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Regularly SCheduled Event. "'-_I ATTENTIOII IIIt_Hted I_ tllelr _ntl In lhll collllllll. adY~tllnc Contact: TllII CUlp IIl1tlanal Ad""IsI_C DlrltClDr Cycle lIewl (213) 42.7.7433 s:1 saDDLesaCK f':.he ACTION'S EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT Flattrack & TI', C>raDte Co. Race987, ACA Sbct100ed. Galles OpeD 6:30 pm, tlrst race 8 pm, ValeDcJa aftramp off sap Diego Freeway lIPDroz. 2 miles Soutl1. I NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ENDURO the Jackass Enduro by Foothill Hawks M.C. AMA Sanet. Start/finish at Charlie'S Wagon Wheel between Trona, Cal. and Red Mountain. $5 mati entry closes Sept. 28. Mall to Wayne Powell, 4662 W1ndsoIIg Aft., La Palma, Cal. 90620. roto: (213) 865-009.8. PROFESlIONAL TI' RACES, Ascot Park, Gardea, CalU. RadDe starts 8:15 p.m. See ad tII18 l8InIe. OCTOBER 12 HALF' MILE DIRT TRACK. AMA Sanct. at Manor Oowns, Tex., 8 Mi. E. of Austin at Manor Oowns on Hwy. 290 at Manor, Tex, 7 classes incl. mini's and wheeUe bikes. Sportsman only. Gates open 10 a.m., first race 2 p.m. lnfo: 472-8246 or 444-5901. SCTA English Trials; AMA Scrambles. MOTOCROSS by HI-Boots M.C. at Dehesa, Cal. AMA Sanct. EVERY SATURDAY IOGHT OctD , EVERY FRIDAY IIIGHT OCTOBER 5 SPEEDWAY RACING at <>rauce COlIIIl:J FaJrIrOUDds, COIIta Mesa. Gal88 open 7 p.m. RadDe at 8 p.m. ACA Motocross; SCTA Riding 8chool. TI' RACING, E1s1Dore Race Tract, Galie& open 3 p.m.. races start 7:30 orr Bwy. 71ID E1sIDore, cal.. . MOTOCROSS by the Bay Mare Cycle Assn. AMA Dlst. 37 points. At Bay Mare Ranch, Cal. $3.50 Mati entry to: BCA, 13902 Hamlin St., Van Nuy-s, Cal. 91401. First race 9:30 a.m. 125cc NOY1ce only, 250cc Am/Ex, Open combined. 1/2 MILE FLAT TRACK, Aaeot Park, Garde.., CalU. RadDe starts 8:15 p.m. See ad lIda 18_. Weekends 8 - 5 Closed Weekdays lit' IN SUII. OF EVERY MO. I)gec!m.ns Po&Dt, Apple Valley, cal. - 1st SUDd. EurO(lllllJl Scr.. 3 classes, 1 br. !'&Ch - 8 a.m. prac. - 10 a.m. start. - 3rd SlID., Motocrossall Classes, 8 a.m. prac. - 10 a.m. start. lufo: (714) 247-7473 (eves.>. Admission $2.50; Juniors & Minis $1.50. MOTOCRC6S. ACA National Points Motocross at Saddleback Part, Cal. (714) 528-4290. AMA NATIONALS SAT. & SUN., OCT. 4th and 6tb Oc ber 4, 19&9, $al. INDIO GYPSY TOUR by Pac1f1c Coasters M.C. Flnish and SIgn-in at Natl. Date Festival Fairgrounds, Hwy. III Indio, Cal. 125 trophies, AMA Tour awards. lufo: (714) 274-3755. HALF MILE DIRT TRACK NATIONAJ~ CHAMPIONSHIP (Night) Agajanian Ent., Inc., Ascot Park, Gardena, Cal. Ocllber 5, 19&9, SUnday NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP 150 MILE ENDURO by the Foothill Hawks M.C., 4662 Windsong Ave., La Palma, CaL 90620 'in the Mojave Desert near Red Mountain, Cal. HARE SCRAMBLES by the Greyhounds M. C. at the Ponderosa, Cal. 15 Mi. E. of Lancaster on Ave. J. 3 nine mue looPS, all classes both days, troPhies to 50%. Contingency awards from McHal and Bardabl, camping. Info: (213) 367-2907. Octoller 19, 1969, Sunday 155 MILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ENDURANCE RUN, Mid-West Enduro Team, P.O. Box 22444, St. Louis. Mo. 63126. At Potosi, Missouri. OPEN PRACTICE Sport Riding at Huntington Beach Cycle Park, Cal, 1/2 mUe W. of Beach BlVd. on Talbert. 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. '$1.50 per rider, class C traction. lnfo: 897-4458. Nov"'r 9, 19&9, Sunday 125 MILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ENDURANCE RUN, Hayward M.C. 3800 Depot Rd., Hayward, Cal. 94545, Upper Lalle. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 4111 NIGHT MOTOCROSS by CMC at Fontana Intl. Raceway, Cal. $300 Purse for Jrs. Three matos. Juniors, bring ID. GrlUIdstlUlds and refreshments. Post entry. Info: (714) 646-3143 TAKE A FIEND TO THE RACES THIS WEEKEND SPEEDWAY. Third ;...boJnd of the United States Speedway .... ChamPionshipS at Whiteman Speed9~~, Pacoima, Cal. 8:30 TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30th SCRAMBLES by the HWtoPpers of Oakland, Cal. at Altamont Speedway. TracyLivermore on Hwy 50 at Junct. of 580. Pract. at 5 p.m. Race at 7 p.m. AMA Sanet.3 engine classes, Jr •and Sr. rider classes. Info: (415) 276-9211. FIIDAY, OCTOBER p.m. FLAT TRACK, 8 Ml1e Natl. ChampiODat Ascot Park, Gardena, Cal. lufo: 323-5055. Bh1p SUNDAY, OCTOBER. 5th arll TI SCRAMBLES at Tijuana Auto Dromo. All classes,' sign-up closes at 11:30, first race at noon. Three mUes past Agua Caliente Track. PROFESSIONAL TT RACES.AMASanct. . J1 at Ascot -Park, Gardena, Cal. First race 8:15 p.m. ilIf T." 0"' oed P,,,.,, " I~ . ~I ~Io P., "'" "" A I := -... ~ c. B'" O: 784-8137. HILL CLiMB by the Hillcllmbers Assn. of San Jose, Cal. New 600ft. bill. Info: (408) 258-2684. MOTOCROSS by the Feather River M.e. Road timed from Marysville., Cal. AMA Banet. All classes and side backs. SIgnup at 9 a.m. first race at Noon. . TUESDAY, .OCTOBER 7th MOTOCROss SCRAMBLES by the HIlltoppers of OaIdand, Cal. at Altamont Speedway. Tracy-Livermore on Hwy. 50 at Junct. of 580. Pract. at 5 p.m. Race at 7 p.m. AMA Sanct. 3 engine classes, Jr. and Sr. rider classes. lufo: (415) 276-9211. HARE AND HOUND by the Checters M.C. 18th Annual Chect Chase. AMA Dlst. 37 points. Limed from Lucerne, Cal. All new country. 10 a.m. start. lnfo: (213) 245-2074. MOTOCROSS by Dirt Diggers North at Helvetia Part, Cal. Long motos, water crossings. All competition cards accepted. Sign-Up at 8 a.m. First race at 10:30. Mati entries to Dirt DIggers North P.O. Box 338, Orangevale, Cal. 95662. Iofo: (916) 652-7800 or 988-4725. National Cb_jonship Points ROAD RACE II I Orange County International Raceway I ~""-~~""-""-~~""-~ SHORT TRACK by Sacramento Tracters M.C. at Sacramento Natl Raceway, Cal. SIgn- \ClIl aDd pract. at 9 a.m. First·race at Noon. ENDURO by the Ruff Riders .M.C. of Grand Prairie, Tex. AMA Sanet. Info: 262-7259. SCRAMBLES by the Texas Travelers M.C. at San Antonio, Tex. AMA Sanet. Info: 333- 8598. ~ 18400 S. Vermont-Gardena Easily Reached - Just Off Harbor & San Diego F'rwys. MOTOCROSS. F1ttb ID CMCAnn1Versary Series. Carlsbad Raceway, Cal. Two more races to eo in series alteruatlDg between Carlsbad aDd Saddlebact Part. Greenls Grtfton to series wiDner. Post entry $10. $5 Mall entry to P.O. Box -1334, Hunt1JIgtoo Beach, Cal. 92647. lufo: (714) 646-3143 AMA MOTOCROSS at Croton, Ohlo. $2100 . purse. Am. or Exp. licenses required, Nov ust have AMA endorsement before Sept. 29th. All natural terrain, two classes. Mati entry to Ohio- X, 119 Yortshire Ct., Elyria, Ohio, 44935. lnfo: (216) 365-5070. CRC6S COUNTRY by Titans M.C. AMA Olst. 38 points. M~ior~yCi~d~~~~;I FOR TWO l:.I ; J. SAT. & SUN., OCT 11th aid l2tII DESERT CLEAN-UP by Calif. Outdoor Recreation League at Calico Mnts. Hwy. 15 to Yermo exit. Mule Canyon Rd. 5 mi. to !be time. Image bu1Jder with press coverage. lufo: (714) 537-1492. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 1211 ROAD RACE.AFM Motorcycle Gran Prix at Orange County Intl. Raceway, Cal. All classes and side cars. First race 12:30 p.m. Info: (714) 838-3588. Big Bl rthday Dash Scr•• Drags, MX, Riding School - M.B., Go Karts, Hiliclimb FIRST SAT. OF EVERY MO, FRIDAY, OCTOBER lOth MOTORCYCLE PARADE at DarwIn. Cal. Annual Town Celebration. Barbeque, games, daDce etc. Write to: p.O. Box 70, Darwin, Cal. 93522. $&00. Purse OCT.5 Gales Open 8 a.m.

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