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SCRAMBLES by Lucie)' Spokes M.C. at Brush Pra1r1e, Wuh. AMA Sanet. Info: (206) 687-2178. Regularly SCheduled Event. ATTENTION P.-Iers inter.sted in ,dverti sing thei .. ....DIs in till s col umn. Conllct Tom CUlp ",IIOMI Advertising Director Cycle "ews (213) 4230043l EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT Flattrack & TT, Orange Co. Raceway, ACA Sanetioned. Gates Open 6:30 pm, tlrst race 8 pm, VaJene1a otrramp of! San Diego Freeway IIPprox. 2 mUes South. POKER RUN by Tacoma Ye1lowjaclrets M.C. of Tacoma, Wash. AMA Sanet. Into: 759-3979. SAT., SUN., SEPTEMBER 2D-21st SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER nst CAMPOUT by Golden Banner M.C., 4937 Marysville Blvd.. Sacramento, Cal. 95838. Into: 922-6448. MOTORCYCLE RACES by Ra1n1er Sportsman's Club at Ratn1er, Wasil. Rodeo Grounds. Hwy 507 between Yelm and Tenino. Spee1a1 race tor M1n1's. Pract. 12:30 p.m. tlrst race at 1 p.m. ROAD RUN OYernigbter by Oxnard M.C. Info: (213) 860-2055 or (805) 487-4080. OPEN PRACTICE and sport r1d1ng at Huntington Beach Cycle Park, Cal. 1/2 Mi. W. of Beach Blvd. on Talbert. $1.50 per rider, speetator:s 50~. Class C traction. EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER . . SPEEDWAY RACING at 0raIIge COUDt;y Fa.1rgrounds, Costa. Mesa.. Gates opeD 7 p.m. Raclng at 8 p.m. SHORT TRACK by ValIey M.C. at Cycle Land Speedway, Cal. AMA Sanet. SIgnuP at 7 p.m. racing starts at 8:30. Ride or wtJl:h $1.50. 14-miles So. at Cb1eo at Hwy. 99 E and Gap Sbjppe RolId. 1/2 MILE FLAT TRACK, Ascot Part, Gardena., Ca.llf. Racing sta.rts 8:15 p.m. See ad l1lts Issue. EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT TT RACING, Els1nore Race Track, Gates open 3 p.m., races start 7:30 p.m., Olf Hwy. 71 In Elslnore, Cal. SPEEDWAY RACING, Whiteman stadlum, Pacolma, Ca.llf. Rac1Ic atartli 8: 30 p.m. SHORT TRACK by Sacramento Tracllers M.C. at s.cramento RaceWll7, Cal. AMA Sanet. Pract1ee and sign-uP at 6 p.m. tlrst race at 8. PROFESSlONAL 1/2 MILE. BY VIsa1la Ramblers at 1'uJare Fatr Grounds, Tulare, Cal. Pit pte opens at 4:30 p.m. pract. at 6 p.m. AMA Sanet. Info: (209) 686-6971 or 688-0322. FIRST SAT. OF EYERY 10. PROFESsrONAL TT RACES, Ascot Part, Gardena. caJU. Rac1Dr sta.rts 8: 15 p.m. See ad this Issue. lit' In SUI. OF EVERY 10. Deedm1ns Point, Apple VaDey, Cal. - 1st Buad. EuroPMD Scr... 3 ela.8aes, 1 br. each - 8 a.m. Pl'aC. - 10 &.III. start. - 3rd Sun., MolocrossalI elasaes, 8 a.m. prac. - 11 a.m. start. 1Dfo: (714) 247-7473 (et'llS.>. . AMA NATIONALS SIll 21,1111, 5IMIy 135 MILE NATIONAL CH,UIPI0NSHIP ENDURANCE RUN. Meteor 14,C.. % Lou Mahon. 1124 Kaighn Ave., Camden. N.J. 08103, Southern New Jersey. SIll.... 2', 1., . . , HALF MILE DIRT TRACK NATIONAL CHAIIPlONSHIP. Mar-Car. lnc.. Fairgrounds Speedway. Oklalloma City. Okla. 0.... H, I., Fri•• Sli. HALF MILE DIRT TRACK NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP (Night) AlIljanian Ent•• Inc•• Ascot Park. Gardena. cal. 0.... 1, lSi, $11_ RATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP 156 IIlLE ENDURO b1 the Foothill Hawks M.C .• 4662 W~I Ave.. La Palma, Cal. 90620 -in tile Mojave Desert near Red MoaIItaln, Cal. SHORT TRACK by JaclIpiDe G,pstes M.C. at Club Grounds, sturc1s, S.D. NJcbt procram. SCRAMBLES by Seata1r C1t7 M.C. Seafair C1t7, WuIl. lnto: 472-6595. NIGHT MOTOCROSS by CMC at FootaDa Inll. Raceway, Cal. All ea-, 1bree moto5. GraDdstaDdll and retresluneota. Post tIDtry. lnto: (714) 539-S3%8. ;th. 1 saOOLeBaCK AeRON'S at SEPTEMBER n Saddleback Scrambles; SeTA Riding School; Mini-Bike & GoKart Meet. SEPTEMBER 21 cue Motocross. OCTOBER & MOTOCROSS. 'lb1rd In CMC Anniversary Series. Carlsbad, Cal. Six race serles alterDat1ng each week between Car1sba.d and Sa.ddleback Park. Greeves Grltfon to serles wlnner. Post entry $10. Mail entry $5 to p.O. Box 1334, Huntington Beach, Cal. 92647. Info: (714) 539-3328. SCRAMBLES at Sa.dd1eback Park, Cal. Sa.dd1eback Sanet. Into: (714) 639-5832. ROAD RACE. AFM National Cbampionship at Carlsbad Raceway, Cal. Mail $5.50 entry to: AFM S.D. Cllapter, P.O. Box 3371, La Mesa, Cal. 92041. SCRAMBLES by the W1DdbeDders M.C. at Manst1eld, Tex. AMA Sanet. Info: 421-0165. FIELD MEET by West Side Eagles at Turlock, Cal. lnto: (209) 537-6206. HARE SCRAMBLES by the Spoke Beaders M.C. AMA Dlst. 37 Points. lnto: (213) 329-7761. MOTOCROSS by Lompoe~PokesM.C. at Santa. Marta Speedway, Cal.AMA Dlst. 35 points. Limed from Hwy 101 and let. 166 turnotr. Watch 01" ride $1.50. Info: (805) 736-7777. TT SCRAMBLES by Oas1sSeramb1ersat tbe Fallon, Net'. Fatrerouods. AMA Saoct. 011 Hwy 50 and 95. 8 a.m., tlrM race at 1%:30. ~..50 eutry, $2 a.dm1sll1oo. TT SCRAMBLES by Desert Phantoms M.C. at AdelaDto TT Tract, Cal. 011 Hwy 395. AMA Dtst. 37 Potnts. Small blkes, at 9 a.m., big bore at DOOII. lnto: (213) 927-3860 or (714) 246-8857. SCRAMBLES by Fresno M.C. Fresno, Cal. AMA Sanet. Into: 251-2819. SCRAMBLES by Palo Alto MoC. at Fremont Raceway, Cal. AMA Sanct. Into: 322-8560. SCRAMBLES by Greater Seattle M.C. at JollY Rogers MIC Grounds, Kent, Wasil. AMA Sanct. Into: 723-0964. . SCRAMBLES by Hustler M.C. at Helvetia Park, Cal. 4 Mi. westofSacramento on Rt. 16. AMA Sanct. All classes, $2 Donation, new track, $1200 In trophiesA Sign-lIP and pract. at 0 a..m. First race at Noon. Into: (916) 753-7437. MOTOCROSS by Hi-Jinks F.M.C. at Riverside, Cal. Limed trom Central Ave. off Riverside Fwy. 2 classes; 0-100 and 101-125. 9:30 a.m. start, new course. (213) 865-4508. TT SCRAMBLES by tile Oasis Scramblers at the Fallon, NeT. Fa.1rgrounds on Hwy. 50-95. 3 Number plates, covered grandstand. Sign-lIP at 8 a.m. Pract. 10 to Noon. First race at 12:30.AMA Sanet~ EN'l1UES OPEN tor 1Ub Annual DIRT DIGGERS GRAND PRIX. Entries close m1dnlgbt Oct. 24, GraDd Prix 1:11 Ncno. 8t1l and 9tb atHopetown. Info: (213) 964-5076. MOTOCROSS by Hi Desert Racing Assn. at Dead Man's Point, uear Apple Valley, Cal. $2 AdmIssion, tree entry. All classes 100 to Open. Gates ClP8Il at 8 &.III. tlrst race at 11 a.m. TT RACES at n.~, Max. AuIlOdromo. All ~ . SlgD-up e10lles at 11:30. First race at Noon. Three m11e.s put Acua Callente Track. SCRAMBLES by tile Beaumont M.C. at Beaumont, Tex. ~MA Sanet. lnto: lI322766. _s· (Co.ti..." o. ,.,e 3) Me-&. 'IISINTS ... The Foothill Hawks . ACA Motocross; SCTA Riding School. OCTOBER 12 SCTA english Trials; AMA Scrari)les. o MILE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP lJ, 1111, s-IIJ 155 ENDURANCE RUN, lIid--West Enduro Team. P.O. Box 22444. SI. Louis, Mo. 63126. At Potosi, Missouri. 0pIn Weekends 8 a.m. to 7 p....; W~g.7. lin.... I, 1111, SIMI, 125 IDLE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Elf DURANCE RUN Hayward M.c. 3800 Depot Rd•• Ha.yward. Cal. 94.545. Upper Lake. ill Adlissioa $Z.SO; .Iuniln & Minis $1.50. saDDL.eBaCK ParK ~ _ -.orWlG8.C&A"Clr'I'W_ Tralllllkes II fill ce· All Classes • Cln T.-s ($LIMI extra p. rN.) • FlU.. U Crew· Sill ., will lie .,.. SII., Oel. 4· Fint rill. lenlS If 1. 1 L En1 F. $5.08 11111 .. $6.. ~t. "II . .le. c.... ,..'-lled lief•• _"lib! s.,t. ZI til - W.,.. ....11., _2 WI"'.I A...., La Psl_, calif. 15$. . . . _20. 2U -

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