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FRIDAY, JANUARY 2nd ' Fli T TRACK AND TT SCRAMBLES at Trojan Speedway, South Gate, Cal. Gates open 6 p.m. and close at 7:15 p.m. First race 7:30 p.m. Into: (213) 923-7115. SUNDAY, JANUARY 4th MOTOCROSS by the Feather River M.C. Road limed from Marysville, Cal. AMA Sanct. All classes and side backs. Slgn_ up at 9 a.m. First race at Noon. 'M' SCRAMBLES by Eastside Cycle Inc. of. TUCSOll, Ariz. on graded and oiled 3/8 mt. track with three Jumps. Into: 3276902. TRIALS by Paclt1c International Trials Society at Cycle Hills near Uvas Dam, Morgan H111, Cal. Advance entry to: Mr. Vic Victorine, PITS Registrar, p.O. Box 2272, Menlo Park, Cal. 94025. _ the group was Instantly a smash hit. The R-D gauntlet bas been picked up by another well known So. Cal Motocross team, Bob Maynard's of. Orange County. In a letter to promoter Bob BaIley the Orange County boys announced that they would assault Ascot Park In full force and come to throw dlrton the R-D team's colorful Jerseys. The Orange Couoty team says that they are out to prove their supremacy as a motocrossers and expect to tleld at least 25 riders at the December 28th Ascot race. Both Tlckertron and Mutual Ticket agencies are handling advance sales for the two day meeting wbtch Is expected to draw the entries nt some of the finest International stars. Tbre-tlme British National Champion Dave Bickers, for one, will appear at Ascot on Dec. 28th. 1970 AMA Nationals (NOTE - Owtac to chaDlell 8IId renslons lllat ..., be nee...". all the sealIDO dev"bp., the!!fl events and elates sbould be coosldered only tenlaUve. Cbeck CYcle News' Calendar a few weeks pnor to each e_t for 8IIY last mi...te revi slons ..d additions.) OPEN DA TE- INDOOR SHORT TRACr.: CHAMPIONSHIP Bob Barkh1mer Associates, Inc. San Jose, Callt. OPEN DATE-150 MILE ENDURO Schuyler County M.C., Inc. Alpine, J.J. FEBRUARY 6-7 " 8-SHORT TRACK CHAMPIO~HIP Houston, Texas Astrodome. INDOOR TT CHAMPIONSHIP Houston, Texas Astrodome. MARCH 8-100 MILE STONE MOUNTAIN MOTOCROSS by River Ridge Associates ENDURO £WoWPIoNSHIP Zillah, Wash. 2 miles east of Zlllah on Georgia Crackers M.C. Decatur, Ga. Hwy 12 to Teapot Service Station. Slgn_ MARCH 9-15-DAYTONA SPEED WEEK up at 9 a.m. race at Noon. $3 entry. BtU France. Daytona, Fla. MARCH 22 80-MILE ENDURO CHAM100 MILE ENDURO by C.E.R.A. (Callt. PIONSHIP Enduro Riders Assn.) Limed 15 mi. So. ' Glass CIl;y M.C. Toledo, Ohio. of Barstow on Hwy 15 & 66,. Entries MARCH 29 9f> MILE ENDURO CHAMclose Dec. 20. $6 mail entry. $7 post. PIONSlDP Team entry $1 per rider extra. Mall South Jersey Enduro Riders, Ine:. Mt. entries to: C.E.R.A., Box 2102, Cypress, Holly, N.J. . Cal. 90630. APRIL 5 100 MILE ENDURO CHAMFRIDAY, JANUARY 91h PIONSHIP Sbamrocks M.C. Southern Calltornla. FLAT TRACK AND 'M' SCRAMBLES at APRIL 12. 100 MILE ENDURO 'CHAMTrojan Speedway, South Gate, Cal. Gates PIONSIUP open 6 p.m. and' close at 7: 15 p.m. First Polta IlIIlts M.C. s.cramento, Cal. race 7:30 p.m. Into: (213) 923-7115. APRIL I.Z 20. LAP HALF-MILE CHAMAtlanta. GeoI'cia. PIONSHiP SUNDAY, JANUARY 11111 APRIL 18 " 19 100 MILE ROAD RACE MOTOCROSS by D1rtd1ggers Noeth at CHAMPIONSIUP Helvetia Park 011 Hwy 16 between Sa2,25 mDe 1IIp. BIll IloDer, prom.... cramento and Woodland. Limed from 250 ,,; btc- bike' EJIIlertll' Only. Seattle Inter State 80 and Harbor Blvd. Slgn-up In1er. .tional. RaceW; KeDt, Wasil. at 8:30 a.m. tlrst race 10:30. P.O. Box APRIL 19 STEEL HELKET 100 MILE 338, Orangeft1e, Cal. Into: (916) 652E.NDURO CHAMPIOJlSHIP . 7800 or 988- 4725. Midwest Enduro Team, st. Louis, Mo. HARE AND HOUND by the HI Siders M.C. (SubJ. to lnl'll8t1ptioo I,y AlIA staff.) Three 15 mila loops, trophies to 50% of. APRIL 25 " 26 UNDER 100 MILE ROAD tln1sbers. Limed from Jefferson and RACE CHAMPIONSHIP Inierstate 10, 5 miles nortb aI. Indio, Cal. Combination 250 and Open class, exInto: (714) 347-8118. perts .only. Sears,PoInt, Nortbern Cal. SNOW RUN from Paclt1c Coast Honda, APRIL 26 100 MILE ENDURO CHAM2073 PacIt1c Coast Hwy.. Lomita, Cal. PIONSeHIP Gorman to Ojll1 and Il8'ct to L.A. For Bristol Twlns M.e. Vl1'c1nla. masochists, sadists and hardy riders. MAY 3 2Q-LAP HALF-MILE CHAMPIONSHIP MOTOCROSS by the CMC. First race of. John W. Barton. Cumberland, Md. new Hallman Trophy Series at Carlsbad MA Y 3 200 ~ILE ENDURO CHAMRaceway, Cal. Experts ride for cash, PIONSHIP Junior series wiDner to win 1970 Penton , MIdwest Natl. Enduro Riders Assn. and I years sponsorship Hallman racing. shelby, Ind. MAY 10 100 MILE ENDURO CHAMFRIDA Y, JANUARY 16th PIONSHIP FLAT TRACK AND TT SCRAMBLES at Hill & Gulley Riders M.C. Blooming Trojan Speedway, South Gate, Cal. Gates Valley, Pa. open 6 p.m. and close at 7: 15 p.m. First MA Y 10 150 MILE ROAD RACE CHAMrace 7:30 p.m. Into: (213) 923-7115. PIONsHIp Dallas, Texas. SUNDAY, JANUARY 18th MAY 15 100 MILE ENDURO CHAMPIONSIUP ENDURO Sonora Pass WInter Enduro, Talladega, Alabams. AMA Sanct. Start and tln1sh at ConfiMAY 15-17 ROAD RACE CHAMPIONdence, Cal. 13 miles east of. Sonora on SHIP Hwy 108. Approx 100 miles. Spart ArTalladega, Alabama. restors required. $4 entry fee to: Sonora MA Y 17 100 MILE ENDURO CHAMPass M.C., P.O. Box 259, Sonora, Cal. PIONSlDP 95370. $3 team entrY. Entries close Tompkins County M.C., Inc. Newtleld. Jan. 5th. First rider out 9: 01 a.m. New York• . MAY 24 250 MILE ENDURO CHAMFRIDAY, JANUARY 23rd PIONSHIP INDOOR SHORT TRACK at the Cow Enduro Riders Assn. Columbus, Ohio. Palace, San Francisco, Cal. AMA ProMA Y 24 125 MILE ROAD RACE CHAMfessionals. Races at 8: 15 p.m. Adults PIONSHIP $2.75, kids 75~. Western Tennessee Timtng Assn. Memphis, Tennessee. SUN D~ Y, JANUARY 25th MAY 30 " 31 '500 MILE GREENHORN ENDURO CHAMPIONSHIP ENDURO Iron Horse Enduro by the Bay Pasadena M.C. Pasadena, CalltorDla. City M.C. at Lucerne, Cal. 115 miles MAY 31 20 LAP HALF MILE CHAMmostly dirt tralls 24 mph average. AMA PIONSHIP , Sand. SPark arrestors required. $4 Ja/Do Productions. Reading, Fa. entry, $4 team entry to: Bill Lyons, JUNE 6 20 LAP HALF MILE (NIGHT) 1546 Victoria Way; Pac1tica, Cal. 94944. LouIsville Down!!. LouisYWe, Ky. Entries close Jan. 19. Into: (415) 359JUNE 7 20 LAP HALF MILE CHAM6873. PIONSHIP Professional Motorcycllni', Inc'. Terre SUNDAY, FEBRUARY lsi Haute, Ind. ' JUNE 7 100-PLUS MILE ENDURO ENDURO by North Bay M.C. Sawm111 CHAMPIONSHIP Enduro. At C.C. Camp In Mendocino Back Mountain Enduro RIders, Inc. Nat!. Forest. Limed from Upper Lake, Dallas, Pa. Cal. AMA Sanct. $5 post entry, $4 mall JUNE 14 LACONIA 100 MILE ROAD entry to Max Hurlburt, 2283 Hearn Ave., RACE CHAMPIO.mP Santa Rosa, Cal. Into: (707) 542-0287. Loudon, New Hampshire. JUNE 14 180 MILE ENDURO CHAMSUNDAY, FEBRUARY Bth. PIONSHIP Athens M.C., Inc. Atbens, Ohio. MOTOCROSS by the Feather River M.C. JUNE 21 l5 MILE MINI-ROAD RACE at Marysville, Cal. AMA Sanct. Sign-up Pittsbarp Raclng Assn. Heldelburg, at 9 a.m. race at Noon. All classes incl. Pennsylftnla. Sidebaclts. Road limed trom Marysville. JUNE 28 TT NATIONAL CHAMPIONTT SCRAMBLES by Eastside Cycle Inc. SHIP (NIGHT) at Tucson, Ariz. 3/8 mile oiled track San1a Fe Part Enterprises, Inc. ,HInswith three jumps. dale, m. JUNE 28 CHARITY NEWSIES 20 LAP HALF MILE CHAMPIONSHIP JULY 5 10 MILE HALF MILE CHAM-. PIONSHIP Bob Bartblmer Associates. San Jose, Calltornla. JULY U 30 LAP 'M' CHAM;PfONSHIP (NIGHT) Mount st•. Helens M.C. Castle Rock, Was~. JULY 18 50 LAP TT CHAMPIONSHIP (NIGHT) Agajanlan Eaterprlses. Ascot. Gardena, Calltornla. JULY 26 20 MILE CHAMPIONSHIP (MILE TRACK) Bob Barkh1mer Associates. Sa/lta ,Rosa, California. AUGUST 120 LAP HALF MILE CHAMPIONSHIP (NIGHT) . Harold Murrell & J.C. Agajanlan. Turare, Calltornla. AUGUST 2 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP HILLCLIMB Muskegon M.C. Muskegon, Michigan. AUGUST 21 SHORT TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP (NIGHT) Santa Fe Park Enterprises, Inc. Hinsdale, Illinois. AUGUST 22 25 LAP SHORT TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP (l/4-MILE) NIGHT Springfield Speedway. Springfield, Ill. AUGUST 23 20 LAP TT-GHAMPIONSHIP _MY. the CI) ~ ~ r..J ..:J t.l G CycleN-ws LAST CHANCE · · : · • : • · c · • · · • · · • · · • : • To Mike DISTRICT #37 POINTS DECE.,EI 28, 1969 • · • • ~ · • • . . . : : • • . : • . • . • : . • . . . • . • . • . • • HARE i . • i SCRAMBLES i • • • • : TRAIL BIKES WE LOVE YOU, : : BUT, YOU GO ALL THE WAY! : • • • • . . · : : : • • · • Limed From Adelanto 10:00 a.m. Stlrt T IVO 40-1111. loops : II'.G JOUI : : CHI'ST.AS srOOlfl : : : • • . • : . i i ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••, ORANGE COUNTY M.C. CHALLENGES R-D CREW IN L,A, INTERNATIONAL MOTOCROSS Sparked by team captain, eighteen year old Mike Cbalnberlaln from Woodland Hills, Calltornla, the San Fernando Valley will uncork Its R-D Ractng crew at the Los Angeles-International Motocross wbtch Is to be held at Ascot Park In Gardena, December 27th & 28th. 'The other three members of. the team, sponsored by R-D Sportcyc1es In Canoga Park, Cal., are Terry Btlton of WOQ!;!land Hills, Bob Steffan nt Granada Hills and Bill Payne, a sixteen year old skyrocket trom Simi, Cal. Payne, who entered his tlrst race In May of. this year, bas already garnered an enviable string of. motorcycle competition victories. He's collected six wins a second and a third place flnlsh, Inc1u'ding a first overall in the recently completed Hope Town Grand Pix - a contest In wbtch young Mr. Payne had to beat approximately seventy other riders to flnlsh 11oe. No less impressive, are the triumphs of. Steffan Bilton and Chamberlain. This year aloo'e, they have divided seventeen "tlrst at the checkers" between themselves. And It Is rumored that they are improving In every race. The tlrst event wbtch the members of. the team entered as a unit, was at the Westlake Inter-Am last mOllth. Thereastride imported Malcos, and completely attired In gold and black riding clothes ~ :. lfIeasons BIIreeting') from the staff of PeoriaM.C.Peor1a,~. AUGUST 30 50 LAP CHAMPIONSHIP (ONE AND ONE-EIGHTH MILE) NIGHT a"et1 J1 Valley M.C. Easton, Fa. Nazareth tract. SEPTEMBER 12 " 13 JACK PINE 400 MILE ENDURO CHAMPIONSHIP Lanatng M.C., Lanalng, Michlpn. SEPTEMBER 13 50 MILE CHA~ION. SHIP (MILE TRACK) Apjanlan Emerprtses. Sacramento, Ca11tornla. SEPTEMBER 19 20 LAP HLAF MILE CHAMPIONSHIP (NIGHT) Apjan1an Enterprtses. Ascot Park, Gardella. Ca11tornla. SEPTEMBER 27 125 MILE ENDURO CHAMPIONSHIP MatIIlor M.C. Camden. New OCTOBER 4 20 LAP HALF MILE CIlAMPIONSIDP , Ok1a1loma City, Ok1a1loma. OCTOBER·4 100 MILE ENDUROCHAMPIONSIUP Bluff.: 14,.C. ,Nebraska CIl;y, Nebr. OCTOBER 11 MOTOCROSS CHAMP10NSHIP Moto-Park, Inc. Cr.oloa, Obki. OCTOBER 1'8 100 MILE ENDURO CHAMPIONSHIP WlIYne County M.C. Port Glbsoo, N.Y. OCTOBER 18 MOTOCROSS CHAMPIONSHIP R1Terda1e SpeedW87 Enterprlsas, Sl, LoIils, MIssOurI. OCTQBER 25 MOTOCROSS CHAMPIONSHIP DIIyton M.C., Inc. Dayton, Ohio OCTOBER 25 125 MILE BUSTED PISTON DERBY ENDURO CHAMPIONSIDP Mid_t Enduro Team St. Louis, Mo. CO) DECEMBER 21 National Mini-Bike Championships SCTA Riding School DECEMBER 28 ACA Motocross Finale JANUARY 1 Happy New Year! Open Weekends, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Closed Weekdays Admi ssion $2.50; Juniors & Minis $1.50 saDDLesacK ParK . BOX 2455, oranGe. cauFOfTlla 92667 NewportFwy. to Chapman Ave .. east to Santiago Canyon BI Yd., tum right, 1Y.z miles to entrance opposite state station. Phone (714) 639-5832.

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