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Cycle News is a weekly magazine that covers all aspects of motorcycling including Supercross, Motocross and MotoGP as well as new motorcycles

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Eve---' 'the .t1 SaOOLeaaCK oranGe COUIlTY'S I"t'lOTClI" PLa'lGI"OI.TO EYQY F aCTOIE 12 Y GUIs ~ PROFES.iIONAL TT RACES, Asc.ot Par~ ~ CalK. RaclD&' starts 8::15 p.m.. See ad t!I1s; ISsue. B£ 15 DC '1 P.m. RadD& al8 P.m. Big Birthday Bash Sl;r" Dragso MX. Ri dI ng School - M.a, •Go> KIlns.. Hi IIcJ'llIlQ, road race at car ~, Cal.. $600 ~ purse. $10 eDl:rT tor ~ $15 fir 0pe.D.~. 0-%00 1 Iu:. ~!Il tile a.!ll. 2OO-Open race. p.m.. ~ ~at ll,LlXl.lafo: (71" ~33.3:8, 01: ~917QO. ACA Motocruss IInV1::_US SCTA Ridirrg Schoo.I VEII8E 11 5addt~ Sl::tamQles Qp.en WeekendS. 8 a.m.-s' p.m. ~y~ 5C.RAMBL.ES by the GeDt&'s Putt..~, Texu.U4A. Senct.lnfo: 't5.3l-0383.. SCRAJ4BLES by AdInissioo $2.SD; J.uniln IMinis $1.5Q. ~ Ye.x. AKA. Kapi/al SCRA MBLES by Moia" Co. M.C. a.1. KlDgtIlan, A.rtzl. AMA su:t. lDfo: 7~3 3206. 155 MILE NATIONAL CHAMPiONSHIP ElNDI1BANCE RUN. Mid.- est Enduro Ttmm: P.O, x 2244<4 st.. LouJ.s. 63126. At Po os' Mis oUti.. YeIIIIIet' S, 19&9, 12.5 MILE o. r A'l1IONAL. CRAMP10 SElP Efaywa,rd r.u:. 3800 Depot Rd., RlIYwa!a. Cal.. 94545, uPper ENDURANCE RU Lake. FII Y,OC lEI MOTORCYCLE PARADE atDandn, eat. Aumal Tawn. C:e1ebratl BII!:~, ea:m-. dance eie. Wrtie ~ p.Q BQ.x.70, Danr.1n, eat. ~ SAT•• SU ,OCT. WIl_ l2IIl DESERT CLEAN-UP by calif. OUtdoor' Rec:ratial Leacue at Cal1al Mats. Hwy. 1.5 to Yenno e.ldt. Mule C Rd.5 m1. eA Image bul.JdiII:' wtf!t press c.otWaP.IDlll: (71" 5!'7-149Z.. tile. SATU DAY, OCTO_ER Utll TT SCRAMBLES by the.PaIIbt1ildeJ:s M.C. at 1M ~1I8Y Bowl. FrellDl!:, Cal.. A.MA SUd. NlCbtprognll1. SCRAMBT,ES by the Ha3ward M..C at ~ Spee(brB,y, eat. AlIA SUct. Fract. at 4. p.m.. tlrst rac.. at 7:30 p.m. Last race of the season. SUlDlY, OCTOBER l2tIIl MOTo.CROSS F1fth in CMCAnniversary Series. CD.arl8.l!lad Raceway, Cal. Two IIlOtt rac~ ~ go 10 s.erle5 a1tIlr:Da~ ~ Carlslal aDd s.n:=' cit Park. ar...- GrUfon to 1dDner. Post entry $10.. $5' Mld1 entl:y flO P.O. BQ.x. sen- ('U~ 646-3.143 MOTOCROSS by Side ~k at !:lay Man Ranc:ll. At Burnett MeJ:norialRace. Proceeds. In trust. tJmd tor- the BiIrllett <:h11dren. AD ctasses plus specJa.t Stlte. Hack exMMtloo TRIALS by PacU1c Intl. 'I'rlals SQcJet,y. at Cyel8 H1lIs o.ear- UYlIS Dam, Morpn I:I:ll1, ·Cal.. First at tour t:DaJs, se~s. ElltI11e.s to: PITS R~. p.O. Bor WW, Menlo Park, Cal. 94025. ENDURO III Ellp.\Drer 305 at dera, Cal' 100 mJleli, cou.ntry. 5.Ia.t:t. and an dirt at Ma~ tile. b1eh Bag Cedar SprtDgs-., Cal. ¢ m1. No of. QaIdwrst. Ql1 Hwr 41. AMA S.and. Info; 67~3l46. E,NDlJRO CAN.CELL.ED, Bears SCRAMBLES by Corey Park. M.C. at Corey Park, Mattby-. wa.m. A.MA SImct. Info: 48£-8837. t U34, ~ Beach, Cal.. 9.&6'41. o. 8.46'-m M.C.Into: 'IT SCRAMBLES by the Hl-Hats M.C. at Va11ejp 5pee.dway. Cal.. AMA sand. S4n~ lIP at. a a.m.. tlrs.t race. at r p.m. Info: 22~676. POKER RW by the Halt Fast .C. at. C.1I;)', eat. S1gn.Sat. aDd UP to a a.m.. SlIDd. 9 lL.Dl. start.. $S..50 EbtJ:Y to non-members.. MlI.nteca Golden ~c.. Al4A. MOTOCROSS.atCl"

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