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, .. SCRAMBLES by Lacq :Brab Prairie, Wuh. (206) 68'1-2178. Regularly Scheduled Events ATTEIITIOII lIotorqcle CItdlI - Be _ . to 10lId Cyele ....1 ••Uce '" y_ ~ae lY.ntl P_tars interested in adverti sine thei~ e_s in lIli s coll..n. Contact Tom Culp lIalioul AdYortisine Director Cycle lIows (213) 423~43t SAT. AND SUI., SEPT. 13 aM 14111 SCRAMBLES by Fresno M.C. Fresuo, Cal. AKA SaDct. lDfo: 251-2819. RlYerside, Cal. Riverside Fwy. to Central ATe. exit, limed east to r1dlng area. S!gD-1IP 8:30 a.m. TrIals at 10 a.m. All classes. Info: (213) 697-9441. SCRAMBLES by Palo Alto M.C. at Fremont Raceway, Cal. AMA Sanct. Info: 322-8560. DeIIl' ROAD RUN McFarlaDd RUD by Ca1JforDla Eagles M.C. Info: (213) 925-7290. GOLD COAST TOUR bySallnasRemblers M.C. PIns and AMA tour awards to all riders. First check Cycle Center of Sallnas. 317 West Martet,SalInas, Cal. HARE AND HOUND by tile SunlaDd Sbamrocks M.C. AMA Dtst. 37 points rUD. Limed trom Ca11fornJa City and trom Hwy. 395 In Red MOUDtaln. 9 a.m. start, Rescue 3 on band. $4,50 entry. Info: (213) 352-5255. EYERY FRIDAY NIGHT SATURDAY,SEPTEMBER1~ CAMPOUT by Golden Banner M.C., 4937 Marysville Blvd., Sacramento, Cal. 95838. Info: 922-6448. SPEEDWAY RACING at Orange County Fa1rgrouDds, Costa Mesa. Gales open 7 p.m. RaclDg at 8 p.m. 1/2 MILE FLAT TRACK, Ascot Park, Gardena. Calif. RaclDg starts 8:15 p.m. See ad tbis issue. EYERY SATURDAY NIGHT TT RACING, E1s1Dore Race Track, Gates opeD 3 p.m., races start 7:30 p.m .. Off Hwy. 71 In Elslnore, Cal. SPEEDWA Y RACING, Whiteman stad1um, Pa<.~L0iE: Ca11f. Racq starts 8:30 p.m. /) FIRST SAT. OF £YERY MO. 'PROFESsIONAL TT RACES, A$cot Park, GardeDa, Ca11f. Racing starts 8: 15 p.m. See ad tbis issue. 1st • IN SUI. OF EYERY MO. DeadJnwns PotDt, Apple Valley, Cal. - 1st SuDd. ElJl'

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