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SUNDAY, DECEMBER 7th MOTOCROSS by the Richmond Ramblers M.C. at Richmond, Cal. Write to: p.O. Box 484 Sta. A, Richmond, Cal. AMA Dlst. 36 Sanct. I TRIALS Riding School by the S.C. T.A. at Saddleback Park. Info: (714) 639-5832. MOTOCROSS by the K.C. Trallblazersat Poso Park, Cal. AMA Dist. 35 sanct. MOTOCROSS at Daroga Park, Wash. 6 mUes north of Orondo, Wash. CROSS COUNTRY by the Lions M.C. AMA Dist. 38 sanct. HARE SCRAMBLES by the Nevada Trallblazers M.C. at Reno, Nev. AMA Dist. 21 Sanct. Info: 323-6075. MOTOCROSS by the CMC at Carlsbad, Cal. Gates open at 7:30 a.m. pract. at 8 and first race at 10 a.m. $5 mall entry to: P.O. Box 1420, Costa Mesa, Cal. $10 post entry. SCRAMBLES by the Blue Barons M.C. at Graham, Wash. AMA Dist. 22 Sanct. Info: 474-1594. SHORT TRACK by the Texas Travelers M.C. of San Antonio, Tex. AMA Dlst. 19 Sanct. Info: 333-8598. MOTOCROSS by the Antelpe Ramblers. AMA Sanct. Info: (213) 769-2582. CROSS COUNTRY by the Prospectors M.C. AMA Dist. 37 Sanct.lnfo: 637-0682. dARE SCRAMBLES by Cycllers M.C. Olldale, Cal. Dlst. 35 Sanct. SCRAMBLES by the Coachella Valley M.C. at the Perris, Cal. track. AMA Sanct. Info: 329-7356. 'SCRAMBLES by the Sa1lnas Ramblers, Salinas, Cal. AMA Dlst. 35 Sanct. Sandy track. SCRAMBLES by the Bushmasters M.C. In Riverside Co., Cal. AMA Sanct. Info: (714) 849-8264. OPEN PRACTICE, sport riding. Huntlngton Beach Cycle Park. 1/2 mi. W. of Beach on Talbert. $1.50 per rider.Spectators 50 cents. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 12th MOTOCROSS at Altamont SPeedway, Tracy-Livermore on Hwy. 50atJunction of 580. Jr. and Sr. rider classes. Gates open at 6 p.m., first race at 8 p.m. Info: (415) 276-9213. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 13th CHRISTMAS PARTY and new ottlcers the S.C.M.A. Info: 429-3557. inaugural ball by SUNDA Y, DECEMBER 14th TRIALS 'by Paclflc Intl. Trials Society at Cycle HWs near Uvas Dam, Morgan Hill, Cal. Mall entry to: PITS Registrar, P.O. Box 2272, Menlo Park, Cal 94025. Info: (415) 992-3657. MOTOCROSS by the Feather River M.C. Road limed tin Marysv111e, Cal. AMA Sanct. Sign-uP and pract. 9 to 11 a.m. Race at Noon. All classes. HARE sCRAMBLES State Championship by the Pathfinders M.C. AMA Dist. 35 sanct. Fresno, Cal. INTER-AM MOTOCROSS Saddleback International at Orange County, Cal. (Saddleback Park) International class starts at Noon. ROAD RUN by Honda Limited. Kamikaze Run: Rain, Snow, whatever. Info: DIck Schandoney (213) 894-9218. SCRAMBLES by the Greater SeatUe M.C. at the Jolly Roger M/C ground, Kent. Wash. Info: 720-0964. AMA Sanet. HARE AND HOUND by the Lobos Inc. M.C. at Oregon City, Ore. AMA Sanet. Info: 252-5923. TRIALS by the Blue Barons M.C. at Olympia, Was~ AMA Dlst. 22 Sanct. Info: 474-1591. HARE AND HOUND by the Imperial Valley M.C. in the Yuba Desert area. Write to: Box 127, Imperial, Cal. AMA Dlst. 38 Sanct. TUESDAY, DECEMBER 2~d VACA TION by the Cycle News staff. The' offices of Cycle News will be closed for two weeks during the holiday period. SUNDAY,DECEMBER2~ TT SCRAMBLES by Lightweights M.C. at Adelanto, Cal. Race Track. Special M1n1 Blke race. 0-20Occ 4 a.m. sign-uP, 8 a.m. practice. 250cc 10 a.m. sign-uP. Big bores 12 p.m. sign-uP, 1 p.m. pract. MOTOCROSS at Ascot Park, Gardena, Cal. All classes, prize money for Seniors. Pract. at 9 a.m. first race at 10:30 a.m. $5 mall entry only to: 17124 S. Western Ave. #6, Gardena, Cal. 90247. HARE SCRAMBLES by the Scramblers M.C. AMA Dist. 37 Sanct. Info: (805) 497-2060. MOTOCROSS by the ClrIC at Fontana, Cal. Raceway. First day race of winter season. Pract. at 8 a.m., sign-up closes at 9:15, first race at 10 a.m. $5 mail entry to: CMC, P.O. Box 1402, Costa Mesa, Cal. 92626. Prize money to 250 and 500 Experts, trophies to others. $10 post entry. Info: (714) 646-3143. HARE AND HOUND by the EICajonM.C. AMA DIst. 38 sanet. 10th annual Coyote Chase. Info: (714) 444-7829. Grand Finale HARE SCRAMBLES by the Master Links M.C. Last chance at AMA Dlst.37po1nts Info: (714) 892-3709 or 897-0250. MOTOCROSS' SUNDAY, DECEMBER31d POKER RUN by the Wash1ngton 9gers M.C. AMA Dlst. 22 Sanet.lnfo: 839-1298. SUNDAY,JANUARY 4th TT SCRAMBLES by Eastside Cycle Inc. of Tucson, Ariz. on graded and oUed 3/8 mi. track with three jumps. Info: 3276902. TRIA~S by Paclflc International Trials Society at Cycle Hills near Uvas Dam, Morgan Hill, Cal. Advance entry to: Mr. Vic Victorine, PITS Registrar, P.O. Box 2272, Menlo Park, Cal. 94025. 'MOTOCROSS ~.' : n ~ ;;Ov: 23rd ~C~ ~ : Entries clo.e 5 day. before e..nt ~ Prac:llce 8 a.m. ~ lst Race 10 a.m. ~ Trophies 10 Jr. classes 't Ca.h to Expert cl....s ~ (250 & 500) HOUSTON, TEXAS - California battles Maryland In the second annual running of the National Indoor Professional Motorcycle Races in the Asirodome on Friday and Saturday nights, February 7 and 8. The two evenings of race-packed action, sanctioned by the American Motorcycle Association and presented by PACE Management Corp., will be highlighted by the return of Gary Nixon and Dan Haaby - the two riders who brought a crowd of over 32,000 fans to their feet last year during one of the most thrllling finishes ever recorded in professional motorcycle racing. Nixon, of Baltimore, Md., returns looking for his second straight Houston Short Track Championship. Last year Haaby appeared to have the indoor championship in the bag with two laps to go and Nixon a distant second. The hard-luck rider cornered too fast and was thrown from his machine, and Nixon held off Mert Lawwlll of San Francisco, Ca11f. to take the title. Nixon went on to score more points in national racing events than any other rider on the professional circult to become the 1968 Grand National Champion for the second year in a row. Haaby finished fifth in the final standings. MOTOCROSS by the Lompoc Slo-Pokes M.C. at Santa MariaSpeedway,Cal.AMA DIST. 35 Sanct. Info: 734-4716. MOTOCROSS at Altamont Speedway, Tracy-Livermore on Hwy. 50atJunction of 580. Jr. and Sr. rider classes. Gates open at 6 P.m., first race at 8 p.m. Info: ' (415) 276-9213 or 276-9211. ~ HAA BY - NIXON RESUME MOTORCYCLE DUEL AT ASTRODOME TRIALS by the Blue Barons M.C. at Olympia, Wash. AMA Sanct. Info: 4741591. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 19th MINI-BIKE FINALE at SaddlebackPark, Cal. Races on special m1n1-blke scrambles course. Info: (714) 639-5832. International Sport Cycle EXPOsitions, Inc., producers of the annual San Francisco motorcycle show have announced their dates for next year's show at Brooks Hall in the Civic Center. TlUed "Cycle '70", the 4th annual San Francisco show will oPen Wednesday, Aprll 1st and run through Sunday, Aprll 5th. Last years show drew over 41,000 fans over the 5 day run, exclusively with motorcycles. The San Francisco show has never had any tie-In with other events, such as car shows, boats or whathave-you. It has always been 100% motorcycles. According to John Renesch, President of I.S.C.E. Inc., a record number ofprivate entries are expected for this show. "We will be increasing the total prizes by almost dOUble," says Renesch. "We are currently surveying last year's entrants on their preferences regarding the distribution of prizes." Last year, the winner of the 'People's Choice' a ward received a trip for two to Hawaii. It was won by Frank Conley of the Classic and Antique Motorcycle Association with his 1937 Excelsior. in addition to the private entrants; Renesch expects a record number of commercial exhibitors. "Our patrons last year expressed a strong desire to see more In the accessory lines as well as the motorcycles themselves. This was one of the results of a random survey taken at the show. We also discovered .that about 40% of those attending did not own a motorcycle, which proves we are bringing in new people and introducing them to motorcycling. We are constantly working to improve the show each year. The "Cycle '70" theater w11I be en- "> larged over years previous. Last year ~ the theater had standlngr oom only co throughout the show and many people c.. were unable to see the exciting racing footage at all. The new theater area will ~ be nearly double the capacity of the ~ last show. Col ENDURO Goose Chase Enduro by Explorer Post 305 of Oakhurst. Cal. AMA Sanet. MOTOCROSS by the Feather River M.C. Road limed from Marysville, Cal. AMA Sanet. All classes and side hacks. SignuP at 9 a.m. First race at Noon. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 21st DATES SET FOR SAN FRANCISCO SHOW ~ ;r;:4~4If : (5 miles ea.t of Carlsbad on Palomar ~ Airport Road off Interstate 5) ~ Ov.rnl,ht Campin, OK Gat.. open 6 p.m. - close 11:30 p.m. (NO BIKES STARTED SAT. NIGHT) : ~ ~ ***************************************** Dec-14 Sunday, Park Saddleback Orange County, California Champi"""'ip Finale of the 2nd Annual Inter-Am Motoc:roa Series. Europe's leading motocross rtders and world champions chaltenge America', best riders for the tertel championship and big cash prizes. Sponsored by CYCLE WORLD MAGAZINE European Riders Who Will Participate: JOEL ROBERT, TORSTEN HALLMAN, BENGT ABERG, DAVE BICKERS, ARNE KRING, ARTHUR BROWNING. CHRISTER HAMMARGREN, VIC ALLEN. JIRI STOOULKA, ANDY ROBERTSON. BENGT ARNE BONN. HAKAN ANDERSSON. ROGER deCOSTER. DAVE SMITH. WERNER SA LERSKY, TOM LEDBETTER SADDLEBACK PARK: Orange County', Motorcycle Playground; near Orange. Calif. Take Chapman Avenue east off Newport Freeway. turn right on Santiago Canyon Boulevard. 1 % miles to park entrance, opposite state fire station. GENERAL ADMISSION .. Children Under 12 Free -.J W ;:.... W

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