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Cycle News is a weekly magazine that covers all aspects of motorcycling including Supercross, Motocross and MotoGP as well as new motorcycles

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WANT ADS WANT ADS WANT ADS FREE ATTE TID : CYCLE IE C-OMTRlBUTORS FOR SALE OR TRADE Phon (2U) 462-358 • 6-BIKE TRAILER $'75.00. can (213) 462-3588. We do DDt"' ~esses J1l COIItrlbutlOrs lUted below. P l _ contact assistant dtlor Terry Pratt wU1 send you I. check for your P\lDllSDeD wort. - p.O. Box • t.oac Belch, Cat. (213) 423-0431. DUid Carman. ~ Cae. Harry On.ble. lohn .Jones. Brb.r>. Klock, Pat , Ted • Roeber (cartocII1 ,Jay S er, T1m 'Ibo Cllaries Truex. '66 MONTESA Lt. Cross, 25Oce. Co pIe rebuilt bite . engine (rece lor rebulldlnt), two • sea.ts, tires, SProckets, carbs, T.T. or desertr~ $400.00. (213) 449-8498. BOOK: 1M TO DE & Expert riders in American $ports cornpetition tell the Ileehnlques of track trail. Cbuelc "Feets" Unert on TTSctl.lllbleS. Bud Ekins on oto-Cross. East Coast' s Don P IleUs bow to ride Eneluros I.nIl wood • .JOhn McLl.ugtlUn 011 Granel Prix Scrambles. He]ptul tiPS OIl setut> 01. molxlrcycl ,cards 4< lie and mucho more. Hardbound. $4. postl*1el. SeIll1 cbeek or mooey to Ho to Rk1l! &: Win, c/o Cl

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