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Cycle News is a weekly magazine that covers all aspects of motorcycling including Supercross, Motocross and MotoGP as well as new motorcycles

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---------------------------'1' SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER ltIl SEPTEMBER 13th INDOOR SPEEDWAY at L.A. Sports Arena by Great Bear Enterprises. Info: (213) 437-6717. SHORT TRACK AMA PROFESSIONAL Dixon FairgroundS, 20 miles W. of Sacramento, Cal. $600 purse, third mUe dirt track. TRlALS by P.I.T.S. at Loon Lake, Cal. Hwy. 50 E. from Sacramento through Placerville to Riverton. Take Loon Lake turnoff. Llmed from Hwy• 50. Info: 482-8975. SHORT TRAC l< by Sacramento Trackers M.C. At Sacramento Natl, Raceway, Cal. Sign.-uP and pract. 6 p.m. First race at 8 p.m. SAT. AND SUN" SEPT. 13 and 14th SHORT TRACK by Valley M.C. at Cycle Land Speedway, Cal. 14 miles So. of Chico at Hwy. 99 E and Gage Shlppe Rd. AMA Sanct. Info: (916) 877-3395. ROAD RUN McFarland Run by Callfornla Eagles M.C. Info: (213) 925-7290. GOLD COAST TOUR by Salinas Ramblers M.C. Pins and AMA tour awards to all riders. First check Cycle Center of Salinas. 317 West Market,Sallnas, Cal. INDOOR SPEEDWA Y by Great Bear Enterprises at L.A. Sports Arena, L.A. Cal. Info: 473-6717. f';he ACTION'S a~ SUNDAY. SEPTEMBER 14th COMBOCROSS 1/3 motocross, 1/3 TT and 1/3 GP course. No mud. 3 racesper class. First 5 in class win trips to Las Vegas. Hooligan for 5 more trips, 70 in all. $5 mall entry to Bay Mare Fun, 6605 DeSoto St., Canoga park, Cal. orance counTY'S rTlOTor PLavcrouno SEPTEMBER 14 ACA Motocross. SEPTEMBER 21 Mini-Bike Meet; SCTA Riding School. Twilight Special: 5-7 p.m. for $1. Open Weekends 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Weekdays 9-7. Admission $2.50; Juniors & Minis $1.50. page 4 RACES FLASH!!! Tim Hart "Montesa Hot Shoe" is coming back from the coast and will be in Dallas, Texas at Universal Motors, 214 (321-1111) September the 4th through the 10th...Go by and say hello and make plans to attend the special motocross school conducted by Tim Saturday, September the 6th liT SMITII~'£lD _ _ _ $ _ _ MOTOCROSS $ _ BAY IARE', COMBO-CROSS SEPT. 14'• . MAMMOTH MOUNTAIN ·MOTOCROSS SEPTEMBER 6 7 ,,~ ~It "" tOI 10 D AND 19&9 See Gary Bailey in his last ride before reaying for ElI'ope Dlv. - Clas. I Sr. Jr. DO NOT WRITE IN THIS SPACE Name _ o Street _ o .... o City. _ State Riding No. Club Sponsored by ••••1 \'(>e \e~ \l\ c.\a~~ , .~~"l\ac.'" • fun tOI,,0 tAUn - \01 )~. .!J.i \lsi 2•• 3r. 4111 5111 Place _ I - _ _ _ Under the rule•• et lorln by Ihe HiCft Sierra Motorcycle Club, I h.eby aeree to can· larm to and comply with tne rulu eavemlne thl. cantut, and I lurth. aflee to hold blamel... the Hicn Sl.ra Motorcycle ClUb, their rupectlve official., ....vant. aeents I"'H', local manacern..t, entrants, track awn.,., property owners, and IIrst aid attendant. for any lass or Injury to myself or prap.ty, In which I may become Involved by reasan afp.ticlpatlan In this event I cia al.a acree to assume whale responsibility for any per.anal or prap.,ty darnaee which I may Initiate and/or Inc... My lienalorean thl. entry blank, certlfle. that I have read thl. farm In Its entirety and that I acr.. to . ' all a~the above. 0lf entrant Is under21 yrs. Sienature of ..tranl _ of ace, NOTARIZED siCnAture of parent or eu. II> ..... !fJUIIIW£/TNQ,.ytUMlINlA/tIJlIDIQN INTENMTlIJNAL OKAN/) PPIX MfllJNYtLE SaOOLeSaCK I AMA 2S-MILE NATIONAL at Old caufornla State Fa1rgrouDds, Brlllldway UJd Stockton, SacrameDto, Cal. Gates open at 9 a.m. first race 2:30p.m. $12,500Purse. Info: (213) 358-5577. SHORT TRACK at Old Ca11fornla Stalle FairgroUllds, SacrameDto, Cal. AMA Sanct. First race 8:30 p.m. Cal.93546 _ HOOLIGAN "S l Q :\ daYS 11e 'alue For all classes \ 5 for added trips I ~:'4'::s 1r\" torr...1~VfO~~:.-':"---=-__ .---:; . ' Mail Entry to . Bay Mare Fill $5• &&15Thing St. Desoto Caloga Pa, Cal. $10.::::' The Race with Racers in mind $1.50 ~ at the gate ~ ii: r---....:....-------, .. 3 days 2 nlcftts lor 2 at Lucern or Flamlnea Capri pius $50 bonus book far - muls drinks - shows eambllne ALL TRIP CERTIFICATES PRESENTED AFTER RACES $2519.65 Worth of Trips For Info. call Dave (213) 341-3349 (

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