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81rCI& •• "America's leading weekly newspaper covering the motorcycle sport. You'll always see it first in Cycle News.· Publisher Chuck ClilYl.OIl Editor Eric Raits Calendar EdItor TerlY Prall Asst. to the Editor. Gael Buchllllan Business Manager•. Sharon Clayton OUice Manager..Gaylene Thomason Circulation Manager•• Bruce Easley Production Manager. IDellllls Greene Production i\ l. .Dean Cunningham "America's Weekly Motorcycle Newspaper" 7 7 7 7 EVERYBODYIS THE GESTAPO The article on tile "U-Name-It-Enduro" 10 Cycle News of October 28 underscores what has been obvious to the b1Jce riders for years: the CHP and the entire pollce establishment are the most od1ous, most despicable enemy we face. Like cops eVerywbere, their concern 15 with hardtim~peoplewbowou1d ratber not have to dirty ICl their llves with tile presence at the pigs, ever anxious to keep llP their pinch quotas and f1l1 the coffers w1tb the booty trom their be1sts; that they .oouId-or could-~rve IUIY useful purpose 10 society is not to be considered. But tb1s 15 history, and tile wretchedness at their nature is widely known. Tbat the Forest Service 10 Madera 15 assumlng the same Gestll,po practice, boWlmIl', 15 mucb more trlihteD1nlr. It is apparent that tile two b8oc1s of h1gb'lIII,YIIl8D - both supported by the pubUc dollar - jo1oed forces to concentrate their peculiar forms of. savagery, sad_ 15m, and I».od1try OD a bapless grouP of cycle riders wbo8e only error was 10 ~ to enjoy themselves 10 an era and state domlnated by bureaucracy, rlltPllatiOD, and "lawn order" pigs. ODe would tblnk the CHF oWDed the rllllds and tile Forest Service held twe to tile forests; wbo 10 bell paid for the domaJo wb1ch tIley take such pleasure 10 relgoloc, to the detriment of tile pubUc? Why should motorcycllsts try to impron their tmaee, run socially acceptable events, and co-operate 10 ieneral with tIIB power structure? Maybe they'd be be:ter off burDlDg tile damned forest to tbe ground, therelJY giv1ni the' Fores! Service sometblng to do besides tear down markers. Then watch the olnkers run to save their baconl PAUL WA'M'S Fresno, Cal. Editor's Comment: Paul. your reeble. sopbmorish attempt at iDdI vidulIIHy has overtoaded your c_city to reallOn. Your pllfllllOld blast at II society you very 11kely find impossible to adjust to contains DOtbmg o put dowa 00 peper. SHINING KNIGHTS We, of the Majestics M/C, wish to pubUcly tbaok all of the members of tile Koigbts M/C for their many hours of bard work before and during our overDiiht Hawa1lao Tour on the Colorado River OD October 25 and 26, 1969. It is people Uke this who are always ready to help when asked that make organized motorcycllng the great sport that it 15 today. MICKEY ATKINS Referee Majesties M/C Diamond Bar, Cal. KAIASAKIMANUALIIHERE ARE YOU? After reading Mr. Carlson's letter (Nov. 4 issue) all I can say 15 B.S., no answer would bave been better. Alter read1ni it I bad to write. Alter Iluy1nc a used 238 Kawasald and tbeIl dolDi some clIecklniaround, I'm not quite sure I !Dade tbe right move. The first deller I checked with was 10 No. Cal. As far as IUIY manual went, "DOlle existed". I couldn't beUeve itl So I thoupt when I get back to L.A. I'll cbeck. Surely 10 the hotbed of M/C lndustry there must be a manual. So on to another dealer, the same answer. "Are you kidding?" he said. I asked him wIiat be meant. "Well, they m1ght malte bitc~ boats and airplanes 7 7 7 7 ~[E~1f but the motorcycle end of ble neal needs beJp!' His malo iI'1Pe was ava.1lab1llty of. parts. The last straw was drawn this week. I just phoned a Kawasald dealer andasked . if he would be open at 5 p.m. He saId I'd better check with the parts department to see if they had tile parts I was after. I checked and they didn't. The last and flnal blow came when I asked if I could get the new "All Service Manual". He saId tb1s was the first he bad heard of it. He added I mliht try writing tile factory. Wowl There seems to be a communicatloo gap here some- wbere. I am not writing tb1s to poke fun at the Kawasa1d Corp. beCause they do have a good product. I only hope tIley wW get at! their butts and get rid of their small time tI1lnIdDlt. CARL SKOV Los Angeles. Cal. WILL FLAT TRACK SWAN OUT 11TH THE GOLD STARS? I enjoy Dewitt Thuett's reporting and his coverqe of the Ascot NatioDal. His editorial comment on the "Swan Song of the 500's" 15 some~ eIsl! again. Better be should give more credit to DIck KeIm for putting three of them 10 the FlnaI. When baS this been done in a National before? And they have a displacement disadvantllie to boot. Where would flat tracklng 10 general and Ascot 10 part1cular be without the Gold Star and other 500 s~les? It's no co1ocldence that the ill-advised, safety-compromi~ change 10 displacement formula has driven riders, tuners and race fans aI1ke a way from the ovals. Where we once saw a blend at skill and finesse between man and his machlne. Now there is brute borsepower, .which most Amateurs and some new Experts can't handle, stripplng our sport of its style and grace. No wonder we see the swing to speedway raclni where the competition is still betweer 1odividuals. On wonders if the AMA competitior committee w1ll erase their mistake before it's too late .•.or was Dewitt's Swan SoRi statement a prophesy of Ascot and class C AMA competition en toto. TRUX BALDWIN Was~n, D.C. Bookkeeper•••••• Susan lIbJlelaw Lab TechnIcian••...• LUi Lakich Receptionist•••••. Su:lilee Evans Published weekly except the first and last w ek of the calendar year by Cycle News. [nc .. Post Office Box 498, Long Beach, Califomia, also publishers of Cycle News East. Second Class Postage paid at Long Beacli. Calif. "rI\toriai stories. cartoons, photos, etc. are welcome. Write for information. Addressed, stamped envelope assures return of editorial matter. ReprintlOg in whole Or in part only by permisslOn of the publishers. Advertising rates and circulation in· formation will be sent upon request. 7 7 7 7 URGES WASHINGTON ACTION On Oct. 17, the State SllPreme Court, by a 7-2 vote decided that the citizens of Washington must wear helmets under the notion that "10 prescribing the police power all that is constitutionally required of the legislature is that a state of facts can reasonably be conceived to exist whicb would justify the legislation". This theory would justify any legislation whatsoever. We are first golng to file apetitionfor rebearlng before the State SllPreme Court; once we have the final decision (whicb I assume will be unfavorable), we will request the U.S. SllPreme Court to take the case. We are circulating a petition to the Gtate SllPreme Court demanding a rehearlng; anyone 10terested 10 signlng is urged to write to me. Also, persons 10terested 10 lettlnc the court know their reaction to the rullng sbould write the court. I admit that this is an unusual tactic, but the time has passed for belng nlnce - the court by its decision has failed 10 its responsihUlUes to the citizens. JACK ZEKTZER 6309-1/2 18th N.E. Seattle, Wasb. 98115 WAS IT 10RTH IT? I am writing this letter to let the person that hit my brother and two othel men at a local track know that as of now one man has passed away because of the accident and my brother will not walk for a year. The tbtrd man will have to waIk on crutches for some time. I bope that extra wheelle was worth it to you. BOB EWING Hesperia, Cal. THANKS AND THANKS AGAIN! I sbould have sent tbts note right after I returned from the Jackass Enquro, but belng 14 and not too sharp at composing letters, it took me a while. I need to tbanlt ble Foothill Hawks clean-llP crew for towing my bike to the main highway after it seized llP on me and refused to continue the race. Needless to say I was very disappointed as I had almost completed 3/4 of the Enduro and was dolng qulte well time wise. I knew my dad, who is my mechanic, pit crew, 111 rooter would really wonder what haPPened to me when I didn't show llP at the next gas stop (Trona, on way back to base camp). It seems that a guardian angel, 10 a pickICl truck, who called himself "AMA Best Wheels Put AMA Forward By Chuck Clayton COLUMBUS, OIDO, Oct. 27, 28, 29, 1969 - Casting off the last shackles of the past, the American Motorcycle Associstion l s second Competition Congress thrust the AMA firmlY 1oto the forefront of world motor'cycllng at Its annual rulemaldng meeting. In a three day marathon session at Columbus the Congress: Heard executive director WilI1am Berry announce that the AMA has agreed to coatt1l1ate with Motorcycle International Committee, U.S. (MICPS) as the United States representatives to tile world sanctionlng associstion, F .I.M. Repealed tile sportsman rule ma.1dDg it an offense to particiPate in non-AMA sanct100ed events. Extended the 750Cc displacement llmit to 10clude overhead valve or overhead cam englneS 10 AMA road raclng. Esiabllsbed a new class1f1cation by engine type for road raclng. Establlshed a set of road run rules and broadened the use of tour awards. Reverted tile number of polnts needed to advance to a Enduro Class hack to 100. Ellmlnated mandatory gas stops 10 road races. Chanced tile standard purse system for professlnnal races to give promoters a choice of percentage payoff or fixed purse. Allowed professional riders to race in motocross and road races not sanctioned by the AMA (subject to certain restrictions). Set ICl rules for production road raclng and sidecar events. Approved, or tentatively approved, forty-olne separate National Championship sanCtions for 1970. Complete NatioDal calendar w1ll be publlshed 10 CYCLE NEWS next issue. As the AMA enters the decade of the 1970's approac~ its Golden Anniversary (the Association will be 50 years old 10 1973), the AMA officers and delegates to the Competition COlliI'ess are to be commended very blgbIy for the recent outstanding progress the Associstloo has made. Slncle copy price. • . . • . . . • . 2:>~ Subscnption: one year 2nd class mall ..•..•.•.•••.•• '., 57.:>0 NATIONAL AD DIRECTOR ••••••••••• Thomas R. Culp Cycle News (WesU, P.O. Box 498. Long Beach, Calif. 90801 (213) 427· 7433 L.A. 636-8844 Telex No. 67-3414 EASTERN ADVERTISING Paul Cosner Cyell Nlws East P.O. Box 13, Amherst, Ohio 44001 Tel. (216) 984·2433 2~ 3449 Tell' No. z 7 7 Boss" gave me a utt back to camp. I'm very grateful, thanks, Mister. You asked me not to give up racing because of this, well, I couldn't ever, as I've been hooked on this for some time. Also, Cycle News printed an article some time ago written by a cOllPle of boys who felt their dad was "it". Too bad I couldn't have written that "ode" for my dad, llecause that's exactly the way tbtngs ar'Ii> for me. You know Dad, someday I will w1n a trophy for the two of us and you'll be so proud of me. It'll make llP for all those hours of "night mecbantc duty", long drives to the middle of some desolate spot 10 the desert and disappolntments we've shared. You'll also reallze that all the cussing at the Honda, me and tbe tratt1c will be some of the most wonderful bours and days we've ever bad together. Thanks, Dad. MARK ADENT Calabasas, Callt. SHE'S A BEAR. THE NEWSPAPER BUSINESS . I am very disappolnted that you have' evidently chOSeD to sacr1f1ce accuracy and coverage for speed of dellvery. As we sponsor Dick Mann and be 15 directly 1ovolved with the development of the Ossa and Yankee motorcycles, you can certainly see why the appearance of a one-year-old picture of Dick riding a Greeves at Carlsbad does no~ at all for Yankee Motor ComPIUIY. This plus the fact that Dick Mann and Bob Thompson were the only twoAmericans on 250Cc motorcycles that were able to get 1oto the top ten places leads me to beUeve 'that Cycle News' reporting leaves something to be desired. KENNETH D. CLARK Vice President Yankee Motor Co~ Schenectady. N.Y. Editor's COllllllent: Mr. Clad< _ks of our Pepperell story which ran In the Oct. 28 issue. Our IUm didn't make lie eros&' country joumey in the few bours between race time and pres time. CLEAR IT UP I want to clear llP a few ml5takes 10 the Bay Mare Motocross story by Dave Smead in the October 21 issue. Either Dave wasn't there or he must have been smoking the peace pipe. First error - 10 tile 125 Senior dlvtsioo, Larry Shoemaker won the first Moto with no mechanical failure. It was Jim DawSon who bad mechanical trouble and dropped back. Larry Shoemaker won the second Moto and Jim Dawson was second. The story states Joe Veillon was second but that was another error. 10 the third Moto Jim Dawson was firstand Larry Shoemaker was second. 10 the 250 Senlnr class Dave really blew it. Larry Shoemaker won all three Matos. Jim Dawson was second 10 all three Motos and Jim Nickelson was third in all three Motos. Please Dave, just the facts from now on. TRACY SAYLOR Canoga Park, Cal. LAST CHANCE ENDURO BY C,E,A, INC. ONl Y Due to recent confusion caused by similar club names I would Uke to clearlfy the following. There is absolutelY no connection or amuation be~ tile California Enduro Assn., Inc. (C.E.A. inc.) and the California Enduro Riders Assn. (C.E.R.A.). The C.E.A.Inc. 15 tile sole promoter at the Last Chance Enduro which 15 to run Dec. 7, 1969. The Last Chance Enduro is also 10 no way connected with or atrUlated with the C.E.R.A .. The C. E.A. Inc. was formed to promote one event a year only, the Last Chance Enduro, and we are an AMA charted cloh, District 37 approved and incorporated as a non-prottt club. DAVE HOLEMAN President, C.E.A. Inc.

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