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Regularly Scheduled Event. ATTENTION Promoters Int.ested In advertlslnc their e..nls In this co lumn. Contact: Tom CUlp National Advenlslnc Director Cycle News (213) 427.7433 EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT NIGHT MOTOCROSS at Altamont Speedway, Livermore, Cal. Pits open 6 p.m. - First race 7:30 p.m. Jr. & Sr. Classes, Cash & Trophies. For Info. call (415) 278-3154 or 447-7727. EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT TT RACING, Elsinore Race Track, Gates open 3 p.m., races start 7:30 p.m., Of! Hwy. 71 tn Elsinore, Cal. AMA CLASS C INDOOR SHORT TRACK (Nov. 1 to Dec. 6). San Jose Fairgrounds, ElCPO Bldg. - Tully Road. $600 purse - Trials 7 p.m~ Races 8:30 p.m. For Info. call CY 5-3050. 1st & 3rd SUN. OF EVERY MO. Deadmans Point, Apple Valley, Cal. - 1st Sun. European Scr., 3 classes, 1 br. each - 8 a.m. prac. - 10 a.m. start. - 3rd Sun., Motocrossall classes, 8 a.m. prac. - 10 a.m. start. Info: (714) 247-7473 (eves.), FRIDAY, NOVEMBER nst MOTOCROSS Scrambles at Altamont Speedway, Cal. Tracy-LlvermoreonHwy 50 at Junct. 01 580. Jr. aJIl1 Sr. rider classes. Gates open at 6 p.m .. first race at 8 p,m. Info: (415) 276-9213 or 2769211. SAT. AND SUN., NOV. 22 and 23rd. ROAD RUN Cattle Call Run by Mary's Men M.C. San Diego Co., Cal. A1,1A Sanct. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER SHORT TRACK Indoor on 1/10 mile asphalt In ElCPO Building at the -San .Jose, . Cal. Fairgrounds, AMA Sanet. First race at 8:30 p.m. Adults $2.50. lnfor: 2953050. MOTOCROSS by the Family Fun Wheelers M.C. ot Yakima, Wasblngton. Follow red arrows 1 mile east and 1 mile west ot ZUlab, Wash. Pract. at 10 a.m. races at 1 p.m. 30% trOPhies, $2 entry, spectators $1. Camping and faclllties . TT SCRAMBLES by The Perris Valley M.C. at Perris, Cal. Motorcycle Recreation Center, 1·1/2 mi. S. W. ot Perris, ott Hwy 74. LIghtweights 9 a.m., Heavyweights at 2 p.m. Class C traction.AMA Dlst. 37 points, TROPHY PRESENTA nON and party by the Spoke Benders M.C. at Knights ot Columbus Hallin Hawthorne, Cal., 12325 Birch Ave. 8 p.m. start. TT SCRAMBLES at Huntington Beacb Cycle Park, Cal. 1/2 mt. W, ot Beacb BlVd. on Talbert. Slgn-'t\P 10 to 11:30 a.m., first race at Noon. Park points, class C traction, $2 entry, $1.25 park admission. lnfo: (714) 897-4458. lNDOOR SHORT TRACK at the Red River Valley Fairgrounds, West Fargo, N.D. Start at 8 p.m., $250 purse. Info: 237-3549. SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 23r1l MOTOCROSS Golden Gate lnternational. 1 mile north of San Rafael take Marin Co. CIvic Center ott ramp to parking lot. Busses to track. 250 and 500 Jr. Classes 500 lntl. World's top 16 riders, and the best Americans meet. FlM Sanct. First race at Noon. MOTOCROSS by CMC at Carlsbad, Cal. Post entry $10. Mall $5 entry to: P.O. Box 1334, Huntington Beach, Cal. 92647. Three motos, all classes. Three number plates, no pit racers. Info: (714) 6463143. TT SCRAMBLES by the Experts M.C. San Diego Co., Cal. AMA Sanct. ENDURO Turkey run by the Fresno M.C. oakhurst, Cal. AMA Sanct. ROAD RUN by Honda Limited M.C. To Callco, Cal. Meet at 6 a.m. at Warren Wilson Honda, 9000 Sepulveda Blvd. TURKEY RUN by the Trail Riders 01 Houston, Tex. lnto: (713) 723-8532. TRIALS RIDING SCHOOLbytheS.C.T.A. at Saddleback Park, Cal. Info: (213) 697-9441. MOTOCROSS by the Feather River M.C. Road limed In MarysvWe, Cal. AMA Sanct. Sign-up and pract. 9 to 11 a.m. race at Noon. All classes. MlN1 SCRAMBLES at Saddleback Park, Cal. lnto: (714) 639-5832. INTER-AM MOTOCROSS Golden Gate International at San Francisco, Cal. International class at Noon. HARE SCRAMBLES hyBarstowM.C.and Rescue 3, 12 ml, N. of Barstow, Cal. on Ft. lrwln Rd. Limed from Hwy. 58. Two 40 mt. loops. AMA Dlst. 37 points. 10 a.m. start. CROSS COUNTRY by the Family Fun Wheelers M.C. ot Yaldma, Wash. Follow red arrows 1 mlle east and 1 mUe west of Zillash, Wash. $5 pre entry to; Pomeroy's Cycle Shop, 611 South First St., Yakima, Wash. 75 miles, kids and powder putt class, Five classes 125 to Open. Camping and facilities at site. THU RSDA Y. NOVEMBER 21111 TT AND FLAT TRAC K at Trojan Speed_ way, South Gate, Cal. 50% otgateottered as purse. Pre-entry before the 27th. Gates open at 4 p.m., first race at 6 p.m. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 28111 MOTOCROSS Scrambles at Altamont Speedway, Cal. Tracy-Livermore on Hwy 50 at Junct, 01 580. Jr. and Sr. rider classes. Gates open at 6 p.m., first race at 8 p.m. Info: (415) 276-9213 Ot" 2769211. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 29111 HARE AND HOUND by the San Gabriel Valley M.C. Barstow to Vegas run, approx, 140 miles, 50% new course. Limed ott Vegas Frwy. 15 mi. north ot Barstow at Minneola Rd. 9 a.m. Le Mans start, $7 entry Includes Ambulance and Mojave Hospl tal fund. No mall entries. SHORT TRACK Indoor on 1/10 mUe asphalt In Expo Building at the San Jose, Cal. Fairgrounds AMA Sanet. Flrstrace at 8:30 p.m, Adults $2.50.lnfo: 295-3050. SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 30th MOTOCROSS by the HI-Bools M.C. at Debesa Speedway, Cal. AMA Dlst. 38 Sanct. atl S800LeS8CK f';he ACTION'S oranGe CounTY'S maror PLaYGrouno NOVEMBER 23 SCTA Riding School; MiniSi i(es & Go-Carts NOVEMBER 30 Saddl eback Motocross DECEMBER 7 Saddleback Scrambles DECEMBER 14 Inter-Am Motocross Championship Finale; SCTA Riding School Open Weekends. 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Closed Weekdays Admission S2.50; Juniors & Minis $1.50 saooLesaCK parK ~ BOX :z.oss. oranGe. caLiFOrnia 92667 NewportFwy. to Chapman Ave .• east to Santiago Canyon Blvd., tum right. 1\2 miles to entrance opposite state [ire station. Phone (714) 639-5832. TT SCRAMBLES at Tijuana AutoDromo. AU classes, sign-uP closes at 11:30, first race at Noon. Three miles past Agua Callente Track. l>lOTOCROSS. Los Angeles Intl. GP FiM Sanctioned lnter-Am event. Ventura Frwy. north to Westlake ott ramp. international MX stars meet best American riders. 250 and 500 Jr., 250 Sr. Sports and 500 lntl. classeF . lnfo: (714) 460-4289 or 460-8751. ENDURO by the Slo-Poke M.C. at Lucerne, Cal. AMA sane!. 120 mi. course, mostly dirt. Spark arrestors required. $3 mall entry to: Slo-Pokes, 1107 Solano Ave., Napa, Cal. 94558. Starting numbers assigned accordlng to postmark on entry. OPEN PRACTICE, sport riding. Huntlngton Beach Cycle Park. 1/2 mi. W. ot Beach on Talbert. $1.50 per rider.Spectator 50 cents. Info: 897-4458. HARE AND HOUND by the Lobos M.e. at Colton, Ore. near Portland. Sign-uP at 8:30 a.m. Go at 10 a.m., $2 entz;a. LImed from Colton. Info: (503) 252-5923. ENDURO by the Slump Jumpers M.C. ot Euless, Tex. AMA Sanct. Into: (817) 283-6922. SCRAMBLES by the Greater Seattle M.C. at the Jolly Roger M/C grounds, Kent, Wash. AMA Sanet. lnfo: 723-0964. HARE SCRAMBLES by the Drl!ters M.C. 14 mi. north ot WhIte Salmon, Wash. Mall to: P.O. Box 1033 WhIte Salmon, Wash. AMA Sanct. MOTOCROSS by the Visalia Ramblers at Dunlap, Cal. Taylor's Dunlap M/C Center, Hwy 180 east trom Fresno, approx. 40 mUes to Clingan Jet. Limed from the Jet. AMA Dist. 35 points. Pract. at 8 a.m. first race at 10:30 a.m. $4 post entry. $3 mall entry to: 718 E. Roosevelt St.. VIsal1a, Cal. 93277. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 5th MOTOCROSS at Altamont SPeedway, Tracy-Livermore on Hwy 50 at Junction of 580. Jr. and Sr. rider classes. Gates open at 6 p.m., first race at 8 p.m. Info: (415) 276-9213 or 276-9211. SATURDAY, DECEMBER &111 SHORT TRACK lndoor on 1/10 mlle asphalt In Expo Bulldlng at the San Jose, Cal. FairgroundS. AMA Sanet. First race at 8:30 p.m. Adults $2.50. Info: 295-3050. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 7111 CROSS COUNTRY by the Trail Riders of Houston M.C. Houston, Tex. National Forest. TT SCRAMBLES by Eastside Cycle Inc. ot Tucson, Ariz. on graded and oiled 3/8 mi. track with !bree jumps. Info: 327-6902. ENDURO Last Chance Enduro by the Calitornia Enduro Assn. Two 45 mi. loops, Start, lunch and finish at Red Mountaina, Cal. on Hwy. 395. AMA DIs!. 37 sanct. $5 mall entry (closes Nov. 22) to: CEA Inc., 105 Armijo St., Monrovia, Cal. 91016. Add $1 for each team rider. Post entry $7. Limited to 500 riders. First man out at 7:01 a.m. lNTER-AM MOTOCROSS San Diego international at Carlsbad, Cal.lnternatlonal class starts at Noon. lNTER-AM MOTOCROSS Sallnas lnternational at Salinas, Cal. lnternatlonal class starts at Noon. HARE SCRAMBLES Llmedtrom Bakersfield Speedway on N. Chester, Bakersfield, Cal. Rain or shine, refresbments, lots of trophies, sanitaryfaclllties. Noon start. Info: (805) 832-0506. SCRAMBLES by the Texas Travelers M.C. of San Antonio, Tex. AMA Dlst, 19 Sanct. lnfo: 333-8598.

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