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CI> . . .- ~ . ._ _. . . ._ -. . . Regularly SCheduled Event. ~ ATTENTION In advert; sine ...nts in this column. Contact: Tom Culp NaliolUll Adyertis;ne Director Cycl. (213) 427.7433 th.i~ FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 2&tb TROPHY PRESENTATION for the Lost Angels M.C. andS1m1 Valley M.C.American Legion Hall, 21340 Devonsb1re, Chatsworth, Cal. 8 p.m. start. FRI., SAT., SUN., SEPT. 2&,21, 28t11 BIKE AND BUGGY SHOW. By Northriclge Rotary Club. Info: (218) 588-4551. SAT., SUN., SEPT. 21 and 28t11 ROAD RUN. Redwood Tour bYN8paM.C. Rain or Sb1ne. lnfo: (707) 224-6187. ROAD RUN Kerrville Trip by the Trail Riders of Houston, Tex. EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT Flattrack & TT, Orange Co. Raceway, ACA Sanctioned. Gates Open 6:30 pm, first race 8 pm, Valencla offramp off San Diego Freeway approx. 2 miles South. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 21t11 SPEEDWAY. Second round of the United States Speedway ChampionshiPs at Whiteman Speedway, Pacoima, Cal. 8:30 p.m. TT SCRAMBLES by the Eastside Fremont Raceway, Cal. HwY 17 at Durham Rd. Praet. at 9:30, first race at Noon. AMA Sanet. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 28t11 FIELD MEET by Ft. Worth Hawks'M.C. at Mansfield, Tex. AMA Sanct. MOTOCROSS. Fourth in CMC Anniversary Series. Saddleback Park, Cal. Greaves Griffon to ll8I'ies w1nner. $10 Post entry. $5 mall entry -to: P.O. Box 1834, Hunt1ngton Beach, Cal.92647.lnfo: (714) 646-3143 SCRAMBLES by Starligbters M.C. 3 Mi. west of W. Columbia, Tex. on HwY 35. AMA Sanct. Info: 245- 5430. SHORT TRACK by Sacramento Trackers M.C. at Sacramento Raceway, Cal. SIgnuP at 6 p,m. First race at 8 p.m. AMA Sanet. TT SCRAMBLES by KIng CUy Wheelers M.C. at KIng CIty Fa:1r Grounds, Cal. AMA Sanct. Class C traction. Sign-uP at 9 a.m. First race at Noon. Info: 385-5591. TT SCRAMBLES by the JackrabbIts M.C. at Els1oore, Cal. TT Track. AMA Dist. 37 p01ots. BIg Bikes first at6P.m.M1n1s at 7:30, Ultra-ligbtwe1ghts at 8:30 and LIghtwe1gbts at 10 p.m. AU classes .lnfo: (213) 923-8898. MOTOCROSS by Mt. St. Helens M.C. at CasUe Rock Fairgrounds. AMA Sanct. lnfo: 274-6881. ROAD RACE. ACA National Po1ots Road Race. At ANZAC Raceway, Palmdale, Cal. lnfo: (714) 528-4290. TRIALS by S.C.T.A. at Little Rock, Cal. A. V. FrwY to Pearblossom turn off, east to 77th St., south to ridtng area. Sign-up at 8:30 a.m. trials at 10. lnfo: (213) 697-9441. TT SCRAMBLES by the Mesa M.C. at South Bay Speedway, Chula Vista, Cal. HwY 101, Malo St. turnoff east to track. AMA Sanet, Class C traction, $2 entry. Pract. at 10 a.m. first race at Noon. EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT SPEEDWAY RACING at Orange County FairgrOUDds, Costa Mesa. Gates open 7 p.m. Racing at 8 p.m. 1/2 MILE FLAT TRACK, Ascot Park, Gardena, CaUt. Racing starts 8: 15 p.m. See ad this issue. EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT TT RACING, EIs1nore Race Track, Gates open 3 p.m., races start 7:30 p.m., Off HwY. 7110 Elsinore, Cal. SPEEDWA Y IUCING, Whiteman Stadium, Pacoima, CaUt. Racing hitarts 8:30 p.m. FIELD MEET by SUver Queens M.C. on Lake Mead, Nev. AMA Sanet. Info: 8705644. & 3nI SUN. OF EVERY MO. Po1ot, Apple Valley, Cal. t Sund. European Scr., 3 class1 hr. each - 8 a.m. prac. - 10 • start. - 3rd Sun., Motocrossclasses, 8 a.m. prac.- 11 a.m. t. Info: (714) 247-7473 (eves,). AMA NATIONALS S.,tember 28, 19&9, 5uaday 135 MILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ENDURANCE RUN. Meteor M.C., % Lou Mahon, 1124 Kaighn Ave., Camden, N,J. 08103. Southern New Jersey. SCRAMBLES by Patbflnders M.C. at Kerneey Bowl, Fresno, Cal. AMA Sanct. lnfo: 224-0739. SHORT TRACK by North Bay M.C. at Sonoma County Fairgrounds In Santa Rosa,' Cal. High p010t trophy at season's end. Sign-uP at 4:30 p.m. Race at 6 p.m. AMA Sanct. lnfo: (707) 546-6695. ai1 SaOOLeSaCK F:he ACTION'S oranGe COUl1TY'S moror PLaYGrouno HARE SCRAMBLES by Tw1sters M.C.In the Larch Mountaln Area, Wash. AMA Sanet. lnfo: (206) 835-5540. CROSS COUNTRY by Everett M.C. at Mattawa, Wash. AMA Sanct. lnfo: 3639233. TT SCRAMBLES by Clear Lake M.C. at KelseyvUle, Cal. Susan Bartolmai benefit, fast slldY track, class C traction recommended. Llmed from KelseyvUle and State Rt. 29. TT SCRAMBLES by the Stockton Ladi Cycle Bowl, Lodi, Cal. Benefit for San Joaquin Assn. for Retarded Children. AMA Sanct. RIde watch $1.50. Sign-uP at 8:30 a.m. First race at Noon. HALF MILE DIRT TRACK NATIONAL CHAMPIONSffiP, Mal"Car, Inc.. Fairgrounds SpeedwaY,Oklahoma City, Okla. sat. October 5, 19&9, SUnday NATIONAL CHAMPIONSffiP 150 MILE ENDURO by the Foothill Hawks M.C., 4662 Wlndsong Ave., La Palma, Cal. • 90620 'in the Mojave Desert near Red Mountaln, Cal. '(;~"2.\ CMC Motocross. \ OCTOBER 5 l,~ November 9, 19&9, Sunday 125 MILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP ENDURANCE RUN Hayward M.C. 3800 Depot Rd., Hayward, Cal. 94545, Upper Lake. ATTENTION lIotorcycl. Club. - Be . . . to s.nd Cycl. notlc. of y_ comlne ...nts _ r: I§ 1;:1 ~Io ~ ~ jACI(AS~ ~ ~E"DOR01iJ Sunday Oct. 5 • 7am ~ A MA TT',.'" 5.'. Nile .... m". - 8:15 ., FOR TWO per Person On AGAJANIAN Presents ',' v. 50~ ~ch Adult Ticket Start & finisb at Cbarlies Wagon Wheel (same as last year) Half way betwe.. Red MI. & Trona. Noon stops at Balarat. Bring your own gas & water - food & beverages available at start. II l I ~ I • 18400 S. Vermont-Gardena Easily Reached - Just Off Harbor & San DiegO Frwys. ~~~~~~~~~ - National Champi-onship150Mile BOX 2455. oranGe. c:auF

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