 65 mUe (Plus) course. Limed from Intersection a! Mission Gorge Rd, and Carlton HWs Blvd., Santee, CaIU. SignuP 8 am, first out at 10 am. Entry $2.50, gate fee $1. PrOceeds to Santee Youth Organization. (Conti nued on page 26) INTERNATIONAL RACING ENTERPRISES PRESENTS EAST/WESTMX = RETURNS TO • • BAY IARE 5 . M AYOf17'" fINAL RACE. SERIES I 5 HALF MILE 5MOTORCYCLE • 5 RACES 8:00pm 5THIS THURSDAY 5TT STEEPLECHASE 58:oopm ~ FRIDAY, MAY 15th t5 a • for = Watch your newspaper racesdetails of special Thursday night TH URSDAY, MAY 141h = . . . . . . . . . . Cut thi s out and present at box office •••••••• 5EVERY 5FRiDAVAT MOTOCROSS by Kern County Trallblazers M.C., at Poso Park, 18 mUes No' of Bakerstfied on hwy 99. All classes. AMA sanct., Dist. 35 points. Out of Dist. cards honored. Practice 8 am, first race at 10 am. Post entry 54, mall entry $2, to 240 E . Ash, Shafter,CaIU.Mallcloses May 6. Info: (805) 832-8538. TT RACES 3rd Sat. night of every month at the Tulare Fair Grounds. TT RACES. Huntington Beach Cycle Park by Huntington Racing Assoc. SignuP 8-10 $2.50 entry for non-members $2.25 for members. Gate $1.50. Info: (714) 8974458. I CLASS A Speedway Racing at Orange County Fairgrounds, Costa Mesa. Gates open 7 p.m., Racing 8 p.m. Free parking and programs. TT RACING, Elsinore Race Track, Gates open 3 p.m., races start 7:30 p.m, Off Hwy. 71 In Elsinore. Cal. EUROPEAN SCRA MBLES by Allgood Racing Enterprises, at Carlsbad Raceway, 2nd race of series. Seven mUes east of Interstate 5, on Palomar Rd. Mall entry $7.50, Post entry $12.50. Registration and practice between 8-12 am; with race starting at noon. $1000 In .cas h or trophies to wInner. Championship pts, Info: 7982 La Jolla Blvd., La Jolla, CaIU. 92037 . (714) 488-6006. . 5 • 5 • = • • • • • • SO,¢ • • • DISCOUNT! For each of two people this saves... ........_. Full coverage helmelS 10 Jr. Class &: division winner. S300.00 cash 10 250 &: 500 Senior classes 50% trophies 10 100 Jr. class 6 trips 10 Easl presenled after evenl Special key ring award 10 all entries Ihis evenl only. Entry Fee: $3 Post Enft'y S5 ' FOR INFORMATION CALL OR WRITE: DAVE GROVES- 6685 DESOTA AVE., CANOGA PARK, CA, (n3) 3484349

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