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Regularly SCheduled Even'. ATTENTION " ' - ' - . Int•••tH In .1Iv.tlslnc tllelr .-.ts In till. colUlIIlI. CantKt: TllIII CUlp 1btl_1 Adftltlll.C Dlruc:1Dr Cre" II••• (nS) 427-7433 EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT SPEEDWAY RACING at Orange COUIIV FaJ.rirowJds, costa Mesa. Gates open 7 p.m. Rac1Dc at 8 p.m. NIGHT MOTOCROSS at Altamont SPeedway, Livermore, cal. Pits open 6 p.m. - First race 7:30 p.m. Jr. &< Sr. Classes, Cash &I Trophies. For info. call (415) 278-3154 or 447-7727. PROFES:i!:ONAL TT RACES, Ascot Park, Garde... Cal1f. Rac1Dc starts 8: 15 p.m. See ad lb1s issue. EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT TT RACING, E1slDore Race Track, Gates opeo 3 p.m.. races start 7:30 p.m .. 0If Bwy. 71lD E1sIDore, cal.. AMA CLASS C INDOOR SHORT TRACK (Nov. 1 to Dec. 6). Sao Jose Fatrgroubds, ~ Bldi. - Tully Road. $600 purse - Trials 7 p.m.Races 8:30 p.m. FOI' lDto. call CY 5-3050. FIRST SAT, OF EVERY MO, 1/2 MILE FLAT TRACK, Ascot Park, Gardena, Calif. Raclnc starts 8: 15 p.m. See ad lb1s issue. 1st & 3rd SUN. OF EVERY MO. 'r>eadmlns POUlt, Apple Valley, C&l. - 1st SUIld. European Scr., 3 classes, 1 hr. each - 8 a.m. prac.- 10 ....m.. start. - Srd Sun., Motocrossall classes, 8 a.m. prac. - 10 a.m. start. Info: (714) 24'7-7473 (eves.). HALF-MILE FLAT TRACKAMA 20 lap State C!uunplonsblp Flat Traclt Races at Ascot Park, Gardena, cal. First race at-8:15 p.m. ROAD RACE CalIfornia IntI. GraDel Prix at Orange Co. IntI. Raceway, Cal. Practo on Fri.. Oct. 31 and 9: 15 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Sun. All classes, IntI. and Sidecar. Trophies and cash awards. Plaques to all entries. Info: (213) 762-2802. BENEFIT RUN by the Ace at ClubsM.C; at Long Beach H-D, 3654 L.B. Blvd.. cal.. Benefit for JoIuuly George, injured in crash. Info: 631-9413 or 835-0608. NIGHT MOTOCROSS by the CMC at Fontana Intl. Raceway, Cal. $300 purse for Juniors Three motos. Juniors bring m. GraDelstaods and refreshments. Post entry. Info: (714) 646-3143. EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES by the HiDesert Racing AssD.atDeadman'sPolnt, Apple Valley, cal. Four classes: TraIl, 125, 250 and Open. 10 a.m. start, $3.50 entry. Info: (714) 24'7-7473. Texas. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 1st SHORT TRACK Indoor on 1/10 mile aspIIa1t in Ezpo BIdr. at tu Sao Jose, Cal. FatrcrOUDds. AMA Saoet. Info: 295-3050. SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 21i1 MOTOCROSS by the Featber RiTer M.C. Road llmed from Marysyt1le, C&l. AMA Saoct. All classes and side bacIts. stcn~ at 9 a.m. first race at Noon.. MOTOCROSS at Huotlngtoo Beach Cycle Park, HuoI:1nlrtoU Beach, Cal. 1/2 mi. W. of Beach Ave. on Talbert. $5 post entry, $2 mall entry to: TT M.C., P.O. Box FA, Westminster, cal. 92683. ArJy atnctal entry form accepted, bring rider classtncafton card or you're an Expert. Info: (714) 897-4458. MOTOCROSS by K.C. Trail Blazers at Poso Park, cal. 18 miles N. of Bakersfteld on E. side of Famoso Junct. Hwys. 99 and 46. Pract. at 8 a.m., firstrace at 10 a.m. AMA Dlst. 35po1nts, all classes, $2 mall entry to: 240 Ash, Shafter, cal. 93260, closes Oct.. 30. $4 Post entry. Info: (805) 746-4058. TT SCRAMBLES by Eastside Cycle Inc. o! Tucson, Art.z.. on graded and oiled o ,THRU lED., OCT, 27,21,29 AMA COllPETlTlON coNGREss. Annual WeetlDc at HosPItality Motor Inn, 1000 East Graov1lle Road, Columbus, Ohio. fRIDAY, OCTOBER Ust MOTOCROSS Scrambles at AltamOllt SPeedwaY, Tracy-LIvermore OIl Hwy 50 at JuDctiOll at 580. Jr. and Sr. rider classes. Gates Ojl8Ilat 6 p.m... tlrstrece at 8 p.m. [ufo: (415) 276-9213 or 276- IIIU. SPEEDWAY lNVlTAnONAL at 0raDce COImty Fa1rJroqDds, Costa Mea, Cal. World CbaDIP Iftil Maapr aDd Barry Brtus meet the best SoulblaDd r1ders. SIIdlum opens 6:30 p.m. raelng at 8:15 Adu1st $3, J\m101'S $1.50. SAT. litO SUI., NOY. lMil2IiI BARE SCRAIilBLES by tile Gr'll1buuDds M.C. at tblI POIIderoD., C&l. 15 WI Eo d. x.a-stIr 01\ An. J. 3 aiDe mJ. 1oqla, all classes boil:b dI.1s, 'trqlIlt. to S:O%. I Clasaes, 0-100 aDd BIc Bore. Peat ~ 10 a.m. s1art. llDCJ awaraa rrom McHa1 aDd Bardah1, ... m~. Info: (113) 36'7-2llO7. ROAD RUN by tile Tvrapius M.C. aDd CYCLE NEWS. ED_til toUr wltb tour pms, fteld -tao poDr run, dUe_, c&mJ)I., fDrlIl 011 3/8 mi. track witb three jumps. Info: 327-6902. SHORT TRACK at Sacramento Raceway, Cal. Sign-UP and Pract. at 9:30 a.m., first race at Noon. Excels10r Rd. between JacIt:son Hwy. (Hwy 16) and Mather AFB. Info: (916) 363-6789. TT SCRAMBLES by the Hi-Bats M.C. at Vallejo Speedway, MartlDez, Cal. AU classes, AMA SaBet.. $1.50 watch or ride. SIp.-~ at 9 a.m., race at 1 p.m. Info: 228-5676. MOTOCROSS by Bay Mare Cycle Assn. Bay Mare Ranch, Cal. AMA Dtst. 37 points. AlIA motocross numbers ooIy. JiIa1l $3 eotry to BCA, 13902 Haml1n st., Van NuTs, Cal. 9l4Ol. $5 post entry. 9:30 start, three matos. at EUROPEAN SCRAMBLES by the Desert Chal.1enCerS in tile .Phelan, Cal. ar_. Umed from Adelanto cutolf from 395/ 66 Frwy. Three r hour races, trophies to 40%, $3.50 entry, 10 a.m. start, all DeW course. MOTOCROSS by the ACA at s.dd18back Park, Cal. ACA NatioIa1 PCl1Dts, ~ mea classes 100cc tbrourb Open; s-tors, 115, 250 and 500. SIp-~ 8 a.m., tlrst race 11:30 a.m. Info: ('714) 521-G90. TAKE A FIEND JudC1IIC andtrqlb1es.~ eatry bIuIt. See ad lb1s issue. lJlftl: ('714) 181.1150. ..,..~~ , Out and Present at '1'0 mE RACES 'l'HIS lEEKEND Box O"I~" • -=~~~~~--~ J. C. AGAJANIAN Presents fery rI ay TRIALS by the TraU Riders MOTOCROSS by the CMA of Salt Lake. City. Utah. TT SCRAMBLES at Hunt1nctoo Beach Cycle Park. 1/2 mi. Wof Beach Ave. 00 Talbert.. BuntiDgton Beach, C&l. SIgo\IPS 10 to 11:30 a.m. $2 entI7, class C traction, park adm1ss1on $1.25. Into: (714) 897-4458. TT SCRAMBLES at Tl,jualaAuto lJromo. AU classes, slgo:1lP closes at 11:30, first race at Noon. Three miles put Agua Caliente Track. EUROPEAN SCRA VB1 ES by Sap Bq>pers M,C. AMA SaDct. BrIIsb Basb.. Pract. at 10 a.m. E:rperts race at 11 a.m.. Novices in the p.m. $3.50 entry, limed from Int. 5 and Enc101tas Blvd. Info: (714) 753-2907. MOTOCROSS Mid Westeru Inter-'m event Soutb-East d. Wlcb1ta, Kansas. 7 miles south on Greenwich Rd. to dead eod. 2 miles east to track turn oft. 250 and 500 Sportsmao,SOO Internatlooal classes. Addlt10llal Sportsman races on Sat. Info: (316) 7211~2668. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 7111 TT RACES AMA Saoct. 20 lap State Cbao\pionsb1p TT Races at Ascot Part. Gardena, cal. First race at 8: 15 p.m. TUESDAY,NOVEMBER11a SCRAMBLES by tbe Splnoers M.C. of Portervllle, cal. AMA Saoct. MOTOCROSS Scrambles at Altamont Speedway, cal.. Tracy-UTermore on Hwy 50 at Junction of 580. Jr. and Sr. rider classes. Gates open at 6 p.m., first race at 8 p.m. Info: (415) 2769213 or 276-9211. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 14th MOTOCROSS Scrambles at Altamont Speedway, cal. Tracy-Livermore on Hwy 50 at Junct. of 580. Jr. and Sr. rider classes. Gates open at 6 p.m., ftrstrace at 8 p.m. Info: (415) 276-9213 or 2769211. SAT, ,. SUN" NOV, 81II1IId 9tb GRAND PRIX. Dirt Diggers Grand Prix and International Motocross at Hopetown (CorrtgaovWe), cal. North on Topanga Cyo. Blvd. from Ventura Frwy. $10ma1I entries close Oct. 24th. All 250 and under classes 00 Sat. 250-Open and Hacks 00 Suo. Sat. entry to: D.D.M..C., 8921 11th Ave., Inglewood, cal.. 90305. SlID. entry to: D.D.M.C., 19308 E. Agutro St., Rowland HeJghts, cal. 91745. SAT, AND SUN., ~OV. 15' 16th ROAD TOUR by tile t,;aoyon Stale Riders M. C. of Phoenix, Art.z.. to be held at Apache Land Movie Ranch, 7 mi. E. of Apache Jct. on Globe Hwy. Field events and Souvenir pins. AMA Saoct.. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 11* SHORT TRACK Indoor OIl 1/10 mile aspbalt in Ezpo BuIldIng at tbe Sao Jose Cal. Fairgrounds. AMA SaBet.. First race at 8: 30 p.m. Adults $2.50. Info: 295-3050. TRIALS Special Web A.Ildrews Trials by the S.C.T.A. at·sadd1ellaclt Park, Cal. School OIl Sat., tultlO1l $5. Trials OIl Sun. entry $3. 10:30 a.m. start both _s. Into: (213) 697-9441. SUNDAY, NOVEMBER U1II TEAM MOTOCROSS by the CMC at Car1:sbad, Cal. 125s CO 2 hrs, lIl50s UP CO 3 brs. 2 riders alterna1e OIl same bike or two bikes of same make. No post entry. Mall $5 entry per rider to CMC P.O. Box 1334, Buat1ngtoIl, cal. 9264'7. Entries close Nov. 10th. Info: SATURDAY, NOVE BER I1Il SHORT TRACK Indoor on 1/10 mile aspbalt in E1rpo BulkUnc at the Sao Jose, cal.. FatrgroUDds. AMA Suet. SUNDAY, NOVEMBER!IIII (714) 646-3143. MOTOCROSS by TraU Trotters at PleaSIUIt VaDey Race1ll.Y, 8 mJ. E. d. Coal1nlla, cal. AMA SaDct. New 8/10 mi. duSt-tree -course limed trom Coal1Dp and Avesl. $1.50 _tell or ride, s1p-~ at 8: 30 a.m.. tlrst molD at 11 a.m. Info: (2011) 935-175'7 or 935-3311. TT SCRAMBLES at T1juaIIa Auto Dromo. All classes, stcn-UP clo8es at 11:30, tlrst race at NOOIl. 'Ibree m1Ies put Aga Caliente Track. TRIALS by PacU1c IntI.. Tr1a1:s Soc:1et:Y at Cycle ~, ~ ~ Dam, Morpo BW, Cal. Mall eatry to PITS rllCistrU'. TT SCRAMBLES by tile Hi-Boots W.C. at D8besa, C&l. A.1IlA SaBet. p.O. Box 12'71, MeIl10 Park, cal.~. 115 MILE NATL. CBAlIPIONSBlP ENDURO. lI3rd ~ Cowbell DertIT by the HaTward M.C. start aDd ftD1sb at upper Lab, C&l. AlIA SaDct. All OIl d1rt. spark arrestors eatorced. _ MaD 8IItry to: as Eftlyu LaDe, Hayward, Cal. 94l544. Elltry cbIea oct. lIl5. No pOSt entry. Info: (415) S3'7-S81'1. POKER RUN by Aztec: Co. C&l. A.1IlA SaDct. Ie: • Moe. Sao DltIgo SCRAMBLES at ~ Park, cal. In1o: (714) 639-58S2. HARE SCRAMBLES by Polbdgk M..C. at stlseyvIDe, cal.. Limed out d. JacbclII OIl Hlf)' 88. Four aps OIl '20 mJ. course• AlIA Sa.Ill:t. Spark arrestors required. Info: 967-8816. CROSS COUN'mY IbJ the llI\1leI'lai Valley M.C. IrnPertal V&lley, cal. AMA Suet. A MA at Houston, .....~~~~~~~iWl!!!~: -' ....................... : It Championship Trophies To Juni-ors .-........... 15.00 18400 S. Vermont-Gardena Easily Reached - Just Off ' HarbOr & San D1 ego Frwys. I ~d~ .: "tli1, • • • • • 5 p.m. - .xin, 7 p.m. ~F.-a Racew"'-3 13444 Foothill Blvd. Fonbftl, C.1. (S.. B.mllldino Fwy to Etlwanda-uast) It It It It It It • $300. TO JUNIORS ..... "'liS "'",,"'"_.' el'" ) \. 50 ... m- -- r IIIIlmb••11\8" requlr.d) (fl (CIIC nlp **************************.************* ~ & ~ It It ,.

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